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  1. Suncor Energy Inc. says over the next six years it expects to deploy more than 150 electric autonomous haul trucks at its company operated-mines — a move expected to decrease its equipment operator positions as early as 2019.

    And so it begins...

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    2. The_Squid


      Many millions.  And rides will be cheaper and safer and trucking will be cheaper and safer.  

      The 50s called....    they want their manual labour to make widgets back!

      You cant stop progress.  But you can ensure that those who benefit from the progress are taxed accordingly to mitigate the effects for those who lost their jobs.  But that’s too socialist for conservatives.  Tax them?  Hell no.  But you’ll bitch about how good things used to be. 

    3. bcsapper


      You're not gonna tax them either.  Get your kids used to Kraft Dinner now! 

      But at least your ride will be cheaper.  As far as safe goes, that's up to you anyway.

    4. Argus


      The idea from the cerain people of no imagination that this is just progress like we've often seen - like the replacement of horses and buggies with cars, just shows how ignorant they are. The millions displaced by AI are not going to get jobs building robots. In the long term, the robots will build themselves. And despite a Marxist enthusiasm for taxing 'the rich' you can't support half the population on the earnings of a few successful people. 

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