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  1. I'm not sure what you're asking for here. Higher learning and policy analyses? As in studies and documentation of illiberal acts institutions have committed?
  2. Look what happens when a guy holds a small sign which says "The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" in the UK. https://twitter.com/sullydish/status/1282000405241757696
  3. There's going to be trouble. I've been saying that for a while. I saw a thing which said the US Army, given decades of experience with recruitment and the draft, long ago decided that about 10% of the population couldn't be trained to do anything useful for them because they just weren't smart enough. I'm not sure what those people do today, probably things like janitor, security guard, parking lot attendant, maybe? But I have no idea what they'll do in the future when automation really kicks in and all the people smarter than them are suddenly without their truck driver, bus driver, taxi driver, construction worker, retail worker, etc. job. How many of these people are capable of being retrained for a job environment which requires not just education but a higher level of intelligence than they presently have. People forget that if 100 is the 'average' IQ then half the population falls below that. So what are they going to do with their lives?
  4. I understand why it's done, at least on the part of people who already own homes. But the impact on the cost of new homes remains the same. It's quite heavy, and that makes it harder for people to move out of rentals, which backs everything up and makes all the rentals more expensive. Add in masses of newcomers; immigrants, asylum seekers, temporary foreign workers, foreign students, and it's not a big surprise that in certain cities we have ridiculously high housing costs.
  5. That is not going to happen. McKay is all-but a shoe-in, just based on how he's acting. I.e., he's really not trying hard at all. I get multiple emails a day from her, Sloan and O'Toole, but very little from McKay, and he turned down a recent effort at having a debate with the others. I doubt Lewis and Sloan will garner more than 10% between them.
  6. As far as I can tell that definitely IS the message. Seattle is apparently going to cut it's police budget by 50%. I've heard it from a lot of people of late - black intellectuals. Again, this is something you can hear from well-respected black intellectuals, some of whom I've posted on the other thread. The most economically successful groups in North America are Asians, Jews and Mormons, and all of them have low single parent numbers and place a very high priority on the education of their children. Blacks have the highest single parent rate, and it doesn't just correlate with low economic success but with high criminality. Thomas Sowell is 90. He speaks about the deterioration of Black schools from when he went to school in Harlem in the 30s and 40s, and when his kids went to school in the 70s and 80s. Coleman Hughes and John McWhorten talk about the lack of discipline in schools, the fighting, the inability to expel troublemakers because of Obama's guidance to schools to either lower the numbers of those suspended and expelled or lose federal funding. As Larry Elder says, if you're black and studious you get accused of acting 'white' and disrespected for it. That's not so in the Asian community, where academic excellence is admired. What's admired in the black communities is the attitude of macho toughness exemplified by gangsta rap. Now I don't know what to do about it, but simply assuming that any two groups which have disparate outcomes has to involve racism has little evidence behind it.
  7. Yes, demand fuels costs. But we could build enough to satisfy demand were it not for a myriad of local and provincial regulations which add, according to the CD Howe Institute, an average $229k per house. https://financialpost.com/real-estate/regulations-cost-single-family-home-buyers-an-extra-229000-on-average-study
  8. We're not there yet. That's where the UK is. But the mob is trying to drive us in that direction. Mobs did not show up at Dixie Chick concerts wielding home made guillotines. The ferocity directed at any opposition towards full trans/female equality is unequaled in recent history. That a rape crisis centre would be denied government funding for refusing to admit transwomen, and have dead rats hung on its door and screaming men (who say they're women) assailing those inside shows the depths of insanity behind much of this movement. Public institutions have proved too cowardly to stand up to the mob, and instead genuflect in hopes of avoiding its ire. No one is willing to respond, even with a full array of indisputable facts on their side. It seems facts don't matter when they other side screams about how they don't feel safe in the face of them.
