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  1. I can't take this racist assholery any more. Consider this website added to my firewall rules so that I don't accidentally come here and say something embarassing.
  2. So you openly have a problem with protesting against racism. Do you also have a membership on stormfront?
  3. I find it very difficult to respect people who speak about "anti-white hatred" while living on a continent where the majority of people are white. I won't reply to them, I'll just keep reporting their racist piece of shit activities.
  4. My grandfather fought in the second world war, driving supply trucks through Africa, Italy, Holland, and Denmark, and I can tell you he would have not have cared one bit about any of that. He was one of the most humble people I have ever known. I find it highly offensive that you would piss on his grave in this manner.
  5. That is not what you said. You said that liberals are diluting the white gene pool, as if it matters which colour anyone's skin is. Not merely tolerance, but acceptance. I do not have any problem with people who have skin that is yellow, black, red, purple, or any other colour. I do not care if there are more of one colour than another. It simply doesn't matter, at all.
  6. The freedom to choose your religion is not the same as entrenching separation of church from state. The Ontario government is still funding Catholic schools. While this may not be a major threat to our freedom, it is an example of the church having influence over the state.
  7. Employment isn't just lagging behind, unemployment is increasing, and is projected to continue to increase. This doesn't make any sense at all. I think these are bullshit figures made up to make people feel comfortable while their lives burn.
  8. How are we going to achieve growth with growing unemployment? Where is the labour to produce this growth going to come from? I don't think the recession is over, I think rich people just feel comfortable with being paid to be rich again.
  9. There is no church making any policy, but we do not have separation of church and state entrenched in law.
  10. I am actually surprised that you are not denying the holocaust yourself.
  11. Because it really matters what colour of skin we all have. Because you're being forced to marry a gay man. Because the poor don't deserve shelter. You should be especially ashamed of saying this, if you claim to be a Christian. Without "free" education, you wouldn't have the computer that sits in front of you, on which you type this ridiculous, racist tripe. Um. Wow. Why haven't you been banned from this message board yet? I seem to recall something in the TOS about posting racist messages, and this is really blatantly racist. In fact, I'm not going to reply to the rest of your po
  12. Your kind aren't any better. Back in April, I watched thousands of anti-abortion protestors walk down Laurier Ave. in Ottawa, most of them bussed in from other cities. They were very organised. I don't think I've seen an anti-war protest so large in this city. The parade of backward-minded simpletons went on for over half an hour. I should also point out that most of them were men, making them incapable of ever conceiving a child, much less having to consider a need for an abortion.
  13. Yes they do. I even know someone that went to one. You can look it up, Frank Ryan Catholic School in Ottawa. It's on the Ottawa Catholic Board's website.
  14. Well, he does know everything. So what if most of it is wrong?
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