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  1. I find a lot of interesting stuff on Quillette. This is about the law society of Ontario morphing into a group of progressive zealots compelling all lawyers to embrace their political and social views or face sanction. And it is written by a self-described progressive lawyer. One of the listed recommendations was that the Law Society should “require every licensee to adopt and to abide by a statement of principles acknowledging their obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally, and in their behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.” When the Law Society announced this new requirement the following September, its advisory also stated that we Ontario lawyers should “demonstrate a personal valuing” of these principles. Despite the fact that I always have been a strong advocate for “equality,” this development left me flabbergasted: Our regulator was demanding that lawyers and paralegals draft and then obey a set of specific political ideas—both in their personal and professional lives—as a condition of their license. https://quillette.com/2019/02/11/how-social-justice-ideologues-hijacked-a-legal-regulator/
  2. Argus

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Well, if the data the Rosenberg's gave the Soviets was already widely available to everyone in and outside of media I suppose you could make that comparison.
  3. Argus

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    What secrecy? The information already in the media is that all of this stuff was widely leaked before he's alleged to have done so. Norman was not charged due to leaking cabinet secrets. He was charged because the Irving family is sending a message about their power and reach in the government. Norman championed a ship offered up by another shipyard to replace the navy's non-existent supply ship when the shipyard that was supposed to build it - Irvings - ran way behind schedule. Irving reached into cabinet and gave Scott Brison his marching orders. Brison led the attack on Norman, who was the head of the navy, and with the assistance of others in cabinet who are beholden to the Irvings, got him ousted from his post and then charged. Leaks are a dime a dozen in Ottawa. They happen every day. But woe to anyone who dares to offend the Irving family.
  4. Argus

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Corruption is bad and all but... as long as they're giving us all that free stuff, well... is it really that important?
  5. Argus

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Not hardly. From what I can gather, Quebecers are largely mystified about what all the fuss is about. OF COURSE a big Quebec company should get special treatment. And all that corruption stuff, meh, that's kinda in the past anyway, so big deal. The Liberals remain strong in Quebec, and that could be enough, as long as fortress Maritimes remains all red, to carry them into another government.
  6. Yeah. But the future of the planet doesn't look very bright if the population of those parts of the world keeps exploding while the population dwindles away in the civilized parts of the world.
  7. Argus

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    So with the minister's resignation and retention of a former Supreme Court judge to advise her legally, it's kind of hard to pretend, as some Liberal hacks have been doing, that there's nothing to this. It sure does seem the emerging story is that she was forced out the door because she wouldn't cave in to the PMO demands she go easy on SNC Lavalin. This is emerging at the same time the prosecution of Admiral Norman is just starting up, and a similar story is beginning to emerge there. Only there it was the ire of another Liberal favorite, Irving Inc, which apparently led to him being booted from his office and then charged. It seems that if you tick of one of these big Liberal companies in Canada they have a pretty powerful reach under JTs goverment.
  8. Argus

    Trudeau lying about SNC

    We have engineering firms. We don't need THIS one. All SNC Lavalin does is corrupt whatever process they're involved in. There are something like 250 companies on the world bank's blacklist, forbidden to compete on work sponsored by the world bank due to corruption. Of that, 117 are in Canada, believe it or not. And 116 of those are SNC Lavalin and its many subsidiaries.
  9. Fewer in starving, impoverished parts of the world, maybe. Fewer in parts of the world filled with ignorance and intolerance and religious fanaticism, sure. But not fewer in the civilized parts of the world.
  10. Actually, it provides both. Though that drive is stronger in women. Some are, many are not. Incentives won't inspire everyone to have multiple kids but they will inspire SOME. A lot of women in that mushy middle area who have jobs - but not very good jobs, not very rewarding jobs, who actually would like to have more kids will be inspired to do so. Feminism didn't so much free women from being chained to the kitchen as chain them to the grindstone like all the men. A very few have rewarding careers, while most have 'jobs', which are not particularly exciting, rewarding or inspiring. But given all those new bodies in the job lines, salaries have dropped to the point both partners have to work to have a reasonably comfortable life.
  11. Happiness is a warm fire and a comfortable chair when it's -25 out.

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  12. Who peed in your cornflakes this morning?
  13. We always hear that we need immigrants because of our low birth rate. But I have yet to see a single proposal from the government, or even read that they have even investigated how we might increase our birth rate. I know the French have played around with this, though I'm not sure of the details. Hungary has just announced a plan to increase their birth rate by, among other things, giving women who have four children a lifelong exemption from paying income tax. They will also offer young families an interest free loan of $35,000 to get started, to be forgiven on the birth of their third child. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47192612
  14. I hear they're building a big holiday camp for Muslims none of the Left in Canada seems much bothered about.
  15. It's not evil. You're making shit up to excuse the Chinese.