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  1. What is happening? Nothing is happening but a hysterical attempt to pretend there's some kind of white supremacist movement in Canada and some of them might have connections to the military. Neither of these are true.
  2. Yeah, yeah. People were saying that generations ago. Funny thing is that as young people get out into the world and start paying taxes and start watching the news and reading newspapers instead of playing video games, they start to change into conservatives. Not all of them, of course. Some are dumb enough to remain pie-in-the-sky idiots with no grounding in reality. We call them liberals.
  3. What has that got to do with anything under discussion here?
  4. So this number continues to rise. It was 49% in one poll, then 56%, and now 63%. And the reason should be obvious. Most people are most comfortable living among those who are very much like themselves. As the numbers of immigrants in society continues to rise more and more people are going to feel more and more uncomfortable. And when nothing is done that discomfort level is going to turn to frustration and then anger if the government continues to ignore them. So far the government shows no sign of paying the slightest attention. Nor does it help that the justifications the government is using are all lies. Hussen is quoted here, for example, as bemoaning the poll because we have labour shortages. Only... wages have been stagnant for years. When you have labour shortages employers pay more to attract workers. That's not happening. There are no labour shortages except in a few isolated areas. There are only employers who tell the government to bring in more cheap workers so they don't have to raise wages. Sixty-three per cent of respondents to a recent Leger poll said the government should prioritize limiting immigration levels because the country might be reaching a limit in its ability to integrate them.
  5. When I was watching the discussion between Jonathan Haidt and Nick Clegg (on youtube) where Haidt spoke about the way those with a love and oppenness towards change and difference and who welcome and embrace immigration wind up moving to big cities, and how those who preferred to live among those like themselves, and valued traditions, home, hearth, family, queen and country, would move away from the big cities he mentioned, almost in passing, that some thought the problem was there weren't enough immigrants out there. Well, the problem is those people aren't exposed to immigrants enough, he said, as a joke. Maybe we should just move immigrants out into the country, he said. Everyone laughed at what a dumb idea it was and how disastrous it was likely to become. Apparently Hussen doesn't understand English humour.
  6. Ever heard of the Cultural revolution? The Killing Fields? Rwanda?
  7. Ridiculous narrative. We live within a community. You can try but it will wind up getting you all shot - and no loss to the rest of us. There was no broad community prior to the coming of Europeans. There were tiny, isolated tribes living in constant war with each other. Find a place a particular native group claims and chances are they murdered the people who sat on before them and took their land. That's how the world worked back then.
  8. This is from the Spectator, a bastion of intelligence in today's barren world of progressive zealotry. In today's column, Ron Liddle talks about the fascism of the Left, and how it is determined to shut down any opinions which disagree with its narrative. Diversity’s valued — unless it’s diversity of opinion The BBC has advised its journalists not to use the word ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ when some bloke blows himself up screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ in a public place, thus killing as well lots of non-Allahu akbar kind of people. The words ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ are, in this context, pejorative and the use of them involves making an assumption, which of course we must never do. It may not have been terror which the chap intended to instil in the local population, but enlightenment, good cheer and a general sense of bonhomie, of course. Given that the BBC no longer uses the word ‘Islamic’ whenever mentioning these sorts of actions, it is a bit of a struggle to know how its journalists will describe them at all. Perhaps they will simply cease reporting them. Or just show the footage and comment only: ‘Bang! Now have a guess who did this.’ https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/06/diversitys-valued-unless-its-diversity-of-opinion/
  9. So Quebec has passed its new immigration reform legislation which will, among other things, lower the number of immigrants coming into Quebec, and put new requirements on them to pass stringent French language tests, as well as a values test to get permanent residency. The interesting part of this is that the majority of Canadians want the same thing. Polls have shown that two thirds of Canadians would welcome a similar bill. And back when the values test idea was first floated by Kellie Lietch, polls showed 75% wanted a values test. There's no chance we'll get one, though. None. The political, academic and media elites in their tight, incestuous bubble are all fully supportive of mass immigration. Even the idea that Canada has a culture or values that we ought to protect is anathema to them. None will dare express a contrary view to the prevailing narrative that mass immigration is an unparalleled benefit - though none will produce any evidence of that, nor need any. As for what ordinary Canadians think or want? They couldn't care less. They don't hear it. They live in a self-contained bubble where they reassure themselves that everyone believes as they do. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-quebec-government-passes-controversial-immigration-bill-in-early/
  10. They have none. That we sit on land that might, at one point in time, have been part of hunting grounds they claimed, is irrelevent. What would those lands be worth without us? Nothing. Natives had not advanced in scientific or technological development in a thousand years when we arrived. Had we never arrived they'd still be walking and canoeing from place to place, shitting in the woods, freezing in the cold dark and dying at 30.
  11. Just kick out the ones who don't agree with us! Which is basically the Toronto Star and the CBC and the BLM and ANTIFA types.
  12. Conspiritard drivel. The government spends twice as much per capita on natives as it does on anyone else, and natives, on reserves, pay no taxes. Do you imagine this money is looted from some imaginary first nation vault deep beneath Gringotts bank or something?
  13. No, all Bush did was appoint people to run the agencies tasked with monitoring the behavior of banks and mortgage companies who had zero interest in policing or even watching them and instead acted as their supporters and protectors.
  14. Would it be the guy who took over in 2008 at the start of one of the worst recessions in memory - largely caused by the previous administration?
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