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  1. Boris Johnson in intensive care.

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    2. Shady


      Two things.  First, for most people, it actually is just like the regular flu.  Second, community transmission was known weeks before De Blasio’s appearance that was chalk full of misinformation.  It’s why Canada and the United States had already closed down travel.  And why all of sports would postpone their seasons literally 3 days after his appearance.  Stop excusing irresponsible behaviour.

    3. BubberMiley


      First off, there wasn't evidence of community transmission until they cancelled the NHL season. Apparently you still don't know what that means.

      Secondly, I never condone irresponsible behavior. I criticized the mayor of that city you keep speaking of for his words way back when, and I criticize you for your irresponsible behaviour that occurred well after there was evidence of community transmission. Stop trying to deflect from your own failings by pointing at other, more responsible people. It just makes you look pathetic.

    4. BubberMiley


      But just to make sure you know, stressing the fact that this virus' effects are mild in most cases only serves to weaken the social distancing effort. Such words can only cause more deaths and prolong this epidemic, causing more economic hardship. So STFU, dummy. Just because I'm telling you something that's true doesn't mean you automatically need to find an alternative truth just to argue with me.

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