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  1. The problem is the Vancouver Sun and the Province didn't identify them as paid content. And I'm wondering if other media are doing the same. There have been a number of opinion pieces in the Globe and Mail lately, for example, that I and others have found baffling. Tons of comments to the effect of "What is this doing in a national paper?" and similar. Opinion pieces carrying bylines of senior officials at the University of British Columbia have been featured prominently in the print and online platforms of the Vancouver Sun this fall. There have been four op-eds in the newspaper in Septe
  2. "Racism is not dead, but it is on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as 'racists.'" - Thomas Sowell

  3. The mob ensures that no one disagrees as 'critical race theory' spreads through academia, government and corporate life. Freedom of thought is outlawed, and any who dare to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy are hounded out of office. You'd expect it in the most liberal of areas, but as we've seen, even in the most conservative of areas, wherever liberals dominate there is the requirement to fall into line and parrot the required cant. On June 24th, the University of Calgary leadership team published its response to an open letter, dated June 9th, from hundreds of students, alumni, and fa
  4. The insanity of the Left is never more evident than what is happening in Seattle. American cities are entering a period of chaos. Protests and riots have dominated headlines, but beneath the surface, activists are launching an unprecedented campaign to overthrow the traditional justice system and replace it with a new model based on a radical conception of social justice. In Seattle, where this campaign may be most advanced, activists have crafted a narrative about police brutality, mass incarceration, and punitive justice that leads to a natural sequence of solutions: “abolish the p
  5. This is a nice writeup on today's woke society and how addicted to cant it is. Cant rules all. There is to be no free thinking. Your opinions must follow the proscribed form and not deviate in the slightest or the devoted and zealous dedicates of cant will do their best to destroy you. Cant is more destructive than hypocrisy because it is harder to expose and because a humbug deceives himself as well as others, while a mere hypocrite retains some awareness; he is a rogue rather than a villain. Cant is the vehement public expression of concern for others, or of anger at an opinion casting
  6. The guy Biden appointed is a former deputy secretary of state with a long career and expertise in foreign relations even before he became Biden's foreign policy adviser years ago. The guy Trump appointed to negotiate trade deals, solve the pandemic and negotiate with foreign leaders had no experience with anything relevant. His only apparent qualification was banging Trump's daughter when Trump didn't have a need for her.
  7. Sending her home would be surrendering. And the Huawei mess is just one aspect of the problematic relationship we have with China and the US. China sees itself as an ascending world power. It has no respect for anyone else, and is throwing elbows everywhere. It wants what it wants, and anyone who doesn't give it to them is to be punished. Same goes for anyone who says anything they don't like. Canada experienced this sort of thing before Huawei, with China coming up with pretexts to punish us for this and that, including banning canola imports every now and then. Australia is feeling that now.
  8. I am often not a fan of Black, but there's no doubting he's a font of historical knowledge, having written a number of books on historical figures. His take on MacDonald is, I think, the kind which puts perspective on the hysteria we get from natives and the leftist activists who like to compare him to Hitler and other monsters. The heroes of the month among Canada’s elected officials must be the councillors of Prince Edward County, Ont., who voted last week to retain the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald on the main street of Picton. There was the now customary agitation to remove the stat
  9. This paints in broad brushes, but it's not untrue. Critical race theory has exploded in popularity among the 'woke' or 'politically correct' and is being forced on workers in the government and corporate world, as well as being taught uncritically in universities and even high schools. It divides everyone into races and ethnicities and basically tries to suggest all white people are guilty of oppressing all non-white people. Even if you didn't do anything personally you still benefit from 'white supremacy' and some kind of 'white privilege'. All this stuff is being taut uncritically, and has o
  10. The PA Supreme Court rescinds the order from a PA lower court to halt certification of PA’s election results. I think some conservatives were excited by the earlier news of the lower court’s ruling, but this is over now. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit brought about by Congressman Mike Kelly, and other allies of Donald Trump, attempting to invalidate the state’s mail-in ballots from the 2020 election. Justice David Wecht wrote: “It is not our role to lend legitimacy to such transparent and untimely efforts to subvert the will of Pennsylvania voters. Courts shou
  11. The state has already certified the election, and this will be immediately overturned by the Pennsylvania supreme court. The law allowing for mail-in votes was passed by the GOP controlled legislature more than a year ago and has been used in two elections since without anyone complaining. Like usual, Republican extremists only want to find things unfair when they lose. McCullough, a Republican, said the GOP was likely to succeed in establishing that the procedure by which Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled legislature instituted new mail-in voting methods as part of the 2019 Act 77 viola
  12. If you mean conservatives, some of them have. If you mean Conservatives, demonstrably untrue.
  13. Why are people not doing what I want them to do!?

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      I just assumed you wanted me to watch the football...

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      Well you know what the say about assume.

  14. What a clown show the Liberals are. OTTAWA -- A spokesman for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his office accidentally sent out an account of a phone call with Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole that hadn't happened yet. The premature account of the call Friday said Trudeau chided O'Toole about Conservative MPs' downplaying the deaths of Albertans and comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu. Alberta MP Rachael Harder shared a newspaper column on her Facebook page this week that pointed out provincial statistics saying that just 10 of 369 Albertans who had died of COVID-19 as
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