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  1. I only made that claim today, so no, that's not w hat bothers you. You've been raging about me and immigration for years. It sticks in your craw that not everyone feels your love of other cultures filling the streets. As for the criminality of certain immigrants. I've already offered up plenty of evidence. Nope. Wrong again. Most Canadians aren't as rabidly intolerant of other views as you are. Just the progressives.
  2. Sigh. It always turns out this way with you. It doesn't matter what the subject is. Somehow you have to bring it back to me wanting immigration lowered. The very thought of it drives you into a frothing rage and every time you see me post something on almost any subject you have to start sniveling about it and insinuating racism. As Jonathan Haidt said, if anti-racism is your new religion, then anyone who opposes immigration is a RACIST! They're a heretic and must be silenced. And the sad part is you're not even the slightest bit unique among your kind. It's this sort of attitude on
  3. Uh huhhh. Here's the thing. You can wish an instinct away all you want. It isn't going to have much impact. Yes, tribalism taken to extremes can be bad. But without the instinctive sense of community that draws people together it's hard to have a unified nation. It's hard to get people to agree to paying taxes that benefit others when they don't have that sense of brotherhood/nationhood/belonging. It's hard to get one part of society to compromise or sacrifice in favour of another if they don't even think that other is part of their society.
  4. I love fighting the Left and the Right at the same time! :P

    1. dialamah


      That explains a lot.  B)

    2. Shady


      I’m sure you’ll just call them racist.

    3. OftenWrong


      Is that you, Russel Crowe?

  5. Because as Jonathan Haidt said, if you don't have a shared sense of identity you don't have a nation. We are instinctively tribal. We see the world as 'us' and 'them'. If you're not a part of our tribe then you're an outsider. The people of influence on the Left seem to have broken from that shared sense of identity because they're wallowing in an endless flood of guilt and self-loathing. They don't like their country any more. They don't even like each other. As a previous poll showed, one on 'in group loyalty' which is that sense of tribalism I mentioned, white liberals in the US were the
  6. Ah, the crazy religious right meets the crazy BLM left! You guys are more alike than you know! You certainly have the same mentality about anyone who won't join you in your bizarre crusades!
  7. You Republicans keep mentioning her as if she matters. Abortion is common throughout the world. It wasn't invented by Sanger. Whether she was or wasn't a racist (as most people once were) is irrelevant. You can't actually argue against the reality of anything I've said so you resort to these little journeys into irrelevancy as distraction.
  8. Yeah, but it's not. And yet only about 17% of immigrants come in because of their skills. I should say alleged skills since they're rarely verified. And most of our immigrants come from countries where fraud and fake degrees are a way of life. And to repeat, the number of immigrants who can come in from various countries is entirely reliant on how many visas that local area is granted. Which hardly matters since they still have to apply in London and London has very few immigration visas to give out and they're divided among multiple countries.
  9. I don't know how stupid you are... though your post certainly gives some mighty clues... so I'll try to speak in very simple terms. I don't much care about abortions one way or the other. It's not my issue., I can recognize rank hypocrisy when I see it, though.
  10. A revealing look at the fanaticism and dishonesty of the trans movement activists, especially those attacking JK Rowling for simply stating the obvious. Do click on the screenshots link to see the level of viciousness, ignorance, and misogyny of trans activists. The feminist philosopher Rebecca Reilly Cooper has collected screenshots of some of the many aggressive tweets that either include Rowling’s name or were sent directly to her. Clear themes emerge, “shut the fuck up,” being one. The words “bitch,” “whore,” “hag,” and (ah yes) “Karen” start to give the game away. Many Twitter users
  11. I'm not playing the race card. I'm showing the irony and hypocrisy of the anti-abortion Republicans. They desperately want to save black babies! They just don't want them to vote. Also, they don't want to pay for their health care, education, food or shelter. No Trump supporter gets to make that statement without everyone else laughing out loud. I mean, he certainly isn't who HE says he is. The narrative of widespread election fraud is and always has been... a fraud. The FBI head said so last week.
  12. And where is it going to end? I've considered this for some time as I watch the increasing levels of invective and distrust among American politicians and media. I'm quite certain that regardless of who wins the election there's going to be a major increase in political violence. Both sides, and I'm not talking about the nobodies, but the political leaders, are saying the others are cheating. There seems to be a shrinking any ability to work together. And no, it's not all Trump, not be a long shot. I've seen no American political figure in the news that impresses me as anything but an ignorant
  13. We all know how Republicans feel about it too. Gotta stop those Black people from voting any way we can! Pretending your not a member of the world's biggest racist club isn't very convincing, BC.
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