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  1. Where does the energy for the process come from? The Sun? Meh. You'd have to transfer the radiation into energy, then into batteries, and then back into electricity to run heaters.....that's a lot of wastage. Geothermal? Sure. BioOil also emits Co2. I like the hydrogen option....use nuclear at the top of the chain...build the pipelines (obstacles be damned) to transport the hydrogen to 'gas stations'. That's the way to go.
  2. Anyway... 1. Hats off to her. It's a nice choice. Why? She seems decent. That's all. 2. Will it make much of a difference in Quebec? Meh. Probably not. 3. Role of monarchy in Canadian society? Meh. Another time. It's not that important to me.
  3. LOL Funnay. It's a moot point. I don't believe they stand a chance.
  4. An arguement can be made in favour of personal freedom. However, this type of freedom has a direct hazard to the life and liberty of others, and as such, I can't support the use of cell phones in the car. To head off any pro-cell phone while driving arguements: I am opposed to the eating of hamburgers or any food that requires two hands to eat properly, or a knife, fork, or spoon. I am opposed to DVD displays in the front seat. I am opposed to most GPS systems. I am pro-audio cue GPS systems. I am opposed to children screaming in the backseat. When you pose a direct threat to people's
  5. How can you decry the Liberals while ignoring the provincial government. The core difference between provincial cons and federal libs: the federal media isn't completely co-opted by the government. There's certainly more corruption in Alberta, you just never hear about it. Government is responsible for government policy. Demanding that firm policies in place is hardly 'socialist'. I don't believe that a private system has a lower incidence of malpractice. If anything, it means that the poorest get more malpractice due to inferior care. Moreover, as shown in the United States, malpr
  6. Your sense of humour: making fun of minorities.
  7. Agreed. Let him try to defend it. I'm glad that Newbie and myself arn't the only ones who can see through it.
  8. Whether it's the portuguese and spanish off the grand banks or the Danes in the North, we gotta stand up for ourselves. It's symbolism. That doens't mean all out war.
  9. So what you're saying is that either you'll beat them to death or you'll demean them by calling them queer. Thanks for the clarification. Of course, the option of 'neither' would never occur to you. Your only intent is to demean them. Your previous statement prooves that. I say that you are. And your attitude towards them is very disrespectful, in fact almost criminal, as evidenced by your first quote.
  10. Alberta's record on spending, especially over the past 10 years, nothwithstanding the Getty years and the waste of the Lougheed era, is nothing to be proud of. You can't wiggle out of this one, references to the 'shoot them all and let God sort them out' aside, government is responsible for hiring public servants, after all, they're called public servants. How is demanding that people be screened rigorously socialism? It isn't. It's just common sense, red herrings aside. You can't keep the current system while brining in another tier. You have to starve one system to fund the other s
  11. You need not require my help to do that. *some* of them call themselves that. That does not make it right to disrepect the whole group by you yourself using that word.
  12. Yes, as the spending on the plastics industry, hundreds of abandoned tourism checkpoints, and unkept parks that went up during the 1970's testify. And what, we managed to put away just 10 billion for the heritage fund? Investments paying off my ass. We're blowing this boom just like we blew the last one. Would you blame the government if YOUR child was molested by a teacher who was had a criminal record for peadophilia? OF COURSE it's governments responsibility to enforce strict HR policies for PUBLIC employees. Illness should NOT bankrupt a family as it does down in the united state
  13. The thread was about 'rednecks' and 'anti-gay', and you and argus have demonstrated that you're both certainly anti-gay. Now we're onto tying respect for homosexuals into respect for society. I know it's difficult to keep up, but do try.
  14. Let's go through Yaro's replies to find examples of victimization: I'm sure you can find thousands of instances outside of rural Alberta prior to 1975. I don't see how a law that is 30 years old is 'incredibly outdated'. This case was the catalyst that changed divorce laws. In fact, it was one of the first instances of 'judicial activism' by the Supreme Court. Recall that this was before the Charter...in fact, the S.C. was becoming actvist as early as 1972. Morton and Knopff have written quite a few books on this subject, check them out. There's an evidence gap there. Most of t
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