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  1. I know the Trump nuts won't believe anyone, not Bill Barr, not Mitch Romney, not the FBI or the Republican secretaries of state and governors who say there was no fraud. Nor will they believe Trump was in any way responsible for the riots. But not everyone seems to be buying that line or keeping quiet about their disagreement any more. “The mob was fed lies,” McConnell told the chamber, which two weeks earlier had been evacuated as rioters invaded the building. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.” Shocker! Mitch McConnell himself! The dreaded, Democrat hat
  2. Glen Loury is a guy I watch on the internet, often in discussions with John McWhorter as he is here, and the other day he decided to explain why he was okay with Donald Trump as president, and how he was wrong about that. It's the kind of thing that Michael Sandel talks about in his brilliant new book, The Tyranny of Merit. The basic argument is that, around the world, we see populist uprisings, and right-wing governments coming into power, and unsettled politics in democratic countries from the right because a dispossessed class of people who've been rendered economically inviable by glo
  3. Trudeau left himself open to such accusations when he expressed his admiration for China's basic dictatorship' and how efficiently it worked. And while I don't think he's a communist I think that, like his father, he has a much more favourable view of Communism than any conservative is likely to hold. Witness his eulogy for Fidel Castro which completely ignored human rights abuses, among other things. I think these favorable feelings for China are not uncommon on the Left, shared by the likes of Jean Chretien, John Manley and John McCallum.
  4. China's brutality and totalitarianism gets worse as Xi's power over everyone's life grows. This is what is in store for all of us if China succeeds in exerting more and more influence over western countries. Already they have a law which says anyone who says anything bad about China anywhere in the world, citizen or not, can be extradited to China and prosecuted. I don't think even Stalin or Hitler ever had the balls to put such a law in place. I guess I better never go to China! Its Social Credit System monitors all WeChat and Weibo exchanges through algorithms that identify those disc
  5. ANTIFA goons attacking book stores and people trying to enter them to buy book about them they don't like. Book jumps to #1 on Amazon bestseller list.


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      Bad people are bad people, regardless of political stripe.  Antifa use violence to shut up people whose views they disagree with, but they haven't stormed the Capitol Building to try and overturn the legitimate results of a federal election recently.  It's little wonder Trump and his supporters are getting more press at the moment.  One can still be disgusted by both sides though.  It's no trick at all.

    4. Argus


      As Sam Harris said "There's a difference between a group looting Banana Republic and a group trying to turn the country into a banana republic.

      This meme that attacking the seat of government, going after the politicians there, trying to stop a legal, legitimate, constitutional change of government is somehow the same level of importance as looting Best Buy is moronic, at best. I've spent months posting comments and video about BLM and Antifa scum attacking people, as well as the gutless Democratic governments which won't crack down on them. Yet I can easily see the higher level of outrage and importance in what happened on January 6th even while wishing a truckload of those Trump goons would pull up outside the bookstore above and beat the crap out of the leftist goons there.

  6. I was more surprised at how senior Republican politicians degraded themselves attaching their lips to Trump's ass and didn't pay any price. I mean, Trump bitch-slapped Cruz, told him his wife was ugly and his father was a Nazi, and Cruz spent the next four years crawling for Trump. Yet he got re-elected. Apparently being spineless is considered a positive character trait for Republicans. Just ask Lyndsey Graham. All the names he called Trump, putting him down as the lowest, most miserable racist scumbag in the country before the election, only to pucker up and kiss his ass for four straight ye
  7. What have the statistics got to do with anything? I haven't questioned the accuracy of the statistics. I've simply explained them to you. You know, this is like the conversations I have with the Left when they talk about how Chretien balanced the budget but Harper brought us back into deficit. They ignore the big recession Harper faced because it's not part of their narrative to make use of context. Same as you. You have a lot more in common with them than you want to acknowledge.
  8. I confronted a lot of them at the time online and every time I asked for actual information and evidence of what she'd done to make you all hate her so they dried up. No specifics. No evidence. The Republicans had about a thousand hours of hearings trying to pin something on her and failed. Given the state of your leadership you really shouldn't talk. Americans were given the choice of a crude, cowardly bully with a room temperature IQ or a cliche'd old line politician well-past his best-before date.
  9. Her past performance as what? Secretary of State's do what Presidents tell them. And she was no worse a senator than loons like Cruz. Canada isn't a vassal state. The US doesn't get to order executions of anyone who says anything against them here the way Putin would there.
  10. I love how the Trump loyalists are calling the Democrats both Marxists and Fascists! LOL. All while making it clear they'd welcome a Trump dictatorship.

