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  1. An Ode to Tax Tax his land, tax his wage, Tax the bed on which he lays. Tax his tractor, tax his mule, Teach him taxes are the rule. Tax his cow, tax his goat, Tax his pants, tax his coat. Tax his ties, tax his shirts, Tax his work, tax his dirt. Tax his chew, tax his smoke, Teach him taxes are no joke. Tax his car, tax his gas, Tax the roads and tax his ass. Tax his food, tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think. Tax his weed, tax his beers, If he cries, tax his tears. Tax his bills, tax his grass, Tax his notes, tax his cash. Tax him good and make him know, That after taxes he'll have no dough If he hollers, tax him more, Tax him until he's good and sore. Tax his coffin, tax his grave, Tax the sod in which he lays. With the inscription upon his tomb, "Taxes drove me to my doom!" But for taxes, there is no rest, We will now tax the inheritance.
  2. You're talking like a moron. Muslims in Canada will moderate if they're allowed to. And that requires cutting the flow of newcomers from parts of the world filled with religious extremism. Acting like an asshat and attacking Muslims in Canada is just going to justify the Left's belief that opposition to Islam is coming from redneck assholes, and dismiss it out of hand. You are, in other words, actually HELPING Muslims if you attack them. Think about that.
  3. It's not that. These 'folks' are not religious, don't believe in religion, think it's silly. They realize that Christians don't take the nasty bits of their book seriously, and presume that Muslims are the same. No argument to the contrary will get past their determined deafness. Pointing out no mainstream Christian organization teaches observance of those nasty parts while ALL mainstream Muslim groups DO teach observance of their nasty parts is just 'islamphobia' to them.
  4. You gave me a wiki article about groups which used to exist but no longer do. If you had a little more honesty then you'd have at least a little honesty. And I could say the same for intelligence, as well...
  5. I challenged you to give me the names of the huge, terrible white supremacist organizations who were such a threat to Canada. And you couldn't come up with anything. Yet you're still whining - just as intellectually and morally bankrupt as you've always been.
  6. I'm not sure why you think anyone here is feeling any particular guilt because you keep posting pictures of impoverished people. Nor do I get what you seem to be trying to suggest we ought to do about it. Do you live in a house? Is it crowded with unwashed bodies and refuse? Why not? Why not let homeless people come in and live there too, you selfish bastard?!
  7. But they're not. Christianity's focus is on, for want of a better term, a wandering hippy who preached peace and love for all. Islam's focus is on a warrior prince who gleefully slaughtered all who refused to worship as he did, and preached death, fire and destruction on all unbelievers. How can you even imagine worshipers of these two would not behave differently?
  8. He didn't claim Christian motivation. Tarrant described himself as an "ethno nationalist eco fascist", having previously identified as a communist, an anarchist and a libertarian. He wrote that he believed in "ethnic autonomy for all peoples with a focus on the preservation of nature, and the natural order". In the dossier, he made reference to the horrific Skaf gang rapes in Sydney in the year 2000. But his manifesto suggested he was preoccupied with rapes that had occurred in England and more recently in Germany by non-Europeans. In particular, he referenced the sexual exploitation of approximately 1400 children in the northern English town of Rotherham in the late 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, primarily by British-Pakistani men. https://www.smh.com.au/world/oceania/christchurch-shooter-s-manifesto-reveals-an-obsession-with-white-supremacy-over-muslims-20190315-p514ko.html
  9. The problem is that we neither want to attack people for wearing their silly costumes nor pretend that we think the costumes are just fine and normal. As a society we want to discourage the wearing of such things, particularly in cases like the Islamic ones which are designed to perpetuate the belief that women are immoral and must hide themselves from men lest they cause lust. They're also, as even some Islamic writers have said, a sort of righteous statement of religious militancy and separateness. We want to discourage it. We just don't want to violate anyone's rights when we do so.
  10. Its necessary? Why? Your link says that only 20% plan on buying a new place and only a third of them will buy a condo. So I'm not sure where you're getting this confidence in their interest in rushing into the core. That is a grossly expensive and inefficient use of resources. And where is the justification for assigning it to new houses? When I moved into my 1950s bungalow I didn't have to pay anything extra. Development charges are only a small part of the cost government adds to new developments. As the CD Howe study pointed out, government regulatory burdens add up to between $50,000 and $100,000 per home as well. Yes, well, the Left is always big on telling people how they ought to be living their lives. No doubt you and your cats get along fine in a small apartment. But people with kids want a house with a yard.
  11. What the Islamophiles never like to deal with is this. Yes, there are occasional loose screws here who commit violence against Muslims. But all of them are lone nuts. Any religion or culture can produce lone nuts who commit violence. But only Islam seems to produce large, organized groups devoted to slaughtering unbelievers. The attack in Sri Lanka wasn't some lone nut. It was an organized group which likely received assistance from an outside, organized group, probably ISIS or Al Quaeda, according to reports. There is only so much lone nuts can achieve. But the Muslim groups are not nuts except in the sense that religious fanatics are crazy to the rest of us. And they have vastly more resources and abilities to achieve mayhem than lone nuts. All the attacks in Sir Lanka were apparently carried out by suicide bombers - like, 10 of them. It is literally inconceivable that you would ever see that sort of thing from any western group, including the KKK or whatever the alt-right is calling itself. Remember the thwarted plot to bring down 10 airliners simultaneously that was headquartered in the Philippines? Or the one headquartered in the UK which had roughly the same aims (24 arrested). The Islamophiles refuse to acknowledge this. They continue to dismiss each and every one of literally tens of thousands of terrorists acts committed in the name of Islam as the work of rare extremists. But extremism is not rare among Muslims because mainstream Islam still calls for death for anyone who violates its laws. Mainstream Islam has never renounced nor apologized for its militant expansionism and it's violent teachings towards unbelievers and those who disobey its social and moral codes. And until that happens we should be very, very, very careful about allowing Muslim immigrants. Instead we're bringing in a hundred thousand a year because the Liberals see them as fresh Liberal votes.
  12. We don't have any Christian terrorism in Canada. But we have had repeated experiences with Islamic terrorism, and only the intervention of police have stopped them from doing things like blowing up the CN tower, derailing trains, bombing parliament and beheading the prime minister. France has a Muslim population of 7.5% and regular terrorist attacks. With mass immigration, particularly from the middle east, Canada's Muslim population is expected to rise to 10% by 2030. By then we might well have regular terrorist incidents, too, but of course, by then it will be far too late to do anything about it.
  13. And yet, oddly, it has been done regularly throughout the entire history of Islam. The few Christian churches that remain in Islamic countries need armed guards to prevent their worshipers from being slaughtered.
  14. Fairly easily. The latter are crazy - in the single case which has thus far occurred. That's more difficult as so very many Muslims share the same beliefs and goals as the terrorists, even if they don't personally believe in mass murder to achieve them. Yeah, that's bullshit. Almost all Islamic terrorists are regular and devoted visitors to mosques. Half the time that's where they wound up becoming radicalized in the first place. That's usually not true either. They're not running away from anything but poverty. They bring Islam with them, and the children they are raising are even more devoted to Islam than their parents. The numbers of Muslim Canadian girls and women wearing Islamic costumes is increasing.
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