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  1. I would imagine most of the actual violence takes place in or around bars and taverns, so I doubt there's much new to be learned about how to prevent it.
  2. Argus

    Minorities and Crime

    I know what it is. And I've been following it for years. It's filled with activists on a mission.
  3. Argus

    Minorities and Crime

    So we just got another whining complaint from some leftist activist group - in this case the Ontario Human Rights Commission, about how the police deal with minorities. The reason I'm posting it here is this is a thing across Canada, and not just with Blacks. We're getting the same sorts of complaints against the RCMP with regard to natives, for example. And we've seen the same thing in Ottawa about Arabs. But at least with natives you can show the statistics on both sides. In this case, because leftist governments have banned all statistics about minority crime (except natives) all we're left with is the stern denunciation by the OHRC The report found that although black residents comprised 8.8 per cent of Toronto’s total population, they accounted for 25 per cent of SIU investigations during the time period studied.Black complainants were involved in 28 per cent of all use-of-force investigations, with their representation trending sharply upward as the seriousness of the force used increased. The commission said black people were involved in 36 per cent of police shootings they studied, 61 per cent of police use-of-force cases involving civilian death, and 70 per cent of fatal police shootings. I have no doubt whatsoever this report will feature prominently on the political panels tonight, with the progressive panels decrying how racist the police are, and I equally have no doubt not one of them will dare to bring up what might be causing the disproportional police response other than racism. Which is that as a group Blacks commit a hugely disproportionate amount of crime, especially street crime and especially violent street crime. The gang shootings in Toronto are mainly Black gangs shooting each other. And so, instead of addressing the root causes of Black crime there'll be demands the police amend their behaviour, and given the progressive nature of municipal politics and the simpering political cowards who wind up as mayors, you can bet that's what we'll see, along with all sorts of apologies. But I can remember when a chief inspector for one of Toronto's police districts pointed out that while Blacks made up 5% of his district they were responsible for 95% of the crime. Oh, the media didn't like that! Neither did city council! Not that they argued it wasn't true, but just that he should never had said it nor collected any statistics! The problem with gang shootings is not that police are paying too much attention to young black men. It's that the government is ignoring the socioeconomic reasons behind the crime, poverty and shootings. And it will continue to do so. It will tut-tut at the police, and again demand a crackdown on legal gun owners, but actually doing something? Ah, nope. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/toronto/article-black-residents-of-toronto-more-likely-to-die-during-police/
  4. Argus

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    As long as we have FPTP I fear you are correct. On the other hand, as someone or other suggested earlier, perhaps Coyne, it could also expand the conversation. If they have the balls to talk openly about things the Tories fear to bring up it might get Canadians thinking more seriously about those things. And it might get people to start questioning the existing agreement among the elites as to how all these topics be addressed. For some years now the Tories have been cowed to the point they simply don't bring things up at all.
  5. In what way then if not in increasing the punishment for those who punch them?
  6. I'm not sure what you're trying to argue except that there's certainly no logic behind it. If I punch you because you're bald and I don't like bald guys or because I'm drunk and showing off, or because I think you're a weirdo in a dress, I've still done the same thing - I've punched you, and I should get the same punishment. If the punishment is suitable for this crime then it is suitable in all cases. Comparing it to police focusing policing resources on communities which tend to commit a lot more crime is not logical. The actual comparison would be if we decided to punish, say, Black offenders more severely in order to discourage them more. And before some liberal says we do that anyway; we don't. But we do have a 'justice' system which tends to give harsher penalties to repeat offenders, to people abusing drugs, and to people who have no jobs and no family and less hope of rehabilitation.
  7. Further to the above, and as a demonstration of the fury which is used to attack those who do not support the narative of transgender choice in all things. On the day of its publication, pressure from activists prompted Brown University to remove a press release about the study, despite support for Dr. Littman from the academic community, including the former Dean of Harvard Medical school. Since that date, any mention of ROGD or calls for further study on the matter have been systematically attacked by activists. Within one hour of airing my post, Psychology Today editors had already received complaints from activist groups. Soon thereafter, a wave of posts, tweets, and petitions seeking to defame my article and my character were spreading on the internet. My attempt to call for compassion for all sides of this debate in a further Psychology Today piece earned widespread support from parents and clinicians, but only made matters worse with activists. As my inbox was flooding with hate mail, blog posts that grossly misquoted my work were now painting me as a transphobe and misogynist. One commenter in Psychology Today suggested I should “go to prison” for “harming so many children,” while countless others accused Dr. Littman and me of promoting ideologically-driven pseudoscience. Yet, the sources cited by activists to discredit studies of ROGD invariably take one back to a self-referential loop of other blog posts and opinion pieces by activists. It is a strange world indeed when unscientific ideologues accuse scientists of being pseudoscientific ideologues.
  8. Maybe they did. Maybe a lot of them are simply responding to the popular cause du jour and adopting this new persona for attention. The first places affected by the new concept of gender identity were clinics. Vaguer diagnostic criteria, and a move to “de-medicalize” trans identities, together with wider awareness, have meant a big expansion in patient numbers. The mix of patients has changed, too. Clinics used to see few children, almost all of them pre-pubescent boys; now teenage girls are turning up in droves. The number of girls seen by GIDS, Britain’s national gender-ID service for children, has risen from 40 in 2009-10 to 1,806 in 2017-18. ... One consequence is a huge increase in the number of people who say they do not identify with their natal sex. In Britain, for example, since the GRA came into force, just 5,000 people have used its provisions. Now the government reckons that approximately 1% of the population is transgender—around 650,000 people. https://quillette.com/2018/12/04/the-new-patriarchy-how-trans-radicalism-hurts-women-children-and-trans-people-themselves/ Last week in Psychology Today, I reported on Dr. Lisa Littman’s peer-reviewed study of Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), which had caused an uproar among activists for suggesting that in some cases, coming out as trans could be a maladaptive coping strategy for confused adolescents and young adults with other underlying issues. Dr. Littman is an Assistant Professor of the Practice at Brown University School of Public Health and is trained as a public health physician. She extensively surveyed 250 parents whose children (predominantly girls with no prior history of gender dysphoria) had suddenly expressed a desire to come out. Of particular interest (given my areas of expertise) was one of the hypotheses raised by Dr. Littman: the potential role of peer imitation and social media exposure in inspiring youth to express their confusion through the idiom of transgenderism. https://quillette.com/2018/12/09/a-surfeit-of-empathy-and-an-absence-of-compassion/
  9. This is the UK. Even a minor insult based on being a member of an identity group constitutes a hate crime. If you look at the report, 87% of these hate crimes are simple insults. And I'm not surprised a man with masculine features and body wearing a dress is going to get insulted, especially in a country where public drunkenness is so common.
  10. Agreed. But it is society's business if you have boy parts and want to dress and undress in the ladies room.
  11. Argus

