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  1. If it's in the liberal charter,we must respect it.Has anyone bothered to check?
  2. He will be remembered as the one left to clean up the mess left by his nemisis[?],Jean Chretien.Maybe if the history books are good to him,they will claim he actually did not know what was going on while he was the finance minister in the Chretien regime.
  3. Should Paul Martin liberals fail to win upcoming election,which ex-Liberal members will once again be on the forefront of the great liberal machine?J. Manley,S.Copps etc.etc.,
  4. Bro


    But looking back at what their party platform did for Ontario during the Harris& Eves Days,their cause is one we simply can not afford. Please,the rational for a statement like that.
  5. Bro


    tougher gun laws The tougher gun laws ,mean tougher sentences,or an actual sentence,for anybody using a gun to commit a criminal act.It has nothing to do with the overpriced,and as yet ineffective, gun registry.I hope that clears up my statement.
  6. Bro


    What a nice word.Most political parties claim they are very sincere about one or more of their party platforms.Let's see. Okay, boys and girls. The green party;sincere about the environment,no arguement there.The problem,wil put thousands of Canadians out of work. The Bloc;sincere about taking Quebec out of Canada,no argument there.Hope you don't agree. The Conservatives;sincere about lower taxes,getting tough on crime,free votes within the commons,choice for parents to choose the way they raise their children,tougher gun laws.Just a small list of their many positive options they are propos
  7. Kiraly, go have a little sleep,then get on the program.
  8. Should the green party replace the bloc on national televised debates,because the greens represent more provinces than the 1 province the bloc represents? Or,is the bloc placed there by the liberals or the liberal media to take the focus off other Canadian issues,to once again set up a false sense of security that the liberals will keep Quebec within Canada?
  9. Yes, darn it, of course I am afraid of what MY Canada would become under a Harper govt. Anyone with any brains knows that he'd sell us off to the Americans. Bye bye Canada, hello 51st state. Hello,anyone home?With a historical low dollar set by the liberals,who do you think set up Canada for sale to the Americans?That is why the the liberals are pissed off with the Americans,they actually took advantage of the vulnerable position the liberals put us in.
  10. Certainly nobody in this present version of the liberal party.Not even Martin who was finance minister at the time.wink wink.The liberals would never deceive one of their own,it would not relate to their high ethics.wink wink.They would never put anybody of question in places of authority within their party,like members of the bloc,wink wink.And certainly they would not post one person of prime suspicion to be diplomat of Denmark,wink wink.Etc.,Etc.
  11. And of course, with these economic times, $200K doesnt go very far... most Canadians can really identify with that ... can't they.... Yes, we certainly can.My main problem though,we are lead to believe by the liberals they are the economic geniuses and our economy is second best to none. In some other countries,with a 200K income,you can live quite well.There seems to be a little discord here,please shed some light on this issue.
  12. Mr. Harper said he would allow a free vote ,for all MP's,if the issue was presented,a far more democratic procedure than was used by the liberal and ndp parties,who told their members to support it,even if they did not,or face back bench status,or even give up their post.Where is the representation of voters in a case such as this?Another example of the liberal and ndp party not allowing their elected members to vote on an issue with their own ideals or that of their constituents.
  13. A vote for the liberals in this election means you support corruption within the Canadian government.So either you are corrupt yourself,or your livelihood depends on a liberal win.If it is the latter,it is a very sad state of affairs when a corrupt government has enough power to force you to support their corruption in order for you to survive in a democratic country.
  14. Canadian soldiers being injured is a joke to you? What is your problem?
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