  9. A job is worth what an employer has to pay to get someone able to do it. No more, no less. Which is more important to have? A toilet or a car? Should the toilet cost as much as the car, then? That's because of low skills on their part, and a highly expensive housing market driven largely by government regulations, taxes and fees. Well then we're there. You don't 'need' a cell phone or internet or computer games or alcohol or cable or big screen TVs or designer clothes. In fact, when I worked as a clerk some of the others had trouble getting by even on a $35k salary. But there was a married guy with a wife and two kids who got by fine. They just did without all the electronics, and the wife was very good at buying and making food from scatch.
  10. Well, the last poll I saw, from yesterday, I think, suggested the Liberals would get 188 seats if an election were held today, to the Tories 99.
  11. Minimum wage jobs already pay more than the job is worth. People need to increase their skill levels and make themselves more valuable as employees if they want more. I remember quite well what it was like living on barely over minimum wage. I also remember making lots of effort to find better, and doing a series of crummy jobs just to make my resume look better. Not true. The homeless are almost entirely made up of addicts. He didn't say they were lazy. But it's a natural human condition that if you're paid to do nothing you'll do nothing. I certainly would have taken the money and sat on my ass back in the day instead of carrying a heavy pack out the door at midnight to go work a twelve hour shift as a security guard. Ridiculous hyperbole. What the Left never has understood is that there are no perfect solutions to the issue of economic disparities. There is no nirvana where everyone has as much as they need. Not when the term 'need' is so easily expanded. The best way to give everyone the best chance for a better life is to ensure you have a robust economy which needs to hire lots of workers. High taxes gets in the way of that.
  12. it's punishable by the law. https://thefederalist.com/2019/04/29/authorities-arrest-canadian-father-refers-trans-child-real-sex/ In the UK any disagreement on whether trans women are women can bring a cop to your door. In Canada it's also punishable by having mobs of screaming people surrounding any venue you try to talk at, doxxing you, and calling and threatening your employer if you're not fired.
  13. That simply is not the case unless your job is working for yourself (as mine is). People are now being fired for things they tweeted thirty years ago. People are being fired for things relatives do. People have been fired for tweeting lines from sitcoms. But people have been fired for giving that information. I cited instances where university researcher was fired for posting statistics from an academic study which refuted the idea blacks were disproportionately targeted by police. Even the original researchers who came up with the information are now desperately trying to distance themselves from it in fear of their careers. I was paying attention to truth. First, the whole wild mass of protests, demos, riots, arsons, lootings and murders was inspired by the belief promulgated by the media that police are gunning down blacks left and right due to racism. That is a lie. And the facts are fairly easily established. Second, the entire narrative of systemic racism has almost no foundation in fact. The Left has taken the position that if there are unequal outcomes that in itself proves racism. Thus if blacks earn less than whites that's because of systemic racism. The truth is that no two groups have the same culture, values and outcomes. Black economic outcomes are the result of the high number of single parent families and little respect for education, not racism. I have actually been complaining about policing procedures for years. I prefer a combination of the more relaxed British attitude, and the high level of training the Japanese police get.
  14. WE producing election style ads for Justin Trudeau https://twitter.com/PierrePoilievre/status/1281713439640096775?s=20
  15. You can't be expressing opinions like that about people, period. Why should it be okay to say some 'unprotected' group is subhuman but not okay to refer to some 'protected' group? I realize, btw, that you're right in the current environment. A black person can use the most extreme language about whites (such as the head of BLM has done) and no one cares, but the reverse will get someone cancelled and fired. In any event, no one is suggesting trans people are 'subhuman'. They're disagreeing with the lack of science and the lack of common sense behind the positions espoused by the activists. And while I don't suggest people should be able to refer to Blacks as subhuman without pushback it ought to be fine to quote black crime records in response to statistics given by the BLM types about how often blacks are shot by police. It also ought to be perfectly acceptable to say the narrative that we tried to commit 'genocide' on natives is so much bullshit.
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