    This week in Islam

    You can read similarities into anything. But just because Hitler liked dogs and so does someone else, that really doesn't present anything but a superficial commonality. People's suspicion of Muslims has arisen in the last thirty odd years largely because of Muslim actions, not because some nefarious cabal has undertaken a propaganda campaign against them. The suspicions are a response to real world actions, not imagined out of dark suspicion of the 'other'. And they have been inflamed by the growing number of Muslims flooding into western countries and retaining old-world beliefs and values. When two thirds of Canadians complain that immigrants aren't assimilating fast enough they're really talking about Muslims.
  12. Argus

    Bernier's Party at 13% in the polls

    I said it is instinctively equated. I didn't say it was true.
  13. Unfortunately, you're wrong. A lot of the Chiefs would argue that, because their power and privilege and wealth derives from being the leader of that community. And a lot of the Left would argue that moving a community or combining a community, or bringing a community in closer to urban centres full of non-natives would threaten their culture. The problem is their culture, such as it is, is not a substitute for a thriving economy. And without jobs people have no purpose in their lives. What good does your culture do then? Gonna wear a cultural headdress and costume while you shoot up? Trying the kind of major reform of the band system would be as much of a shitstorm as reforming health care or the justice system. Which is why politicians won't do it. They operate in four year increments. They have no interest in starting a project which won't bear rewards and accolades within that four year period. They most especially have no interest in starting a program which will be expensive, lead to turmoil, upheaval and much bad publicity and which won't bear fruit until AFTER the next election. PS. by the way, Rue, we don't send people to federal prison for minor crimes. Sure most of what natives do is minor, just like for everyone else. But the number of natives in federal prison indicates much of that crime is considerably more severe.
  14. Argus

    Canada's Current Carbon Tax

    We painstakingly and at great cost close a coal plant and Asia opens fifty more than next day. That's how this CO2 reduction business is working so far.
  15. Argus

    This week in Islam

    No. You were INVENTING similarities. The undeniable difference being that the things said about Jews were largely wrong, while the complaints about Muslims are largely right. And that doesn't matter. All that matters is that 95% of Muslims believe he married a six year old and consummated the marriage at 9. Which is why sex with young girls is not considered to be a particularly bad thing in the Muslim world. As far as I'm aware there are no laws specific to sex with children in the Islamic world. And while many national governments post laws with regard to the minimum age those are regularly ignored. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/apr/25/middle-east-child-abuse-pederasty https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/turkey-children-marry-age-nine-islamic-law-diyanet-government-chp-mp-investigation-muslim-a8142131.html