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  1. I suppose. But when you're trying to batter down a pair of doors into the senate chamber and have already busted the glass and can see several men standing right there with guns pointed at your face I would have kind of taken that as a warning myself.
  2. They should have. They were ordered not to. Same answer. Dunno. I had no problem with them shooting that guy. Anymore than them shooting this girl. See, that's the difference between us. I don't change my positioned based on the politics of the violent lawbreakers. I'm fine with shooting them all.
  3. Yeah it is what happened. I saw it. I don't care what he did afterward or what some alt-right nut job says he did afterward.
  4. If your job is protecting politicians and your room is about to be broken into by a mob of vermin you're perfectly right to open fire. If they'd shot everyone in that hall it still would have been perfectly appropriate. And if that mob in the hall was BLM or ANTIFA you'd agree completely.
  5. More on the spineless kowtowing to China the Trudeau government is obsessed with. Threatening a respected foreign policy and defense organization with cutting its funding if it dares to recognize Taiwan's prime minister's accomplishments. I wonder what Chinese shoe leather tastes like. Maybe someone can ask Trudeau or his foreign minister during question period. It is nothing if not rich in irony, this latest dramatic plot twist in the ongoing “world stage” soap opera chronicling the embarrassing ups and downs of the Trudeau government’s unrequited affections for Chinese strongman Xi Jinp
  6. So France is warning its people to get out of Pakistan. Why? Because the nutty Muslims there are rioting - have been rioting for SIX MONTHS - because after another crazy Muslim beheaded a French schoolteacher for showing the cartoons of Muhamed to the class in the context of censorship France's prime minister dared to say that people have a right to see and show such cartoons in France. And they're still rioting six months later. It is worth noting Pakistan is one of Canada's primary source countries for immigrants, and that none of the prospective immigrants are questioned about the
  7. What's wrong with despising both men as dishonest, immoral cowards and bullies?
  8. A legendary self-promoter despised by his own caucus? A legend for fleeing to the Bahamas when his constituents were freezing in the dark? A legendary suckup who spent four years kissing the ass of a man who publicly attacked his wife and father?
  9. The story really does resemble something from Franz Kafka. Or maybe some of the people tried during the cultural revolution for counter-revolutionary beliefs. And this is one of America's top universities which is training their future elites.
  10. I'm not going through a long list of military efforts over the decades to please some dumb communist who'll just ignore everything I say anyway.
  11. I see. So it doesn't matter to you if the US or its allies are attacked or not. If they bomb someone they're the bad guys? if ISIS is slaughtering people in Iraq the US is bad for bombing them? If the Libyan dictator or the Serbians are slaughtering people it's bad if the US bombs them? If Iraq invades Kuwait, an ally, it's bad if the US bombs Iraqis?
  12. Don't you dare even mildly question academic bosses about their belief in micro-aggression or you'll quickly find yourself expelled and banned from campus. Kieran Bhattacharya is a student at the University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine. On October 25, 2018, he attended a panel discussion on the subject of microaggressions. Dissatisfied with the definition of a microaggression offered by the presenter—Beverly Cowell Adams, an assistant dean—Bhattacharya raised his hand. Within a few weeks, as a result of the fallout from Bhattacharya's question about microagressions, the admin
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