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  1. Spammers are busy tonight...

  2. People usually don't even know when they've experienced discrimination, because it's rarely done to their face. When you don't get a job or aren't picked from a pool what was the reason? You don't know. Maybe the hiring manager was east Indian and wanted another East-Indian. Maybe they were Chinese and gave preference to another Chinese person. Who knows? Harassment? People don't harass me. I doubt they harass Michele Obama either. Harassment and abuse is uncommon at our age. But almost everyone has been insulted and attacked many times during their lives. And often that's simply over some component of how they look; too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, bad skin, big nose, big ears, bad hair, bald. People pick on something about a person's looks when they want to insult them. And if they're an asshole and looking to bully or harass someone they'll find it. And it's often based on what they perceive is the willingness and ability of someone being targeted to fight back. Who is more likely to be harassed walking down the street, a skinny white guy with buck teeth and thick glasses, or a muscular, six foot four, black man?
  3. It's not at all entertaining watching hysterical, knowledge-free liberals screeching about racism because of a case which shows no evidence of racism. It's actually quite sad. Who has said that? Name them. You're fighting your own straw man. I hope you emerge victorious and feel satisfied at that victory. Do you work for a living? I'd like to see you pick a divisive topic and go and strike a pose in the middle of what everyone's doing every time you show up. How long do you think before people got tired of you? That quarterback insisted on doing his protest during the national anthem, which infuriated a lot of patriotic fans. People were tearing up their seasons tickets and burning their jerseys. Their own fans were booing the team and throwing things at them. Attendance dropped, as did viewership. During a league discussion of bringing him back somewhere owners cited a study which suggested a 20% loss of seasons tickets for any team that hired him. Not to mention, and here's the kicker, he was protesting the killing of black criminals at a rate which is similar to the killing of white criminals. The media narrative that unarmed black men were being gunned down in large numbers is so much drool. Let's remember the whole thing was spawned by the Ferguson incident with Michael Brown, who a couple of black witnesses stated was standing still with his hands raised above his head when shot. That turned out to be bullshit, but by the time the multiple investigations reported that it was set in the black cultural fabric that he was shot while doing nothing. Instead he was shot while violently attacking a cop after robbing a store. Yes, the hatred and self loathing of white liberals continues to grow at the instigation of the radical Left. I wonder how long it will be before we're all expected to bow and beg forgiveness of every black person we see. I have little doubt you'd welcome that, but most of us are of a different mind. Today a scummy black criminal on parole for breaking into a house and pointing his gun at the belly of a pregnant woman, threatening to shoot her if she didn't give up her money, will be buried in a golden casket, his body still filled with fentanyl and meth. And sobbing blacks and white liberals will venerate him as a great man and beg forgiveness for him being killed.
  4. Here's what we know. He was arrested routinely. We see this in the first video. Then in the second video, after being put in the back of the car, he fought with police, likely because he was on meth and fentanyl, as per the coroner's report and was in a state of excited delirium. Police then dragged him out of the car and pinned him down until he stopped fighting. Everything so far is according to how things should be. Now where things go wrong is that they kept him pinned on his stomach (chest) longer than they should have as they waited for a truck to come get him. To suggest he intended to kill the man is ludicrous. Whatever racism or anger people might choose to ascribe to him he was in front of a crowd holding cameras. He clearly did not think he was doing anything which would get him into trouble. Which meant he did not think any harm would befall Floyd. Even 'monsters' have a sense of self-preservation, after all. He was not putting much weight on Floyd's neck. We know this because if he had been then Floyd would have passed out within a minute or two. The problem lay with the pressure on Floyd's chest. What we don't know is what training he and the others had in positional asphyxia, and especially the heightened dangers given excited delirium (and a bad heart). I suspect he had done this many times before without harm befalling the arrestee and thought this was routine. He was certainly acting like it was routine. I believe this, like similar cases against other arrestees both in Minneapolis and elsewhere, has far more to do with poor training than racism.
  5. He was a backup quarterback who had lost his ability to pass. And there is a difference between a public protest in uniform, at work, in front of your company's angry customers, and one done on your own time. And Stockwell Day wasn't protesting. He was asked a question on a show where you are supposed to give your opinions and responded honestly. And 90% of the people of this country would likely have agreed with what he said.
  6. A. He was a second rater when he was cancelled. B. He had no right to protest on his employer's time, in his employer's uniform, at his employer's workplace, especially in a way which would outrage the employer's customers.
  7. Yes, it actually is. It's a denunciation of the entire country, but of course, since progressive never think non-whites can be racist, it's a denunciation of White Canada. White Canada, which has, over the decades, permitted millions of non-whites to immigrate here, and welcomed them, then gets denounced by these same people as racists. Well how about if these visible minorities just pick up their shit and go back where they came from? I'm sure the people of India, Pakistan, Iran, China, Malaysia, Somalia, Jamaica and Nigeria are far more enlightened. What is systemic racism? Name it. Give me examples. Or shut up about it. Bullshit. I'm not going to take your complaints about some kind of magical, mystical nationwide systemic racism at face value. Show it. Prove it.
  8. So a bunch of stories of black men trying to stab or run over police being killed leads you to believe racism was involved?
  9. The United States is not racist. There was no racism involved in the death of George Floyd. Everyone simply sprang to that conclusion in a knee-jerk reaction because the cop was white and he was black. Cops have killed white people before like this and no one paid attention.
  10. Stockwell Day had the gall to deny Canada is a racist country. For that he has been shunned, fired, and dumped from his jobs with a law firm, with Telus, and as a contributor to CBC's power panels. You are not permitted to stand up for Canada any more. You are not permitted to publicly deny this is a shitty, racist country with 'systemic racism' everywhere. If you do, the Left will destroy you. "We have to recognize that our system is not perfect in Canada," Day said during the panel discussion. "Yes, there's a few idiot racists hanging around but Canada is not a racist country and most Canadians are not racist. And our system, that always needs to be improved, is not systemically racist." https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/stockwell-day-systemic-racism-canada-1.5597550
  11. Hmmmm. • In 2016, for every thousand white people arrested for a violent crime, three white people were killed by police. • In 2016, for every thousand black people arrested for a violent crime, two black people were killed by police. https://rosebyanyothernameblog.wordpress.com/2020/06/02/watching-violence-in-black-and-white/
  12. A lot of police need better training in positional asphyxia. Hobbles around the ankles would make a violently resisting person much easier to control, so you could roll them on their side. They can't stay on their chest, especially if they're full of drugs like Floyd was.
  13. I think the CBC plans to interview every black person in Canada to talk about their outrage at living in a terrible, sick, racist society.

