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  1. I don't watch hockey. But I do know that if he wasn't popular with those watching the show he wouldn't have been on there.
  2. Another example of the speed of justice in the UK vs Canada. A man who threw firecrackers at a remembrance day ceremony has already been before a judge and been sentenced. This is inconceivable in Canada. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-50374253

  3. I'm entirely in favour of eliminating all corporate welfare. That was one of the policies of the PPC which caused me to vote for them.
  4. Because no business should employ old people?
  5. What industry doesn't get some kind of subsidy in Canada? Renewables get massive subsidies. And when those subsidies are removed, renewables become unaffordable.
  6. Countries that are screwed up are screwed up because of their ignorance, corruption and ultimately, their values. That the far left constantly looks for some white guy to blame for all the developing world's problems is due to the inherent bigotry of the Left in emotionally equating non-whites to ignorant, helpless, innocent children incapable of taking care of themselves or making their own decisions.
  7. Most of what the left calls 'subsidies' is derived by deciding how much pollution or health issues are caused by using fossil fuels in power plants and in cars and trucks, and then saying that since the government is not taxing that amount back from oil producers that amounts to a subsidy.
  8. Do you know what percentage of the world's energy (excluding hydro and nuclear) comes from renewables? Less than 1% By comparison, coal is 28% 2% of cars are electric.
  9. Then stop whining. All our problems are solved! We can stop caring about global warming now!
  10. The government isn't proppping them up, it's standing in their way with ever increasing regulations and taxes.
  11. What planet do you live on anyway? You think countries around the world from Germany to India to China are building coal plants because renewable energy is cheaper? You think Ontario didn't practically bankrupt itself expanding renewable energy because it's cheaper? Your fantasies about how renewable energy is cheap and how the oil industry is so heavily subsidized have no basis in reality.
  12. The irony, of course, is that all this shit does is create or expand resentment of immigrants. Yeah, sure, some people are saying "F Rogers!" But I guarantee you some are also going "F immigrants!" This is something the woke brigades will never understand.
  13. He wasn't fired because he offended hockey fans. He was fired because the network honchos were terrified that THEY would be attacked for being less than woke if they didn't fire him. And for the most party you can't work in the mainstream media in Canada, even behind the scenes, if you're accused of being anything other than desperately progressive. Callout culture now, as implemented by the authoritarian Left, does not tolerate the slightest utterance of politically incorrect thoughts. Anyone they catch doing so gets mobbed, and if they're immune to it then the mob goes after their employer. Most of the people who are bothered by what he said never watch hockey and never will anyway. Nor do they wear poppies. Nor are they immigrants. They're entitled, relatively well-off white liberals wallowing in their own smug sense of moral superiority.
  14. The bill didn't come from McConnell.
  15. And Donald Trump is miserable, resentful, and bitter, and is the most hated man in America. He will probably finish his life broke from all the lawsuits and investigations into his behaviour, both business and political, if not in prison.
  16. Every policy you advocate is derived from Marxism. It's all about punishing and silencing your enemies, and taking money away from the upper classes you hate and giving it to others, as well as taking power away from the 'white establishment' to give to various identity groups. Your knee-jerk anti-Western, anti-capitalist sentiments are entirely derived from Marxism. You might not be smart enough to read Marx but you advocate Marxism nonetheless. Maybe they deny it because of your habit of using it as a blanket pejorative towards anyone who disagrees with your hard left authoritarian stances on identity issues. You have no evidence of that whatever. It's the same amount, population wise, as you say Turkey can't possibly integrate. In fact, Canada, half the population of Turkey, will bring in more than three million immigrants and refugees over the next ten years. These are mostly people who don't speak the language, have a different alphabet, and have entirely different customs, values and religions. If you think Turkey, which shares most of those with Iraq and Syria can't integrate these people than Canada certainly can't integrate the ones we're taking. Drivel with no substance.
  17. Perhaps I could explain to you my understanding of how this administration works. Trump 'works' perhaps an hour and a half to two hours a day'. This consists of public appearances, things like greeting visiting sports teams or giving medals to soldiers or a meeting foreign dignitary. That is basically all Trump does, other than yelling at his staff whenever they say or do something that irritates him. I'm reminded of what Lyndsey Graham said once. He was being interviewed as a possible vice presidential running mate to Trump and was told he would be in charge of foreign and domestic policy. When he asked wth Trump would be doing he was told "He'll be in charge of making America great again". Mike Pence is basically running the shop. If there's a report to be read, Pence reads it because Trump doesn't like to read anything that isn't about him. The intelligence people brief Pence, not Trump, because Trump isn't interested. If there's an important meeting, Pence runs it because Trump couldn't be bothered. If there are administrative decisions to be made, Pence makes them. The only time Trump interjects is when he sees something on TV and decides to tweet out a sudden policy change (which takes everyone in the White House by surprise). Trump watches TV and plays on his phone and golfs and slurps coke. That's about it for him. And just as detractors had warned, all this did was result in more stock-buybacks and dividend payments to owners. It did not result in an upsurge of economic activity, any more than the tax cut did. Trump understands business no more than he understands government, economics, intelligence, diplomacy or the military. Policies, regulations and government behaviour are all directed and overseen by Mike Pence. Oh? How? It did not 'take off'. The economy has been on a steady, upward trajectory since 2009.
  18. So Arab Muslims can integrate fine into Canada but not into Arab Muslim countries, is that it? Most Syrians are unemployed and on welfare. The few that are working are almost all doing minimum wage jobs. Oh? Why not? Turkey's population is well over twice Canada's and Canada's government plans to take in more than 1.5 million immigrants and refugees over the next five years. Given how much harder it will be for Arab Muslims to integrate to a modern, western Christian country it should be a breeze for them to integrate into Turkey. You haven't explained how I'm a white supremacist, you shrill, brainless Marxist idiot. You just throw that word out at anyone who disagrees with your moronic religious devotion to ever greater immigration.
  19. Turkey plants millions of trees in hopes of someday having toilet paper.

