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  1. Chinese never miss a chance to screw and rob people, even if it kills them. That's the culture of China.

    Fake N95 masks pouring out of China

    1. dialamah


      You think capitalists/corporations are any different?  The only thing that keeps capitalists/corporations from doing the same in our country (or the US, UK, England etc) is government regulations, and even that isn't entirely successful.  This isn't a China thing, it's an "amass wealth at all costs" thing.

    2. Argus


      First, yes, I do think we're different. There is a different culture in China.This is a country where people care about themselves and their families and immediate circle of friends, and that's it. And if they can make money by screwing strangers, that's what they'll do. Yes, our companies are restrained by laws. You don't think there are laws in China? It's a brutal dictatorship! The reason they get away with so much counterfeiting is because the Chinese government doesn't really give a damn what they do as long as they ship it to foreigners.

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