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  1. Trump paid $200,000 in taxes to China from his secret Chinese bank account. Only paid $750 in US.

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    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      It's alleged Biden slipped his cut of China money out of the country through his son.

      As far as your link goes you guys continue to amaze me in the way you don't seem to think anybody will click them read the article or understand it if they do.

      I could post the whole thing but I won't bother. Anybody who's interested should click the link and see what's before and after the quote above.

      It doesn't show what Argus would like it to show. It shows a big, fat "so what?"

    3. Argus


      See, that's the thing about you cultists. No matter what information comes out that your sainted Trump is greasier than any of the people he accuses you just ignore it and cling to your fantasy of an honest guy 'emptying the swamp'.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      I'm telling you what Trump said. You're telling me the NY Times- through-an-alleged-hacker side of the story about Trump's taxes and I'm telling you what trump says his tax people tell him about his taxes.

      If the two sides don't line up, don't blame me. Neither side has a great reputation for telling the truth. 

      If there's a reason to believe the liars at the NY Times over the liar that can be Trump I haven't seen you present it yet.  Unless you're telling me you're the keeper of truth because your hate is more pure and you're a better name-caller. Good luck with that one.

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