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  1. Trump paid $200,000 in taxes to China from his secret Chinese bank account. Only paid $750 in US.

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    2. Shady


      Yes, apparently private information that you have no obligation making public is now considered “secret”

    3. Shady


      And following the tax law of both countries is a big deal.

    4. Argus


      You'd both be going insane if you found a Biden account in China, especially if it received millions of dollars while he was in the white house.

      The accounts are not shown in any public financial disclosures as they are held under corporate names, but were found through cross-referencing the tax records obtained by the Times.

      The Times reported the company saw a large jump in revenue in 2017 — about $17.5 million, which was more than the previous five years’ of reported revenue combined. That same year, Trump withdrew $15.1 million from the company’s capital account. 


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