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  1. Is not real impressed with Toronto police -- again.

  2. Cybercoma says he's in the cooler for saying someone doesn't understand the foundation of tort law. Is that really a personal insult?

    1. scribblet


      Cybercoma's in the cooler for that !! Getting a bit too gung ho about this aren't they. We are all doomed - time to move on maybe...

    2. Smallc


      Cybercoma is probably the most levelheaded poster on this site...which used to have level headed moderation...and now does not.

    3. DogOnPorch


      For cybercoma...

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  3. I know that if I was so desperately worried about freedom I leaked information which would ruin my life I'd immediatley fly to China. Where there's so much of it. Uh huh. Yup. That's what I'd do.

    1. The_Squid


      Have you ever been to China? I hear it's a great place to visit. One day I'd like to make it to the "Great Wall".

    2. WWWTT


      Lucky guy!Hong Kong is beautiful,and with Macau only a 50 min. ferry ride away,this guy's living in paradise!

  4. Hello, Windows 8 here. We're shutting down your computer to complete an update. No, you don't get a say in it. No, you can't put it off until your downloads are completed and your work is done. We're turning off NOW.

    1. GostHacked


      'I can't let you do that Dave.'

      That's all I read from that.

    2. Pliny


      Open the pod bay doors, Hal.

  5. It's a spammy Sunday morning.

  6. Thinks monsieur Bernier should invest in some padded undies for his upcoming trip to the woodshed.

  7. Abiliene, Abilene, prettiest town you ever seen. Women there don't treat you mean, in Abilene.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin' I still see her dark eyes glowin' She was 21 when I left Galveston...

  8. Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.

      Shine on you crazy diamond.

  9. And since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

    1. Boges


      Tis no Snow, this is SLUSH!!! (assuming you're in the GTA like me)

    2. Argus


      You know what they say about 'assume'...

  10. Nutty American court sentences Amish to 15 years for cutting hair and beards.

    1. Signals.Cpl


      I don't see what the problem with this decision... there is a law and they broke it so they should be punished.

    2. Argus


      Only people whose concept of morality and just is deeply flawed would accept a cruel sentence so easily.

    3. Signals.Cpl


      If someone or a group of decided to give me an unwanted haircut I will see it as a big deal too... if my girlfriend dumped me and I decided to throw her on the ground hold her down and shave her head I should be punished, do that do 9 people and 15 years seems like a little to light of a sentence.

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  11. is pleased with the markets today. :-)

    1. The_Squid


      You can thank Obama and Harry Reid.

    2. sharkman


      A one day rally based on avoiding a fictional cliff for a month or two. If they turn it into a 6 month rally, then we have something.

    3. DogOnPorch


      If I don't open my credit card bill, does that mean I'm debt free? :)

  12. thinks Stephen Harper is like a GOD!

  13. Read much about the politics and economies of South and Central America and you start to feel awfully good about how this country is being run.

  14. Old people should get their shopping done before the rest of us get out of work!

  15. Today's lesson: When considering the wisdom of smashing something to pieces, bear in mind the need to clean the pieces of afterward...

  16. Just finished putting up the tree and decorating the house! Welcome to December!

  17. Snowflakes swirling outside the window: A harbinger of things to come...

  18. thinks it's time for both McGuinty boys to exit stage left...

  19. Just spent 2 hours turning his desk 180 degrees and moving it two feet and thinks someone needs to come up with wireless power.

    1. The_Squid


      They have these things called extension cords.......

    2. Sleipnir


      2 hours to turn a desk around?

    3. Argus


      VERY heavy executive desk with power cords going into and under the pedestals hooked to computer etc.

  20. Money makes me stronger. The more I have, the stronger I get!

    1. Sleipnir


      The more you have, the more you're likely to lose it :]

  21. No Shady. He was simply graded on a curve, and Romney was in his class.

  22. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    1. Mr.Canada


      A bit early, but Merry Christmas just the same.

    2. Argus


      The "holiday" season has begun! I heard it on the radio!

    3. Mr.Canada


      This is Canada and the majority of us are Christianity thereforethe only "holiday" that really should be acknowledged is Christmas.

  23. likes frozen yogurt

  24. Attention! The internet is now closed! Please make your way calmly to the exits and deposit your pornography in the boxes provided.

  25. 2 hour attack by hijacked airliners on American cities and the president did NOTHING. Absolutely disgraceful.

    1. Shady


      False. The airforce was given orders to shoot down any planes that lost contact, not to stand down.

    2. cybercoma


      No, Shady. He sat there and continued to read a story to little kids. That's what he did.

    3. punked


      I saw the video the President did nothing, he went back to reading a kids book. If he did something after the first plan maybe the other 4 would have been safe.

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