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  1. Yes, this is harmful and it's causing deaths. Which is why I don't like these people. They're either ignorant (most) or just lying.
  2. Canada has four times more Covid19 deaths than Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong (roughly 450 million people) combined.

    1. Boges


      Well those countries prefer to kill their economies by taking the virus seriously. Also, the vast majority of Canada's deaths happened in the early months of the virus. 

      That being said, deaths have ticked up. Much like with all Northern Democracies. 

    2. Argus


      AFAIK the economies of none of these countries has suffered as much as Canada's BECAUSE they took the disease seriously from the start.

    3. Shady


      That’s a complete lie.  A huge lie. None of those countries has suffered as much?  New Zealand is in their worst recession in years.


  3. Here's the problem with the theory of a one party state. The reason blacks and Hispanics tend to vote Democrat is not because there's any natural affiliation there. In fact, blacks and Hispanics are generally more conservative and religious than whites. But the Republican party has made them generally unwelcome in their ranks. Especially the last twenty or thirty years. They seem to focus almost entirely on tax cuts (mostly for the rich and corporations) abortion and guns. And with people like Trump, who openly sneer at and insult minorities, the Republicans are very unlikely to make strong in
  4. If Donald Trump were the son of an ordinary Joe he'd be working as a used car salesman on the outskirts of Schenectady selling flood cars at a dealer which keeps changing its name to keep one step ahead of lawsuits and regulators and going home to his trailer to eat Kraft Dinner in front of his stolen TV.
  5. You mean like the lawsuit a woman has against Trump, saying he raped her when she was thirteen years old? Or the porn actress who talked about Trump wanting to be spanked with a magazine with his face on it, and his weirdly shaped penis?
  6. Trump paid $200,000 in taxes to China from his secret Chinese bank account. Only paid $750 in US.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      It's alleged Biden slipped his cut of China money out of the country through his son.

      As far as your link goes you guys continue to amaze me in the way you don't seem to think anybody will click them read the article or understand it if they do.

      I could post the whole thing but I won't bother. Anybody who's interested should click the link and see what's before and after the quote above.

      It doesn't show what Argus would like it to show. It shows a big, fat "so what?"

    3. Argus


      See, that's the thing about you cultists. No matter what information comes out that your sainted Trump is greasier than any of the people he accuses you just ignore it and cling to your fantasy of an honest guy 'emptying the swamp'.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      I'm telling you what Trump said. You're telling me the NY Times- through-an-alleged-hacker side of the story about Trump's taxes and I'm telling you what trump says his tax people tell him about his taxes.

      If the two sides don't line up, don't blame me. Neither side has a great reputation for telling the truth. 

      If there's a reason to believe the liars at the NY Times over the liar that can be Trump I haven't seen you present it yet.  Unless you're telling me you're the keeper of truth because your hate is more pure and you're a better name-caller. Good luck with that one.

  7. Police struggle to pull a man out of his car. He pulls a gun and shoots them both, one dies. This post replaces an earlier one where the video was deleted on youtube.
  8. Man is tazed then gets up and stabs cop. This replaces a video a couple of places up which was deleted on youtube.
  9. Man fights with police, pulls gun, and is shot. Angry hood rats squeal and bitch and say he was shot for no reason.
  10. WSJ Newsroom Found No Joe Biden Role in Hunter Deals After Reviewing Bobulinski's Records.


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    2. Argus


      Ex-Hunter Biden associate's records don't show proof of Biden business relationship amid unanswered questions. Fox News has reviewed emails from Bobulinski related to the venture — and they don't show that the elder Biden had business dealings with SinoHawk Holdings, or took any payments from them or the Chinese.


      However, according to separate emails obtained by Fox News, Bobulinski states there are no other members besides Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Rob Walker, James Gillar and Anthony Bobulinski, regarding the shareholding structure, and records for all stages of company negotiations show no role for Joe Biden.


    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      C'mon, they could have a signed receipt with a sperm sample and they still wouldn't say it's evidence.  This is just so corrupt, it's the epitome of everything orwellian that we've mused about over the last few decades.  

    4. OftenWrong


      So Argus, I wonder who is "the Big Guy"? Who is being referred to as "My Chairman"?

  11. A lot of people would be opposed. Which is why the Liberals will wait until after an election. I didn't mean to suggest the NDP would vote against tax increases, for of course they wouldn't. I meant Trudeau and his Liberals have been doing their best to suggest huge deficits have no downside, and that he wouldn't increase taxes or cut programs. He wants to wait until he's safely in a new, full term with a majority before raising taxes. This is not going to be a minor increase and it's going to piss off a lot of people.
  12. I didn't watch. Did Trump fall on him? That would crush almost anyone.
  13. I think you can count on that, but not until Trudeau succeeds in finding justification for an election and he wins a majority.
  14. More discussion on male athletes who self identify as female playing against, and hurting, regular women. Relying on data published by Sweden’s pre-eminent Karolinska Institute of medical academic research, they concluded that even when following IOC hormone-reduction guidelines, genetically male athletes are, on average, 40 per cent heavier, 15 per cent faster, 30 per cent more powerful and 25-50 per cent stronger than female athletes. These spreads are enormous, considering the minuscule measures of time, distance or weight that distinguish gold from silver, silver from bronze. (Ironica
  15. Yes, I know, every country has gone into deficit to combat covid. But no country has been as profligate as Canada in spewing borrowed money across the land with firehoses, with virtually no assessment of the value of that money. And when the opposition tries to investigate the government threatens an election. The International Monetary Fund released its semi-annual Fiscal Monitor report last week. No surprise: it projects bigger deficits for all countries for 2020. What is surprising is that Canada will have the distinction of running the largest deficit among all countries — advanc
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