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  1. Don't forget that 15% of the people who get this thing need hospital treatment, and another 5% wind up in critical care with a hose stuffed down their throat.
  2. Yeah, I hear this a lot. But here's the problem. Police do wellness checks every day, thousands of them. You just never hear about them except for the very few which go wrong. And they generally go wrong because the person being checked on has a weapon and attacks them. So what do your social workers do in such a case? Talk them down? I've heard that one. In the UK a couple of weeks ago paramedics doing a wellness check were attacked by a frenzied man and stabbed repeatedly. He wasn't much into talking. Both of them were sent to hospital, one in critical condition. They only survived because - well, there was a cop there, too. He was in the back, by policy staying out of sight so as to not alarm the person having emotional issues. He was able to run in and save their lives, though. Just. So we'll send police too? Okay. Makes sense. But then if you're cutting police budgets and still making them do wellness checks then... police are going to have significantly longer response times when people call for help. We already have very few police here compared to other countries. The French, Italians and Spanish, for example, have well over twice as many police per 100k as we do. The British and Germans have far more, too. So how few police are you willing to get by with? Already police numbers are so low they basically don't investigate minor crimes at all, including burglaries, shoplifting, vandalism, purse snatchings, frauds, etc.
  3. That will never happen as that would be admitting he was wrong. No, she will be persuaded to resign to 'spend more time with my family', and quietly promised someone from some international body will call to offer her a well-paid job there.
  4. Not nearly as much as you live your live by ranting about Canada.\ US manufacturing jobs were lost due to the tariffs. You are trying to conflate overall job gains over the last four years through massive tax cuts with the impact of aluminum and steel tarifs. Which is incredibly dishonest, but about what I'd expect of a Trump supporter.
  5. I do despise Trump. And anyone with a shred of honesty and integrity would deny him credit for things he had little or nothing to do with. No, it's actually not, if it comes through massive amounts of borrowed money.
  6. He borrowed trillions BEFORE covid. That huge and unneeded corporate tax cut was all paid for through borrowed money.
  7. Was the cop ever convicted of breaking into people's homes and sticking guns into womens bellies demanding money? No? Didn't think so. Almost all big city police have a 'history of violence'. It's what we pay them for, after all. And thus far those no evidence Chauvin was racist or that Floyd's race, as opposed to his criminality and the drugs in him, had any impact on his death.
  8. Yeah, Europe is being so careful. Ooooh, France is up to 1,000 cases a day! The US is at what, 50,000 cases a day? You don't get the difference between those figures?
  9. Why are you obsessed with Canada? Massive tax cuts will spur industrial growth. I never denied that. But when you have to borrow every penny of the money given away in those tax cuts you're simply creating a huge weight on future growth. And my point was that his earlier steel and aluminum tariffs were stupid and cost manufacturing jobs.
  10. No. I haven't moved anything. Trump hasn't accomplished anything of note. That was my position from the start. That he borrowed trillions of dollars through unaffordable tax cuts and spurred economic growth is not an accomplishment given the growth was temporary but the debt is permanent.
  11. So what is the problem? I mean, from my perspective, as a Canadian, the problem is that police aren't trained well enough, sometimes lack discipline, and are paid so much money we don't have funds to have enough of them. As I've pointed out before, our rate of police per population is a lot lower than most of our allies. So suppose you tell me what the problem is with Black people.
  12. Maybe Obama didn't imagine gaining jobs by massive government spending the way Trump did. Much of those job gains (now lost) came about because of massive, massive borrowing. So yeah, when you flood the country with trillions in borrowed money that can buy some jobs. But then you become Greece.
  13. Not for manufacturing. It cost manufacturing jobs because their input costs rose. And now he's slapping a tariff on Canadian aluminum for 'national security' while increasing Russian imports!
  14. Freaking out? You're the one who raised the subject. I simply replied to it. And mostly I'm bemused by extremely stupid people being allowed to do extremely stupid things which don't even help them! This will cost the US jobs, and in the end won't help his re-election bid either because Canada will focus it's retaliation on Ohio and other battleground states. You think the workers and management in that Whirlpool plant were happy about his stupid announcement? You think they weren't frowning and looking at each other off camera, realizing this was going to increase their costs and ultimately cost jobs? I believe the US Manufacturing Association last time around said that the job losses outnumbered jobs gained by his tariffs by 10-1. This will be similar.
