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  1. Yet nowhere did I do that. I attacked the myths that were being posted not the poster who then attacked me. Gee, and claiming the entire health care system in Canada is a rotting host makes you a smart and informed poster eh? Yes you have and in fact you said it was DOA in 1993. Canada already has a public-private system and many aspects of health care are in fact private. Now I seem to be getting pms from other posters telling me that you are a known troll and they have you on ignore so I guess we are done here.
  2. Whatever you say sunshine. Its another forum standard to claim that a persons post count is directly proportional to the strength of their argument. In this debate I provided links and articles supporting my position only to have you 2 clowns claim that was all I had and that somehow a single personal experience trumped it. I then provided information that I not only had personal experience but professional experience and you jumped on that to claim that I was somehow a special interest person with an agenda (by extrapolation any health care worker qualifies). Then you claimed that because I support universal health care I somehow think we don't need to try and improve the system. Going back your entire argument has been "Canada's entire health care system is broke and we need to chuck it all in favour of a US style system".
  3. Again, right back at you sunshine. No you guys just claim it. Its obvious you know nothing about either system whatsoever. Being an ass again aren't you? You persist in being an ass and posting a straw man attack. You seem to think that any improvement means chucking universal health care and that and defence of universal health care means we think everything is fine. You are being an ass to me and aren't interested in any real discussion about how to improve the system. Troll on Macduff.
  4. Right back at you sunshine. You complain about me behaviour yet you didn't say thing one about him being an ass to me first. I do know about a burn centre and its obvious you guys don't understand how the US medical system works in the least. In other words you don't understand my POV at all do you? I don't believe everything is OK. I believe Canada's universal health care is a superior system for providing health care for its citizens. It seems to me that other then complaining about the system you guys don't have much to contribute about how to improve it other then posting myths about wait times and Canadians streaming across the border to get treatment they can't get here.
  5. Don't hand me that. I noticed you didn't call him out when he was acting like and ass and then you yourself acted like an ass to me thereby further exposing your hypocrisy. As for not supporting changes and/or improvements to the system well thats just nonsense. We debate how to improve the system all the time. Don't mistake supporting universal health care with some false belief that we think everything is okey-dokey.
  6. I suggest you go back and read exactly where he got insulting first and got the response he deserved. Calling all health care workers who support our system is just plain ignorant and under a US style system I'd be making more money so its downright illogical as well. If I willing support a system that pays me less money I must be doing it for a reason.
  7. Actually no. Americans keep claiming that because US hospitals won't let people bleed out they somehow have universal health care plus. The end result is our system provides equivalent care at no direct cost. Yes people die and according to all the stats they die younger and more often in the US. Look it up if it helps you. Meaning my experience is greater then yours and your no doubt rewarding baskin robbins career. Mine is also topical but if I ever have a tough case of brain freeze then I'll call you. Yes we all know about taxes but considering you pay almost 3X as much per capita then you need a new vendor. Nope. In fact we provide cheaper clinical drug trial testing then in the US. Try again because I can swat anti-Canadian health care posts out of the air with not only personal experience but stats and cookie goodness.
  8. The end result is you Americans are claiming universal health care by claiming US patients cannot be refused service. Thats a lie. Only life threatening conditions are required and all are billed so its never free. Thats simply a lie. the US system lets poor people die. Ours does not. Period. Actually I'm spot on. They don't. Its free. Under the US system they would be left to die as any other uninsured person. Prove it. My lab offers more testing the US labs because Ontario requirements demand it.
  9. Let me stop you right there. A burn center isn't an ER service? You need to understand what services US facilities can refuse on and the are greater then you think. Still "recover cost" means what? They take your house? Wonderful. In other words the us system is like ours but less efficient.
  10. No. They are only required to provide ER services although it does vary from state to state. They are not required to provide all services and can refuse treatment. Billing just further disparages it. So you get ER treatment then have to pay 5 grand. Wonderful. Can you provide evidence where it costs nothing and provide data as to how often it will happen?
  11. On a life threatening ER basis only. For anything else no US health care facility is required to treat you although they may be required to provide a list of referrals. Break your arm without coverage and see how much it costs you.
  12. You have that. You can go to any hospital or clinic in Canada and receive treatment. In the US you can only go to a place you can afford.
  13. Politicians don't make the choice and they don't restrict treatment. Even if your provincial health plan doesn't financially cover it you can still pay for it just like private care.
  14. As opposed to insurance companies deciding it?
  15. What about the Americans with horror stories of their own?
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