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  1. I'm not against providing educations for foreign students so long as it does not detract from the educational experience of Canadian kids. That has to be the priority. Why not set up separate institutions for foreigners? Gaps in the job market can be addressed by Capitalism. A shortage of workers makes employers increase salaries and training, which draws more workers. Unless we constantly interfere by using immigration to keep salaries artificially low. They could be encouraged to do so by lowering tuition for subjects we want them to take and increasing it for the ones we don
  2. I presume you're speaking of universities here. Might I suggest that were it not for the ballooning ranks of high paid non-teaching positions they could lose the foreign students and still lower tuitions?
  3. For doctors and engineers, perhaps. For gender studies and ethnic studies;nope.
  4. First. That wasnt a diatribe. In fact your response would be much more aptly defined as one. It's nice your kids learned something from the foreigners in school. They're supposed to be learning from the teachers, however. Second, your mind is clearly the furthest thing from "open". It seems rigidly locked tight and ready to fume and fulminate at the slightest indication someone might have a different world view.
  5. I'm not too worried about species becoming extinct. That's been happening since the world began to form life. It's been estimated that 99.9% of all species which ever existed on Earth are extinct. I really only care about ours. And no one has been able to show the only proposed solution which might, possibly slow global warming (maybe!) sometime in the future is even remotely doable given the state of International politics and cooperation.
  6. No, and no. Its bad for the country on several levels. Just to start we have large numbers of immigrant kids in schools we need to assimilate. Their numbers are so high it's getting harder to do that since they are exposed to Canadians less and naturally will hang out with people from their country and language group. Add in huge numbers of foreign kids and that just becomes worse. Then theres the education of Canadian kids. That already suffers in a classroom filled with immigrant kids whose language and literacy skills are low compared to real English speakers. Teachers have to slow thi
  7. Hell, you can add Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and even China to that list. They've all handled things well. Discounting China's numbers, which are clearly dishonest, Canada has had more deaths than all the rest combined.
  8. Just because an institution is privately owned does not mean it can't have an agenda which is strongly tilted to the Left on a wide variety of social issues and causes, even if that tilt does not include the abolishment of Capitalism. Everything is privately owned in this society, after all. As to CNN, while I used to laugh off FOX watchers claiming CNN was ridiculously biased and far left the last year has changed my mind. On social justice issues, particularly those involving the causes of anti-racism, homophobia, trans-rights and feminism they most definitely DO have an agenda which is
  9. Nearly half of Republicans refuse to get vaccinated because Donald Trump told them covid is a socialist plot.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Shady


      Trump calls it a great and safe vaccine.


    3. Argus


      Shady has the same grip on reality as 911 truthers and Qanon types.

    4. Shady


      Argus needs professional help with his obsession over Trump.  

  10. Nothing was done to address what problem? Global warming? The lack of nuclear power? The absurd regulatory environment? This IS largely an ideological problem in that the Right mostly doesn't believe we can do anything to seriously impede the world warming and the Left seems willing to destroy the economy in a forlorn attempt to at least have a minute impact on it. The developed world has made measurable progress, spending hundreds of billions to do so. But on a world scale, CO2 emissions continue to rise due to the enthusiasm of the developing world for dirty (cheap) energy sourc
  11. This one does NOT have a remote possibility of success. If we want to move towards eliminating fossil fuels in our energy system we need to go nuclear. However, that will be a slow, painful process as environmental groups and natives will fight every plant every step of the way. And the regulations the Trudeau government has put in place mean years and years and YEARS of reports, hearings, protests and lawsuits before any can be built. But realistically, there's nothing we can do while the developing world is on a crash building program for hundreds and hundreds of coal fired power p
  12. It's an impossible plan. If it calls for 50 new gigantic dams there aren't enough rivers to dam and the opposition from natives and environmental groups would keep every project tied up for decades. Same goes for the dozens of nuclear plants we'd need, presuming we had a trillion dollars to build them.
  13. I'm not questioning the real, observable changes, just the Liberals' plan to deal with them.
  14. Crazy guy jumps out of the passenger seat with a pair of butcher knives and goes after police.
  15. These grim, woke-ravaged, fun-devoid awards were a howlingly dull train-wreck that killed the Hollywood dream stone dead

    Piers Morgan reviews the Oscars. LOL 

    PIERS MORGAN: RIP The Oscars - the woke-ravaged, dull train-wreck that killed the Hollywood dream | Daily Mail Online

    1. Shady


      Apparently ratings were down 50%.  No surprise.

    2. OftenWrong


      Those Hollywood's entitled super-elites had some howling to do, did they? Then off to the cocaine beach-party out in Malibu...

    3. Shady


      I was wrong.  The Oscars lost almost 60% of their audience from last year.

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