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  1. CT Scan machines per million Japan 111, Australia 67, United States 44, Greece, 34, Canada 16

  2. MRI machines per million: US 39.1, Germany 34.7, Japan 55.2, Italy, 28.7 Canada 10.2

  3. The U.S. has approximately 2,000 PET scanners and a ratio of about 6.5 scanners per million (Buck et al., 2010). In comparison, Canada currently has 29 PET scanners and a ratio of 0.86 scanners per million people.

  4. Evidently you don't understand what corruption is. Proroguing parliament? Honestly!? Nor is Nigel Wright trying to use his own money to pay back what that idiot Duffy did because it was embarrassing the government corruption. It was just dumb. As for the contempt of parliament, that was nothing but a shit vote for political purposes. It didn't involve any kind of corruption. It involved the opposition desperately digging for any and all information it could use to embarrass the government, and acting indignant when some of it wasn't forthcoming fast enough. The only reason it was unusual is that when the opposition can outvote the government it usually brings that government down. The three midgets of the opposition were just trying to embarrass the government. Using your office to pressure the prosecutor to change her decision on prosecuting friends of yours for obvious and repeated crimes, on the other hand, definitely is.
  5. Oliver's column basically said that warming was inevitable and we should be doing something to prepare for that instead of puffing out our chests and bragging about how great our emissions reductions will be. He said the economy would benefit, which is good, because without a strong economy a government lacks resources to manage problems like this.
  6. We only started to hear about the great looming danger of white supremacy and far right extremism when the Trudeau government ran into trouble over SNC Lavalin. They began pushing the message that right wing extremism was EVERYWHERE even as they did their best to associate Scheer's party with such people. The CBC readily played along and the feeble minds began to cower and shake at the prospect of the mighty army of, geeze, must be DOZENS of such dangerous people out there! It's nothing but Liberal propaganda.
  7. You think every loser who can't get a girl is right wing?
  8. We've been over this. The Ministry of Public Safety is politicized and pursues the Liberal party agenda. Nothing they say can be accepted at face value.
  9. Bullshit. Bourque had mental problems. He couldn't stand any kind of authority. He was thrown out of his parents house. He hated police, government, and anyone else who tried to tell him what to do. He had no particular political ideology of any kind. Bissonnette was also a nut job. How else to explain why he killed those people, then called police on himself and turned himself in out of guilt? You ever see a Muslim terrorist do that? Anywhere in the world? Minassion rode the small bus, attending special needs classes for autism. Not every angry, resentful conspiracy wack job is right wing, or has any political beliefs whatsoever. None of these people had any kind of ideology or political notions. They were just losers.
  10. Oh good, another progressive pushing the white supremacy theme! Names and numbers please. Where are these white supremacists hiding? Or is it just that anyone who opposes mass immigration is 'white supremacist'?
  11. How can you NOT know there was no TV in WW2?? Yeah, but they didn't fly to freaking Japan! The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flight came after the end of the war in 1945. There were clipper flights across the Pacific earlier, because they went in stages, from island to island, But they took days of travel, carried very few passengers and cost the equivalent of many thousands of todays dollars, way beyond the means of ordinary people back then. Try calling Japan. If someone talks about how poodles kill people, and that is proven silly, and then I talk about how tigers kill people, is that silly too? What we talk about are DEMONSTRATED behaviour patterns inspired by themes in the koran and other Muslim religious books. We didn't invent the fact ISIS used the Koran to justify treating non-Muslim girls as sex slaves. We didn't invent the way gangs of Pakistanis treated young white girls in the UK, nor the skyrocketing rise in rape in Sweden. And we haven't invented the Muslim terrorism. Besides which, the propaganda wasn't all wrong. The Japanese soldiers at the time were brutal barbarians by most everyone else's standards, and fanatical. Like Muslims, they cut peoples heads off with swords with a fair degree of comfort. And they didn't mind raping, either, did it in a very organized fashion, in fact. Just ask the Koreans.
  12. You know, it pisses me off that people have so little regard for corruption they're desperately looking for an excuse whenever their party engages in it. Nothing on that cite by the Red Star indicates corruption by the Harper government. Do you not even understand what it means? Do you need it explained to you?
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