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  1. why don't we call it H1N1 the actual term for it or if oyur feeling a little cheeky 'hell of a flu' hot and nauseous' 'the virus that keeps on truckin' any other suggestions?
  2. Indeed. manufactured goods made in Ontario are much more durable and well-made then anything that is imported from the developing world. McGuinty does smile to much for a man that hasn't done anything.
  3. Probably pulling fro Beck because others in the same time slot do better than him (i don't know this but i could be true). Murdoch knows that info-tainment and punditry sells he'll keep beck in his corner for the time being
  4. Nothing like a simple mistake form our federal bureaucracy. Who the [email protected] are they hiring over there t the PMO's office. "It's alright of your incompetent, do you love traditional family, god and oil?" 'your hired!!!"
  5. i think Radiohead makes the best political/social statements for our time.
  6. Hahahahha sooo true. This woman is a half-truth crusader!!! Dolla Dolla bills yeaaaalllllllllll
  7. Good on the Manitoba NDP. Health care costs are through the roof. I don't mind a subsidization for the procedures provided by the province but paying for the whole thing. No way!!!
  8. To help the children of Palestine against Israeli aggression we need to keep weapons out of the hands of Hamas. This means stopping weapon shipments from Syria and Iran from reaching Palestine. This would be preventative action and is legitimised under UN rules of conduct.
  9. Indeed. this isn't that big of a deal. Someone walks in a parade and were celebrating. We should treat this as a regular thing nothing special.
  10. Good on the review board to not get swept up in the eco-frenzy and look at energy projects based in a pragmatic way. Its not how nice it sounds its how much energy it can produce. Keep up the good work Nova Scotia legislators.
  11. The environmental lobby is the biggest proponent of cap and trade or a carbon tax. I think that government is jumping on the bandwagon and trying to acquiesce these eco-guilt superstars. In Ontario we just passed legislation (Green Energy Act) that ignored a pragmatic suggestions from people that worked on the grid (Power Workers) and exclusively paid heed to Environmental groups and the wind industry, both of which don't understand the need for a well balanced energy mix. Now are taxes, and energy prices are going to skyrocket. Its a tax grab but its being influenced by people who know no
  12. HA! The wind industry is so far up McGuinty's backside that they could tell him that clouds are made from marshmallows and he'd believe them!!!!
  13. I think we've defined ourselves as tolerant of different cultures. Seems like something Canada would be proud of. Abandoned Commonwealths always have identity issues. Like the middle child.
  14. actually nuclear emits no carbon while creating energy.
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