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  1. That's straight up anti-semitism. If you're opposed to Israel's existence as a Jewish state, you're opposed to the very foundation of Israel. No doubt this view is held by many of Israel's opponents, who reject the reality of Jewish nationhood.
  2. Keepitsimple, at the risk of seeming like a suck-up, let me just say you're easily one of my favourite posters on this board. You stay true to your screen name - keep it simple!
  3. Oh snap. I'm impressed. Let's play again - name ANOTHER matriarchal society.
  4. I am not in agreement with many of the broad opinions I've seen Naomi Klein express, whether it be No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, or her appearances in documentaries like "The Corporation". She seems way too left-wing to me, anti-corporatist, anti-identity, blah blah blah. She doesn't strike me as an honest or scholarly observer.
  5. Hey there Pliny, There is no question that there is fine line between nationalism and elitism. It's important for those who identify themselves as belonging to particular nation that their celebration of particular traits/values/commonalities doesn't lead to a sense of arrogance and superiority - at the very least, not an UNFOUNDED sense of arrogance and superiority. It's not hard to see how an inward focus that a group may have on its values can lead towards a sense of superiority. For example, let's consider my sense of Canadian identity. I consider myself as Canadian as I am Jewish. T
  6. There may be some legitimacy to the argument that Palestinian territorial grievances manifested themselves, in part, towards the prevalence of hatred towards Israel, its allies, Jews, and many other groups within their society - which of course has lead to suicide bombings and other reprehensible acts. The disturbing messages that are prevalent in Palestinian (as well as Arab-Muslim) society include dehumanization of Jews, Christians, friends of Israel, the West, celebration of terrorism and martyrdom, advocacy of violence, misrepresentations of history (i.e. Holocaust denial), etc.... If Isra
  7. If anything, we don't revere our military or history enough. Why don't you share some examples of excessive military glorification in Canada?
  8. Even "supplant" is bordering on elite.... I would've used "replace" or "switch".... let me check thesaurus.com.... Who does this Michael Hardner guy think he is?
  9. "Didacticism"? "Hoariness"? Wow, dude... someone's been subscribing to the dictionary.com word-of-the-day email spam. Stop showing off.
  10. Can you not read and comprehend what Army Guy has said? Where did he call for these professors not to be entitled to say what they think? He's simply calling into question the legitimacy of these claims and the consequences of having such politically-oriented professors educating our students.
  11. This is really unsurprising. Anyone who's been attended a Canadian university recently (or is currently enrolled) will no doubt feel the leftism on campus. It's just the culture of universities. How can it be changed? I don't know. Is it a big problem? Yes, it is.
  12. If you're talking about the banks, they've repaid most (or all?) of that money. But ya, the "stimulus" bill is another thing, altogether. But Bush did it, too.... can he be described as a socialist of one flavour or another?
  13. No matter was adjective you want to put in front of it (i.e. "moderate), I think it's just inaccurate to describe Obama as a socialist. I wouldn't even give him the label "diet socialist".
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