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      I feel safer.  At least, now that they gave Trump the local Domino's Pizza number and told him it was the updated nuclear codes I do.

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      ^^What a stupid fucking comment!  Trump is the farthest thing from a warhawk that the US has seen in a hundred years.  

    4. bcsapper


      ^^What a stupid fucking comment!  Trump is the most insane, selfish, narcissistic nutjob to come within a thousand miles of the presidency, ever.


  11. I suspect that if you guys had the choice of becoming a subservient colony ruled by Russia, with Russian governors installed in all 50 states and the constitution torn up - and Hillary Clinton as President, most of you would joyfully choose Putin. Your hatred for her is irrational and nonsensical. There isn't a thing she's ever done that Trump hasn't done worse, usually FAR worse.
  12. You are living in a dream world. Trumpers are most assuredly NOT waking up. Trumpers will support him no matter what he does. If Trump showed up on live TV to rape a six year old, sacrifice her to Satan, cut her heart out and eat it, the Trumpers would applaud like the enthusiastic seals they are. Trump retains an 87% approval rate among Republicans, even AFTER what happened at the Capitol. And his approval rate among his most ardent Trump supporters is ten points higher than that. I think people have to come to terms with the fact that if Trump had actually gotten the military to su
  13. Those Democrats are so shrewd and capable! Why, Trump knew they'd be cheating six months ago, and yet he and the entire Untied States government he ran couldn't stop it or even find any credible evidence afterward! Nor could the Republican states it took place in! Boy, those Democrats clearly deserve to be in charge.
  14. You're presenting the graph as if it shows a marvelous improvement under Trump which did not happen. No doubt. But wage growth is driven by an expanding economy, and last year's expansion was driven by the big tax cuts - using borrowed money. Of course he promised a tax cut. A lifelong Democrat, Trump simply replayed the usual Republican talking points on cutting taxes, cutting regulations, gays, abortion, God, and guns. But the tax cuts which came were entirely designed by the Republicans in congress as a repayment to impatient donors who wanted the profits they felt they dese
  15. OECD: $5,175 per person; 8.8% of GDP; 73% public/27% private. Canada: $6,448 per person; 10.7% of GDP; 70% public/30% private. France: $6,436 per person; 11.2% of GDP; 83% public/17% private. https://www.cihi.ca/en/how-does-canadas-health-spending-compare I'm not sure spending is the main cause. It might be that our system is simply very inefficient - in part because we have ten (13 if you include the territories) separate health care systems instead of 1 like most countries. We have had a shortage of doctors for decades because of deliberate government policies which limit
  16. It's really astonishing these people believe Trump would have any kind of loyalty to those who follow him. He's never shown any. He tossed all the rioters/protesters under the bus when they became bad news. He tossed Mike Pence under the boss after four years of unswerving loyalty and devotion. Now he won't even pay Giullian's legal fees. Trump uses people, and the moment he doesn't need them or they disagree with him that's it. They're done.
  17. I've already explained how nonsensical your other points were in previous posts but I thought I'd deal with this little bit of graphic dishonesty. You say wages grew steadily under Bush but clearly they fell for the first four years of his term. Did you think no one would notice? And then they returned to pretty much what they were when he took power. How exciting. They fell during Obama's first term. Gee, do you think that might have something to do with the great recession, which started under Bush due to his complete lack of oversight of the banking industry? Anyway, then it recovered,
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