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  1. Again you're quite incorrect in your assumptions sir. Even you can concede that the number of dead far exceeded 100 and it was not only Jews that were taken. Anyone who is at all acquainted with the holocaust is fully aware that Gypsies, Gays and various other undesirables among society were also sent there. These people were not the casualties of war, these were state murders. War has its casualties absolutely, but that is to be expected, there will always be loss of combatants on either side. These were not soldiers, they were regular people like you and I that were rounded up and slaug
  2. W. Bill you make an excellent point and it is indeed a difficult spot to be in. I'm certainly far from a CPC insider but it seems to me that a new leader would make all the difference. At least it would in terms of PR for the party. The problem with Mr. Harper is he can't help himself. He's a politician but he's not a pragmatist. He's a highly partisan and polarizing figure and by far and in large that doesn't resonate with most Canadians. He's very much a “my way or the hi-way” type person and, by all appearances, he runs the CPC the same way he attempted to run the country. This of co
  3. I agree with Hydraboss. Of course these folks have every right to peaceful protest but this does not supersede the rights of others to congregate peacefully on the Hill as well for a memorial gathering or a counter protest if they so choose. Part of exercising your right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech is accepting that others can and will disagree with you. As for the holocaust debate that is ongoing I think the folks that are debating the numbers are missing the point. The numbers do not matter and the scale doesn't make it any more or less deplorable. The point is people we
  4. I think the issue is not as settled as LeBreton and Segal would like to think. This whole affair has done far more internal damage to the CPC than they care to admit and the amount of public impact will be relatively minimal in comparison. The nigh on 25 year old misdeeds of a former PM are not at the forefront of the Canadian electorates psyche especially considering present economic conditions. But the devastating impact this has had on those old PC CPC members who have widely regarded Mulroney a hero of modern day conservatism is irreparable. Even those from the old Reform camp acknowle
  5. I suppose from a purely technical sense you are quite correct. Parliamentary politics are certainly not as cut and dry as a simple win/lose scenario. I'd hardly call a minority government, even as Mr. Harper is so fond of phrasing it, a "strengthened minority" a sweeping victory. There were a number of complex factors that led to a second CPC minority in the last election, most of which have changed and come next election parliament will look quite different, or so all current circumstances would seem to indicate. Either way I fail to see what you have added to this discussion, you haven't
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