    1. OftenWrong


      Let's face it, it's being used as an attack on Donald Trump. Even the CBC loves doing that.

      Because somehow they think Trump is responsible for this guy's death.

      And while Trump is is a moron, he's not responsible for that and probably has done more for black American than Obama.

    2. DogOnPorch


      I found it rather disturbing for the PM to say that my culture was irredeemably racist & privileged. Who knew it was ALL my fault?

      Anyways...sorry guys. I won't create viruses, start riots, loot stores or kneel on anymore black men's necks...anymore. I promise! 

    3. betsy


      Looks like a contest between CBC and CTV.   When interviews get on - I automatically switch elsewhere.

  14. Well, if you're talking about Canada virtually all visible minority members are first generation (68.8%) immigrants or their children(27.7%). If they're poor it's not because of systemic racism. It's because we let poor people come here without the necessary skillset, including language ability, to succeed economically. If you're talking about the US, poverty among Hispanics, who are often illegal immigrants, is generally comparable or worse than that of blacks, but their crime rate, and in particular their rate of violence is far lower. And how do you not have more policing if they comprise a much greater number of criminals than their numbers would suggest? Ottawa Police Most Wanted List NYPD Most Wanted
  15. I don't like the term 'systemic' unless someone can actually point to the system, point to the cause. Have a look at this writeup on a black inner city school, and tell me what the kids who grow up and become adults are going to be like. What do you think of their odds of economic success, and how they'll deal with police?
  16. The problem with Black America, in a nutshell, is you have too many teenage girls having and raising babies alone These girls have little discipline or education, and raise kids with little discipline or education. The inner city black schools are a joke. They cost a lot, but there's no discipline and kids run wild. Then they get out, the two thirds that graduate, and, surprise, there's no jobs, and they blame that on racism not their poor education and shitty attitude. African immigrants and refugees perform better than American born blacks in just about every category.
  17. When statistics are corrected for the rate of crime among blacks the shootings are about identical. White men are shot far more than black women. And Black women are shot only a little bit more than white women. It's black men who are being shot - primarily because they're involved in violence, and resist arrest. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/08/police-officer-shootings-gun-violence-racial-bias-crime-data/595528/
  18. So what do you do? Tell Blacks who say they are being attacked by racist police and murdered because of their skin that you agree and we'll do... what? Order the police to stop policing black communities? The narrative that inflames the black community is about police targeting blacks. Of course, given the greatly disproportionate nature of blacks involved in crime that's inevitable. How many innocent, crime-free Black people have been killed by police as compared to Whites? Not very bloody many. An EMT in the states was killed a couple of weeks ago by incompetent idiots who went to the wrong house - and they weren't even shooting at her, and a guy in his own apartment when a cop walked in and thought it was hers. That's all I can think of at the moment.
  19. Oh, well guess what? It seems George Floyd's death was not just from being held down. He was also high on fentanyl and meth at the time. Which would also explain why they were fighting with him in the back of the car and had to drag him out again to wait for a paddy wagon. He didn't strangle or suffocate after all. Floyd died due to "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restrain, and neck compression," according to the report. It also specified "other significant conditions," including fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use as well as existing heart disease. In charging documents released last week, prosecutors said that preliminary results from an autopsy "revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation." https://www.npr.org/2020/06/01/867219130/george-floyd-independent-autopsy-homicide-by-asphyxia
  20. It seems that starting in 2010 the media started finding racism EVERYWHERE.
  21. Rex Murphy injecting just a bit of sanity into the pompous virtue signalling of our Canada-hating Liberals. Rex Murphy: Canada is not a racist country, despite what the Liberals say To any fair mind, Canada is a mature, welcoming, open-minded and generous country. It would be helpful if these Liberals kept the full story of this country in mind when discussing racism https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-canada-is-not-a-racist-country-despite-what-the-liberals-say
