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  1. I'm over 40 and I like a lot of today's music. There's been enough good stuff and bad stuff in each generation to make this thread zoom to 10+ pages. And IMO - the first sign of being "old" is complaining about "the crao that passes for 'music' these days".
  2. I really like the sound of that.
  3. It probably is cheaper. I was told when I had my accident that the RCMP were insured by the Crown. It may mean "no insurance at all", or it may be a different insurance, because the RCMP isn't provincial, while ICBC is. I don't know. I actually don't believe you though. I got rear-ended while stopped at a light. When I made mty claim, ICBC told me they'd have to talk to the guy in front of me before they could settle the claim - they wanted to know if he'd felt 2 impacts or just one (to determine if they were dealing with a single incident or two) Once he filed, all I had to do was pick
  4. Economic Left/Right: -4.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.15 I've shifted since the last time I took this test.
  5. How often is the blame split though? Last time I saw stats for that showed the opposite. I've been involved in a few accidents - none of which I was at fault - and the only one where there was an issue was the one where I was rear-ended by a cop. Everyone from the witnesses to the accident investigator on the scene agreed I wasn't at all to blame. Unfortunately it dragged on because the RCMP have Crown insurance and they didn't want to have to pay. In the end, I agreed to accept 25% liability, but only because that wouldn't affect my safe driving discount. I'd far rather deal with a singl
  6. Why waste time asking? Have them send in a photo, or apply in person. That' should streamline things.
  7. Nope. But interesting that you would think that.
  8. Holy crap. You went from bad to worse. I didn't think that was possible.
  9. I would say there's a lot more to it than skin colour. I think this is a stupid topic. Speaking from my personal perspective, of course. I don't claim to speak for all rational thinkers.
  10. From a woman's perspective. If I got raped, I wouldn't give a rat's ass what colour the guy was.
  11. The 9/11 terrorists came through Canada. Really. It's true. I've heard it lots of times.
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