    1. Shady


      It’d be nice if they planted some freedom and democracy too.

    2. Argus


      Hard to grow native trees in foreign soil.

  20. Trump never made any real issue of the wall until the Democrats took the House. Suddenly he's Mr. Tough Guy demanding money for his wall. He wasn't opposing MccConnell, he was opposing Pelosi. DACA was the same thing, trying to pressure Pelosi.
  21. No, YOU miss the point. Which is that Bloomberg is a self-made multi-billionaire while Trump's wealth comes from daddy, he's had several major bankruptcies, and his credit is so bad he can't borrow money from American banks any more. No one even knows what Trump is worth since no one knows how much of the buildings he purportedly owns are actually owned by eastern European oligarchs Trump owes massive amounts of money to. Have you ever seen me express an opinion supportive of our government's position on the miliitary or foreign policy? Nope. So I am entirely consist in opposing western leaders who kowtow to foreign dictators. But that's neither here nor there as my point was about Trump and Bloomberg's relative economic savvy and success, not Russia.
  22. No, but it's extremely costly to provide for them here. We could have provided for ten times as many if we'd simply given that money to the UN. Why not? The Syrian war is winding down. The fighting has almost stopped in Iraq. And if they can't be integrated into nearby Muslim countries with largely the same values and cultures and technology levels, and which mostly speak Arabic just how do you imagine they'll be integrated into ours?
  23. In Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Wolff claims that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that President Donald Trump will “sign anything we put in front of him.” https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/01/05/book-claim-mitch-mcconnell-says-trump-will-sign-anything-we-put-in-front-of-him/
  24. And the headline on your cite is NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Office Disavows Sponsorship of Russian Investment Forum. I'm mystified about how you would imagine equating NYC sponsoring an investment forum, or not sponsoring it, given they do this with thousands of events every years, somehow equates to Donald Trump and his companies being unable to borrow money from American banks and having to go to Russian oligarchs for funding. Have you been hanging around on Trump cult websites where everyone's IQ is below 80?
  25. Old man complains about immigrants not wearing poppies. Progressives' heads explode as they run around in circles with arms in the air shrieking in horror. Big yawn.
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