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  1. Why? You think it's sad to point out the many ways in which China is screwing us over?
  2. You will never get agreement from ALL parties involved. Ever.
  3. None of these people are on the streets because welfare doesn't pay enough for a room. And they might at least find a place in the shelters if the shelters weren't jammed full of refugees the Left insists on bringing into the country by the tens of thousands, and if public housing wasn't jam packed with the refugees the Left brought into Canada last year and the year before and the year before and the year before... Because of the high immigration levels the Left is absolutely fanatical about maintaining and increasing (rising to 390k this year), and the hundreds of thousands of foreign students coming into the country every year, and the hundreds of thousands of TFWs - along with the 50,000 refuges. All of them seeking cheap accommodation. Besides, the market would build more homes if it weren't for policies like rent control and the red tape and regulations which make it such a long, complex and expensive effort to build housing of any kind.
  4. We still have thousands of people crossing the border from the US, returning from holidays, and there is NO screening for them at all. There are currently no public health officials stationed at Canada-U.S. land border crossings to assist in screening for COVID-19, Global News has learned. The union that represents border officers has been asking the government to place health officials at all major land border crossings for weeks, but so far nothing has been done, said union president Jean-Pierre Fortin. “Zero. Zero presence,” Fortin said. https://globalnews.ca/news/6789826/coronavirus-public-health-officials-canada-us-border/
  5. Just in case anyone forgot that there's more reason to hate China than its filthy food handling system and lying politicians. TORONTO -- BlackBerry Ltd. says its researchers have uncovered how China-backed hackers have been able to extract data from many of the world's servers for a decade -- largely without being noticed by cyber security. It says the tactics give the hackers the ability to extract information from huge amounts of valuable data from computers using the Linux operating system, which is used on most of the world's web servers and cloud servers. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/blackberry-uncovers-china-backed-hacking-campaign-1.4886987
  6. We already have a floor. The reason we have homelessness is because the Left won't let us do anything about it. We can't force these people off the streets, we can't force them into treatment for addictions, cuz 'rights'. I've long said that the main problems started in the seventies when the tax on dividends and capital gains were dropped to such a low tax rate. That's not the only reason, of course. But it's A major reason. I'd like to see a sliding scale of taxation on such things (given so many people have no pensions and are saving the only way they can, through the stock market). Certainly if you're making half a million bucks a year through dividends or capital gains, or both combined, you ought to be taxed at the same rate as income. I'd give you 100k at the present rate. Above that your tax rate increases.
  7. G'hed. Poison yourselves with it. I think the most sensible statement on this issue came from some doctor, I forget which, but to paraphrase, he said this has been used on thousands of Covid-19 patients so far in many countries, and if it was some kind of magic bullet, some kind of wonderful cure-all with amazing results, we'd know it by now. So in all likelihood it might help a little, in some cases, perhaps in combination with other treatments. But it's clearly not a cure.
  8. But all people are not equal in any way, shape or form. Some are more artistically gifted than others. Some are smarter than others. Some have a lot more drive than others. Some have a sense of personal responsibility and others do not. Some are criminally minded and others are honest. Some are highly educated, while others are not. Some are skilled at a much sought-after ability, while others have no skills which are in demand. Some are beautiful and some are ugly. Some are tall and some are short. Some are healthy and some are disabled. Unless you're God you can't make them equal.
  9. There is no other kind of equality which can be achieved in a functional society. Equality of opportunity allows for people to rise on their own skill, effort and merit. The other sort of 'equality' is the equality of results, which allow the incompetent, the lazy, and the stupid to rise to levels beyond their capabilities, to rise above those with more ability, drive and skills. No society can sustain that in any great amounts for any great length of time.
  10. Well, Harper didn't have any money to spare, for one thing. He was determined to balance the books once past the recession. Whereas Trudeau has never balanced a budget and never will, and doesn't care. So given he had limitless money why didn't he do anything?
  11. Yeah, Trump is always ready to ban foreigners from entering the US. According to the medical professionals everywhere, travel bans are far less effective than tight monitoring of everyone. The US did the travel ban early in February, then took the rest of the month off. Even Peter Navarro was telling everyone who would listen, back in January, that the US could suffer 2 million deaths and Trump continued to downplay it all as something that wouldn't be a big deal and would be over in April. I lose? You cult members and the way you attach your sense of self and pride to the big, orange blob are really pathetic. Honestly, why are you still here? Why don't you crawl across the border, make your way to Washington, jump the fence around the White House begging to see your great leader, just to lick his feet?
  12. And they're all wearing hoods.
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