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  1. Whoever it is has to be able to present an image of strength and confidence. They have to speak in a forthright manner without the weasel words Scheer used to answer questions. If they have social conservative beliefs they have to be able to clearly state that these are the views of their church, and that they understand that these are not the views of secular Canada, nor would it be right nor even possible to foist them off on an unwilling population. They have to be a strong advocate of conservative policies, not someone who timidly promises not to get serious about any of them. The point of leadership is to lead, not go wherever the polls show you people are already positioned. Balanced budget, even if that means tax increase Slash red tape around resource projects which require years of studies and hearings. Assert federal rights to control export trade (which includes forcing through pipelines) Fix health care Properly fund the military. Increase funding for CSIS and CCSE Push back against Chinese economic and cyber attacks with tariffs. Lower number of Chinese students in Canada. Strong laws, particularly against violence Strengthen deportation laws against immigrants for crimes or fraud, and bring back the ability to strip immigrants of citizenship. Strengthen vetting of potential immigrants. Work to integrate immigrants. End elderly immigration without heavy sponsorship requirements. Cut immigration overall.
  2. Most of us do too. The difference in Quebec is that their political/academic/media elites believe it. Ours most certainly do not.
  3. And Erin O'Toole, who finished 3rd last time and looks to be running again?
  4. So not wanting to spend $600 million of our money to help foreigners have abortions makes you a religious nut job? I guess I'm a religious nut job then.
  5. But you'd vote for a Muslim or Hindu or Sikh without even a second thought about what their religious values were.
  6. It seems in this country you can wear special religious gear like turbans and hijabs and pray multiple times a day and get nothing but respect. But if you say you're a a practicing Christian and believe in what your church says you're a religious fanatic.
  7. Women tend to support policies based more on emotion than cold, hard facts. We've had four federal leaders who were women and they were all idiots (not counting Trudeau, who's a moron). Every female premier I can think of was a freaking disaster. That being said, I would rather have her than some of the other names being mentioned, such as McKay.
  8. Can you name me any female leader in this country who hasn't been a disaster?
  9. With a fascist regime which puts people in concentration camps and harvests organs from live political prisoners? I'm not sure if you really want to take the position that the only alternatives available in any relationship is open war or complete submission. We don't need to start a war with China to force them to stop shipping fentanyl to us. We just have to stop buying their crap.
  10. Here's the thing. You can fight a subpoena in court, but you can't ignore it. You can't tell everyone in the administration to ignore all requests for information and testimony from the part of government which is constitutionally mandated to provide oversight of that administration. Personally I think the Democrats should just drop the hammer and arrest all these people. It's been done before. People go to prison for ignoring/refusing congressional subpoenas and they should arrest anyone who does so, starting with Rudy Giuliani.
  11. I don't give a shit. Biden, as part of official US and EU policy told Ukraine they needed to get corruption under control. And one of the things that required was getting rid of Sergeant Schultz and putting someone who was actually interested in investigating corruption in place. There was no advantage to either of the Bidens in this despite the insinuations of the sleaziest people in Washington. Trump's daughter and son in law have no qualifications to be in the White House (nor does Trump). That's a lot more important to me than whether Biden's son was hired by some company because of his influence. Trump's sons are negotiating for Chinese funding for Trump's Malaysia project while his daughter is negotiating with them for trademarks even as Trump is negotiating with them over trade. That's about a thousand times more pertinent to the discussion than anything Biden's son did.
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