  22. I'm not sure if I voted in this thing, but if I was to vote now I'd vote 'no'. We are not doing enough testing, and our contact tracing is absurdly bad. Randall Denley detailed one of the major issues last week when he pointed out that the testing and contact tracing is done by Ontario's 34 semi-independent health districts who are not appointed by nor responsible to the Ontario government. They essentially test as they wish, and do contact tracing with as much alacrity as they think proper, and don't always pass information up the ladder, either. Many of them are taking days to start contact tracing when someone tests positive, and that's not nearly good enough. But Ontario has it in its power to abolish these local health districts if it wants to, or simply change the rules whereby all of them have to obey the ministry of health. They haven't done so. Local medical officers of health report to local health boards, but in practice they are largely independent. That’s innocuous enough in normal times when public health officials concerns themselves largely with advising people about the dangers of sugar or reminding us to drink lots of water when it’s hot. In a pandemic, Ontario’s balkanized public health regime is clearly out of its depth. Both the provincial auditor general and a recent provincial expert panel on public health have noted that many of these little health units lack the size to perform effectively. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/randall-denley-who-really-controls-ontario-covid-19-testing-and-reopening-rates-unfortunately-not-doug-ford "It's taking days and days for people to even be contacted about contact tracing," said Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases physician at Toronto General Hospital, referring to his experience with patients who have tested positive and discussions with colleagues about their patients. "We can clearly make short-term Band-Aid solutions that are going to be effective in contacting patients with their positive test results in real time." Under the current system, Ontario health officials say they want health units to contact 90 per cent of new cases within 24 hours of receiving a positive test to initiate the contact tracing process. Many medical experts say this goal isn’t good enough, as contact tracing must be done much faster to alert people exposed to COVID-19 so they isolate themselves and avoid spreading the disease to others. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-ontarios-contact-tracing-efforts-are-falling-short-experts-say/
  23. They see him every single day speaking calmly and giving out billions of dollars to every group in sight. The media is very liberal-friendly, and hardly ever is a discouraging word heard from them, especially the CBC. Meanwhile, where are the conservatives? Scheer is widely unpopular and on his way out, and can hardly ever get any screen time. Nor does he have much of interest to say when he does. There is no house of commons. Asking questions over a video conference system is supremely unexciting for the media, and it lacks the sense of office and gravitas that standing in the House does. And too many Canadians only know we're doing better than the Americans. That seems enough, whether it's on health care or pandemics, crime or poverty or leadership.
  24. Having watched some of the coverage last night on American TV I can say that for the first time ever, I found FOX news far more unbiased and honest than CNN. CNN was disgraceful and seemed like they were actually trying to incite more violence.
  25. How Canada bungled its response to Covid-19. And continues to bungle it. In Macleans of all places. It's not often you see such criticism of the Liberals in Macleans. But it's well-deserved. As is the criticism of Ontario and Quebec. They have both screwed up royally, and have continued to do so. They were unprepared and haven't learned from their lack of preparedness. Nor have they learned much from other countries who have gotten the disease under control. Nor is there any indication things are getting better. Our progress on “bending the curve” is halting and unimpressive compared to Europe and Asia. Our testing is so broken down that it lags behind Rwanda’s and Ethiopia’s. Our epidemiological data is so inadequate that even if we wanted to conduct the endgame well, often we cannot. Places like Toronto and Quebec are reopening too soon, risking to sicken—and kill—people needlessly, while the Maritimes and Prairies are reopening too slowly, strangling the economy. Simply put, Canada is bungling its most significant peacetime crisis in a century. That is why I am writing this sequel not just as a health scientist, but also as a constitutional lawyer—because the seeds of our failure are everywhere. Instead of the successful nosedive in France, Germany, Spain, or Switzerland—a feat their governments achieved despite a faster climb and higher peak—Canada’s curve resembles an undulating plateau or bunny ski hill. By May 25, Canada was in the same place as April 4—fully seven wasted weeks, littered with thousands of dead. https://www.macleans.ca/society/health/how-canada-has-bungled-the-covid-19-endgame/
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