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  1. Sure. Just don't breathe anywhere around me.
  2. They can only approve as many in a year as the government has told them to approve. Millions want to come here. Therefore, they have to wait to have their applications processed. Local professions like medicine are like guilds, and do indeed demand lots of proof that you can practice here. I read a story not long ago about a Canadian girl who got a scholarship to study nursing in the US. Meanwhile, her sister studied in Canada. Their mother, also a nurse, said the course in the US was harder and more complete. But the US trained sister is finding it extremely difficult to get approved
  3. Math, as anyone knows, is, of course, racist. And so it needs to be shifted, sifted and changed by the woke so that black kids no longer fail in greater numbers. Because the only reason they fail in greater numbers must be that math is racist. How is it racist, you might ask? I'm glad you asked me that! 1. a focus on getting the “right” answer is “perfectionism” or “either/or thinking;” 2. the idea that teachers are teachers and students are learners is wrong; 3. to think of it as a problem that the expectations you have of students are not met is racist; 4. to teach math i
  4. I know it might shock you to learn that things change from time to time, being so well-read and up to date on how the government does things as you seem to think you are, but guess what, you're wrong. Oh it might take years for the application to be processed as you wait in line, but the actual immigration officer who finally looks at the file spends 3 minutes.
  5. I'm never against intelligent discussion. But it's funny as another sign that no matter how desperately woke you try to be, no matter how hard you try to virtue signal, you can always anger the mob. But as to that discussion. If you can think of how to hold an intelligent discussion on why or how we should replace 'women' with 'womxn', I encourage you to have at it. I can't think of a way, myself and the whole idea is pointless and appeals only to the woke.
  6. Talk about sheer incompetence. An inquiry into the Manchester bombing has heard it took fire service and paramedics two hours to arrive because police thought there was an active shooter at first and then never told senior fire service people when they realized there wasn't. So firemen and paramedics waited a mile away - for two hours. Nobody at the fire service ever checked back and there was no communication among them. A fire officer has told an inquiry he "felt ashamed to be a firefighter" after being held back from responding to the Manchester Arena bombing. T
  7. It's just the fluuuuuuu! Waaaahhh! Waaaaaah! I don't wanna wear a mask, daddy! I don't wanna!"
  8. What the hell has this got to do with China?
  9. Gee, who would have thought that a system whereby immigration officers have approximately three minutes to review each application, rubber stamp it as accepted, or write a long report if they want to reject it would lead to people with phony degrees and work experiences immigrating to Canada?
  10. The headline is misleading. All they are saying is that they don't have enough information yet because it wasn't tested on enough seniors. However, it is being given to millions of seniors in the UK now and it is proving to be quite effective and safe.
  11. So this is a report from the congressional budget office saying the new US program for frigate is going to cost more than the navy says it will. The navy thinks they'll got $8.7 billion for ten new frigates. But the CBO thinks it will be more like $12.3 billion - or US$1.2 billion per ship. Meanwhile, Canada's frigates are expected to cost approximately US$4.35 billion apiece. Assuming they ever get built, which is seeming more doubtful by the day.
  12. This is the hilarious story about the hilariously woke people at Twitch, a popular social media/messaging company. Last week, the super woke at Twitch decided that from now on they would change 'women' to 'womxn' in all correspondence and messaging because a tiny group of man-hating lesbians don't like to use a word which has the word 'men' as a part of it. This is eye-rollingly stupid enough on its own to laugh in their faces. But they've had to hurriedly backtrack and issue a grovelling apology. Not because women were offended. Not because sane people were offended, but because trans ac
  13. How and why to contain the Chinese and their ambitions to take over the world is the subject of an interesting article in Unherd. This time, there has to be a better response to Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, which is building ports, highways and rail lines around the world. The current global response amounts to little more than quoting Proverbs 22:7 — “the borrower is slave to the lender” — to countries desperately in need of investment. The World Bank has degenerated into a provider of very high tax-free salaries to employees who hold up even modest projects with impossible e
  14. And yes, the riots continue, though not covered by the mainstream media. The cowardly local mayors and prosecutors are still refusing to do much about it in fear they'll be thought of as unsympathetic to their causes. Rioters vandalized several buildings in downtown Portland, Ore., on Saturday night in one of the largest protests in weeks, according to reports. Around 150 people marched through Portland’s Pearl District in what’s called a "direct action" event, smashing windows of businesses like Starbucks, Chipotle, Umpqua Bank and Urban Pantry and tagging them with graffiti, KION-T
  15. The loveliness of North Korea, where generations are kept as slaves working the mines run by Trump's best buddy, lil Kim. Kim Hye-sook was told by guards that her grandfather went South during the war and that is why she was sent to work in the coal mine with her family as a teenager. Her fate was determined by her "songbun" - or class, a judgement made on how loyal a family has been to the regime and how many are members of the Worker's Party of Korea. Connections to South Korea automatically puts a person in
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