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  1. 53% of mothers of transsexual children have Borderline Personality Disorder, compared to only 6% of mothers of normal children.


  2. Recently pardoned Michael Flynn tweets a demand for Trump to declare martial law and use the military to run another election.

  3. And what desperately important jobs does the government do with all that money? So desperately important that even if they have NO money they will borrow it in order to accomplish? Well... Personally, I don't think they need to worry since nobody ever watches Canadian movies anyway. OTTAWA — Some of Canada’s biggest film producers are warning against proposed changes to a key federal funding program, saying a new politically correct focus on gender and racial equality could hamper the commercial viability of Canadian cinema. Many producers who spoke to National Post said the new
  4. Our universities are third rate, at best, and our government doesn't invest in science. What science grants it does grant to universities are now based on race and gender, not merit. The amount also hasn't grown in years. Statistics Canada data, calculated by Science Policy Research Center, shows that actual spending on government R&D is lower now than it was under the Harper government. Though overall funding of science has increased from $10.4 billion in 2015-16 to $11.3 billion in 2018-19, actual spending on “federal government science” was projected to be $112 million lower in 201
  5. And laughed out of court again, often by Republican judges.
  6. China is getting more and more authoritarian, tolerating dissent even less than in previous years. And it now intends to silence dissent abroad too, bullying and threatening countries around the world and locking up their citizens in secret prisons where they are subjected to solitary confinement and 6 hour long interrogations each night. Three new developments – all related to the Michaels, and Canada – have aligned. First, China’s use of the RSDL system to disappear rather than detain has exploded, from a few hundred victims the first year to, soon, 10,000 victims annually, accordi
  7. John Robson expresses his indignation with the 'fiscal update' and its fuzziness about facts and plans - or lack thereof. Staring in disbelief works better onscreen than in print. So while I gather my thoughts on this “federal fiscal update,” I’ll pass the keyboard to the late Rudyard Kipling: “But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy, And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: ‘If you don’t work you die.’ ” It’s a reality thing. Unlike the update. It offers much to dislike, not on substance but on lack of same. Especially the absolute, wilful disreg
  8. How many united empire loyalists do you imagine there are in Toronto today? A dozen? And how would they be demonstrating loyalty to anything other than Canada's current progressive ideology? Did you find anything illogical in the point I made about today vs yesterday, and the technological changes which have made assimilation less likely?
  9. I'm not sure just who you think a "Republican" is supposed to be. Because if you look back on over 200 years of Republican Party politics and ideology the Trumpist types have virtually nothing to do with any of it. Trump himself isn't conservative nor has he ever been a Republican until he decided to run. It's astonishing to see the party of the 'moral majority' and family values rally behind a sleazy,whoremongering gambler, liar, cheater and adulterer like Trump. And the party of fiscal balance and deficit hawks voting in favor of larger and larger deficits.
  10. Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's Republican voting systems manager, pleads with Trump and other Republicans to show a little leadership and stop the dangerous nonsense about there being a rigged election. He continued: "This is elections, this is the backbone of democracy, and all of you who have not said a damn word are complicit in this. It's too much. Yes, fight for every legal vote, go for your due process, we encourage it, use your First Amendment right. Death threats, physical threats, intimidation, it's too much. It's not right. They have lost the moral high ground to claim that it is."
  11. And note that once inside the court the Republicans didn't even say there was fraud! They instead pointed to little irregularities in this or that county, the type of thing that happens during every election. But none of it amounted to a hill of beans, which is why every court has tossed them out with snide remarks about lack of evidence and 'stitched together' narratives. But it doesn't seem to make any difference to the cultists. The Trump appointed FBI director says there was no fraud. The Trump loyalist AG says there was no evidence. The Trump supporting Republican governor and secret
  12. I was reading a piece about Sir John A MacDonald and his time as PM (which I posted somewhere) and one of the points in the article was that at that time, in fear of the US, we had an army of about 50,000 men, despite our tiny population. We have nowhere near that size of army NOW - with 37 million people. In fact, the size of our overall military has been pretty much halved since Mulroney's time as PM.
  13. Indians protesting against a new law - in India - which affects agricultural workers - in India - block traffic in Toronto to protest. This is what happens when you bring floods of people across with almost no standards, no interviews, no assessment of what kind of people they are, and bring them over in such huge numbers they can't assimilate. They simply retain their old culture and their old values and their old loyalties to the old country. Some will say immigrants always did this, to an extent, but there's a vast difference in today vs yesterday. Yesterday people took an immense
  14. By and large, no. The earnings of and thus the taxes paid by immigrants do not come close to funding the services government provides to them.
  15. Infidel Dog should be gone soon. I know he's frantically selling all his possessions to send his money to Donald Trump's fund to fight voter fraud pay off Trump's debt. Soon he won't be able to afford the internet. At a time when most losing campaigns start winding down, Trump's campaign took the unusual step and increased its calls for donations, The Post and The Times reported. The campaign sent out hundreds of emails to donors in November, The Post reported. The focus of the emails since Election Day has been on riling up supporters about Trump's unfounded claims of widespread vot
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