  15. So all those countries you talked about are opening up, having gotten this virus under control. The US is still in complete disarray, which is also why they have to keep massively testing, because it's spreading like wildfire across the country. Also, there's a reason she includes Italy and Spain in that group as they were the first to be hard-hit, and didn't know how to treat it. Likewise the death rate was high when it first hit New York. But it should have ended there. When New York got control, things should have slowed down. Instead the south and west refused to take any precautions and it spread like wildfire there. And yes, the death rate is lower now since the world health community has a better handle on how to treat it, but that doesn't stop the fact it's spreading out of control in America where the rest of the Western world has it under control.
  16. Who said anything about Canada? Your own chamber of commerce says this will cost American jobs. There is no industry in the US which supports these tariffs. Including the aluminum industry. Because it's bad for America. Evidently that's not something that's important to you just so long as Trump pisses off Canada. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/06/trump-canada-aluminum-tariffs-392386 Another Putin worshiper, I see.
  17. Hardly. We're not fighting rising rates of covid because our bufoonish leader rants that masks aren't necessary and covid is 'fake news'.
  18. Oh I see. You're counting a negative impact as a good thing, are you?
  19. Are you as ignorant of the basic realities of economics as he is? He announced, in effect, higher aluminum prices at the factory which will have to pay those higher prices. For every job in aluminum the US will likely lose 5 in manufacturing. There was a time when Republicans hated Russia. Now they want nothing more than for Russia to take over their country.
  20. Trump imposes 10% tariff in order to please Russia. It's interesting, isn't it, that he uses 'national security' to put tariffs on Canadian aluminum, but Russian imports will continue unimpeded, and likely grow, since America can't make enough to satisfy its manufacturing. Speaking of which, US manufacturing will now be laboring under higher prices for aluminum, thus making their products less competitive with foreign produced products. So that will cost thousands of jobs, and then when Canada slaps tariffs on things like US appliances - like from that factory where the sniveling old buffoon made his tariff announcement, that will cost more. The only people who will benefit - Russia. Two U.S. companies, Century Aluminum Co. and Magnitude 7 Metals, have lobbied Mr. Trump to reimpose tariffs, arguing that aluminum imports from Canada have surged since they were lifted. But Canadian metals producers, as well as most of the U.S. industry, say there is no surge and that overall imports from Canada are comparable to their levels before the tariffs. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canada-to-retaliate-with-36-billion-in-measures-against-us/
  21. Spare me. She's a moron who rants against the CDC and face masks. And nobody is talking about the states response but that of the Trump administration.
  22. I'll grant you that a corrupt buffoon getting elected president is political history but I can't see as how that's accomplished anything good for America. All of which will be reversed. And Trump gets credit despite not having a clue who either man was, but simply recommending whomever he was told to recommend and leaving it to McConnell to get them confirmed? And now it's reached record levels of unemployment. Which has benefited whom exactly? He has indeed made many wealthy Americans wealthier (including his family), and many rich corporations richer. Watch for massive tax increase to reverse all that within a year. Trump has accomplished nothing whatsoever with China. All he's done is taxed the imports - which are greater than they used to be - so that Americans have to pay more. NATO has done nothing to accommodate Trump. ISIS is still out there, though severely damaged by Russia and Iran, not the US. North Korea is still happily building its nuclear arsenal. No accomplishments there at all. The only consequences of this presidency will be a diminished respect for the presidency, a more divided population, a poorer, more indebted country, more dead people, less respect for America abroad, weakened alliances and emboldened enemies. There is not one important success you can point to that Trump is in any way responsible for. Quite aside from his methods or motivation, he has been a complete failure, and caused lasting damage to his country. Not the least of which will be pushing many Americans to the Left, which will in all likelihood result in huge budgetary cuts to the US military, and a massive increase in immigration.
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