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  1. You mean when they cheated and made up excuses.
  2. Perhaps. I note that Trump did nothing about this until the election was coming up. And neither he, nor any of the Republican state governments (which control education) have done anything to reign in the progressive control of schools and social and political indoctrination which takes part there. The colleges and high schools in Texas and Florida are full of this junk too. It's not just coming from New England and California. US manufacturing was at an all time high when he took over. It's just that it's highly mechanized and automated now, which is why US manufacturing employ
  3. Which is why we need tariffs.
  4. When Australia did a study on immigration it wanted to know what the biggest predictors of integration and economic success in Australia were and it turned out to be language skills. In response Australia increased its requirement for high English language skills, and gave precedence to immigrants from English countries.
  5. I am not aware of any study any government minister has used to justify increased immigration going back to Mulroney's time when the Economic Council of Canada said that a huge increase in immigration might help the economy a little or might hurt it a little depending on the mix of immigrants. They also said the decision as to increasing immigration could not be made on economic grounds. Economic orthodoxy is based on two things. One. More people means a larger GDP. Two, a presumption that you need a larger population to increase aggregate demand for goods and services and improve econ
  6. We were hoping that the introduction of Capitalism would wean them off Communism. Which, to a large extent, it did. Unfortunately, it did not wean them off oppression and authoritarianism. And then Xi came along and whatever progress on freedoms had been made was quickly crushed. And then things got much worse. I long ago stopped believing that what is good for General Motors (or whatever) is good for the country. And anyone who still believed that should have had a wake-up call during the last recession, caused by the irresponsibility, greed, and lack of oversight of the American (and
  7. Everything is subservient to our survival and security. You don't care about that? I'm trying to figure out just what you're arguing here. All you appear to be doing is disapproving of what everyone says without offering up anything yourself.
  8. Both parties court the immigrant vote. Mulroney was the guy who tripled immigration because Barbara McDougal told him that immigrants vote for the party in power when they get citizenship. He also lowered the amount of time needed to gain citizenship. When Mulroney took over our immigrant stream was at about 84,000 per year. Hard to believe it's shot up to 400,.000 per year with NO study done by government to show that this is economically beneficial or what danger it poses to our society. Incidentally, Mulroney did ask for such a study, hoping it would allow support his desire for a big
  9. Are you trying to establish Ronald Reagan as the paragon of moral virtue and enlightened foreign policy? Because that doesn't work for me. But further to that, Chile was in no way a danger to the US, nor could it ever be. China is most certainly a danger to us. Did you read where I quoted a EU report that China had 300 agents in Brussels alone? How many do you think they have in Canada? Was Chile influencing US academia, media and government? No, nor was it capable of doing so. But China certainly is. It's influencing ours, too. It's creeping, covert and overt influence is impacting what we se
  10. What does this even mean when referencing a country which has a million people in concentration camps, which has been credibly accused of murdering political prisoners to harvest and sell their organs, which is implementing the world's most obscene, oppressive system of control of its population, taking a racial position that echoes fascism, and expanding its influence throughout the world, including here?
  11. This has never gotten that much play, but the Boy Scouts of America has turned out to be THE center of child abuse in the US, and likely in other countries, as well. Apparently pedophiles found it the perfect agency to join and get young boys alone out in the woods. Which, honestly, shouldn't be a big surprise. Almost 100,000 alleged victims of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have come forward to claim compensation from the group. A lawyer for the plaintiffs called it the biggest-ever US sexual abuse case. The claims were filed ahead of a deadline on Monday evenin
  12. Georgia's REPUBLICAN Secretary of State says other Republicans, like Lindsay Graham, are pressuring him to find a way to exclude legal Democratic ballots in the recount. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who he said questioned the validity of legally cast absentee ballots, in an effort to reverse President Trump’s narrow loss in the state. In a wide-ranging interview about the election, Raffensperger expressed exasperation over a
  13. Nancy Pelosi becomes president.
  14. He was and remains completely unfit to be POTUS for a score of reasons ranging from the mental disposition of a cranky toddler to a vast ignorance about almost every aspect of politics, economics, security, military, government, business and management.
  15. No, money was. But that was the thinking among politicians. A few very wealthy people are making money off the relationship, principally those who own lots of stock in companies doing business there. But even there most of the money is ephemeral. China wants to avoid importing large amounts of goods from other countries, so it pressures companies to build whatever it is they're selling there in China. So a lot of companies find they have to reinvest their profits from China IN China in order to retain their favour. It looks good on the books back home, but China could take it away any
  16. Again, you don't seem to understand that a lower yuan is good for China. It makes their exports cheaper to Americans and American exports more expensive there. They play a lot of games to lower their currency's value.
  17. No doubt, but I was simply answering a person, not seeking to summon the site's ugly Americans.
  18. You need to get it through your head that Donald Trump never gave a damn about China. He used it as a sales tool, much like his professed and newly discovered love of Jesus and similarly newly discovered dislike of abortion. China grew stronger under his term, not weaker, richer, not poorer. It expanded its influence around the world without challenge from the US. Its trade surplus with the US grew larger, not smaller. Nothing he did hindered China. Nor was it intended to. It was merely a PR exercise to convince the suckers in middle America that he was working on their behalf.
  19. There was, for some time, a consensus among western leaders that once China saw the benefits of capitalism and their people were able to move freely around the world and see what else was out there that China would quite naturally move away from Communism and towards a western style appreciation of human rights and freedom and would start respecting the international order. That simply has not happened. Certainly they've gotten rid of most aspects of Communism, but their authoritarianism has only gotten worse, and continues to get worse, year by year. And they're now adding a racial/natio
  20. So can I. What remains to be seen is how different an O'Toole government would be from a Trudeau government. Less colourful socks, certainly, less selfies, of course. But in the meat and potatoes of policy I'm not sure.
  21. Me too. And by a mainstream view nothing about the Conservatives' last election platform was conservative. Scheer's election promise was to get back to budget balance 'eventually'. He abandoned the notion of doing it in his first term, or any specifics about how it might be done. We weren't talking about Bernier but the Conservatives. However, there was a lot to like in Bernier's platform if you are a conservative. That included an end to corporate welfare, an end to supply management, stressing Canadian identity instead of multiculturalism, a crackdown on phony refugees and lo
  22. The huge improvement from Moderna will be that it can be distributed through normal channels and won't need special freezers. Plus it's even more effective than the Pfizer vaccine.
  23. While the West reels with the coronavirus it is unable to control due to the ignorance of their people and the incompetence of their leaders, China forges ahead to increase its economic dominance. It has just signed the world's biggest free trade agreement, giving its goods access to fifteen countries in Asia. Fifteen Asia-Pacific countries on Sunday signed the world's biggest free trade deal, seen as a huge coup for China in extending its influence. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) includes 10 Southeast Asian economies along with China, Japan, South Korea, New
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