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  1. Chinese never miss a chance to screw and rob people, even if it kills them. That's the culture of China.

    Fake N95 masks pouring out of China

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    2. Shady


      There are laws and standards that corporations have to adhere to.  Corporations, and all businesses.  They also have to respect intellectual property.  Nobody in China does.  No, it definitely IS a China thing.  We don't have the same issues with any other country.  Stop making excuses for their regime.  The one that covered up a deadly virus and then sent it out to the world.

    3. Argus


      Plus it's China flooding the world with fake N95 masks. Not the US, not Taiwan, not Vietnam or India or Thailand or Pakistan. China. It's always China.

    4. Shady


      Yes, and faulty tests as well.

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