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  1. "Name the next CPC and NDP leaders" Tweedledee and Tweedle Dumb. If I start a referendum for support do you think as many people would vote for it as voted to change Stockwell Day's first name to Doris?
  2. We have been protecting the Yezidis, Canada got invovled in North Iraq over the Yezidis, although I suspect we could probably do more. (I'm not suggesting get ourselves embroiled further militarily, but rather via supplies on the ground. If we brought a bunch of lone Yezidi women to Canada as opposed to letting them stay in Kurdistan in protected areas, then within a generation or two in Canada they would probably no longer be Yezidi.
  3. "If it is being over-run that you are concerned about, then you should probably be looking more toward China, not so much the Muslim middle-east." You must have missed my recent anti-China posts, of which there have been many lately. Here's one of them: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/25718-human-harvest-chinas-illegal-organ-trade/ We're being overrun in multiple directions. The Canadian government has been selling off Canada to anyone who will bring them a few bucks. "And yes, their fertility rate is 50% higher, but as I have said before.... fertility is always high in poor pop
  4. "How much are those numbers related to immigration, and how much to Canadian Muslim families raising children here?" It's obviously a combination of both, unless you consider the possibility that they rose autochthonously out of the ground. This thread is about immigration, but its obviously about religion as well. There are immigrants from numerous countries, but Islam's population in Canada is doubling every decade or so. You'd have to do some incredible mental gymnastics to consider that a coincidence especially when in the Abrahamic holy texts it commands the holy to be fruitful and mu
  5. "What is the size of Canadian Muslim families, compared to the status quo?" http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/survey-shows-muslim-population-is-fastest-growing-religion-in-canada "The Muslim population exceeded the one million mark, according to the survey, almost doubling its population for the third-consecutive decade." At the rate of doubling every decade. It will be the dominant religion in Canada in only a few decades. People will ask, how we could have been so short sighted of the future, that we gave our country away that our ancestors struggled for. Did we not see our own
  6. "Is that a factor of being Muslim, or being from a specific country." Obviously of Muslim culture. "What is the size of Canadian Muslim families, compared to the status quo?" I don't have the statistics, merely observation that they are higher than the average. "Do you have a problem with Catholics, they had a religious reason (church against contraception) for their large family sizes." Yes I do have a problem with Catholics. "Islam has been far more accepting of birth control within certain bounds than the Catholic Church." Current numbers have the Islamic population growing so quickl
  7. Municipal Auditor of B.C. "Ruta had delivered just one audit since 2013 after promising 18 in her first year. The office has an annual budget of $2.6 million." http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/fired-b-c-municipal-auditor-may-not-get-severance-will-seek-judicial-review-1.1801450
  8. "What direction the conservatives should take." I hear there's some new medical kits going around.
  9. "What "problem" exactly would that be?" Dealing with fence sitting or not fence sitting Muslim extremists, which I would say actually is not even the worst problem with Muslim immigrants. The worst problem and I've said it time and time again is the high family sizes. "Are you telling me that statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a Muslim than by, say, a deranged "confirmed atheist" such as the Montrealer by the name of L├ępine? or by a cop shooter like in Moncton? or by a bankrupt oriental, such as Phu Lam in Edmonton?" Statistically I'm not concerned at all about being kille
  10. I'm well aware that Russia and the US's policies have been insane from the get go regarding the Middle East.
  11. Why do we even need to have this debate? How many Muslim countries are there? Why does Canada need Muslims? If they are sitting here teetering on the brink of radicalization why did we bring them here in the first place? If we'd done that it would have been a prophylactic like birth control, you know what Erdogan said Muslims shouldn't use. We wouldn't be dealing with this problem right now.
  12. The 10s of thousands of fighters returning from diasporas to join ISIS is pretty obvious proof.
  13. In terms of religion I also have a major problem with Islamic people coming to Canada on the very most simple grounds that atheists like myself Kafirs are supposed to either be turned into slaves or have our heads chopped off in traditional Islam. The Islamic lunatics have enough countries. They can stay in them.
  14. "Moving refugees onto reserves is probably the best thing we could do for our aboriginal population. Having some role models who can get off of their ass and work for a living would be diametrically opposite to the Indian Industry that survives by maintaining the status quo." I'm not allowed to say what I want to say to you.
  15. It isn't needed actually, but humans are intensely greedy, which is why human population increase is the worst thing possible.
  16. There was no non sequitur. It is obvious, but if you really do need it explained fine. Humans no matter where they are take massive amounts of resources, especially in industrialized countries, which is pretty much everywhere now. So if you have immigrants/refugees from cultures where they have very large family sizes e.g. in Islam, then the population will increase, this will take further demands on resources to sustain them. More mining, more farming, more forestry, more resource extraction, more oil, more fracking, (which in turn requires massive amounts of resources and water), more en
  17. I don't need to explain the link between humans and natural habitat loss to an adult. Maybe a kindergartner.
  18. Exactly it's the zero sum principle. Let's benefit the first nations and other Canadians and not overwhelm them with even further outside populations. If people suffer, because they won't lower their birth rates and hold onto insane beliefs, that is their fault.
  19. One-third of bird species in danger http://www.columbiavalleypioneer.com/?p=17965 but we need more immigrants, because we need to drive even more species extinct for our insane Christian morality.
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