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  1. C'mon, everybody knows why Christie has his nose so far up the Donald's arse. You think he's making himself look that stupid because he wants to be Trump's chauffeur?
  2. Let me point out one very simple thing to you: George, and George, are two very similar, almost identical names wouldn't you agree? Justin and Pierre are not at all. We all see through the jr crap as just what it is, a feeble attempt to demean Justin. So maybe seek a better strategy.
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    2. The_Squid


      Trump reaps what he sows... when you attempt to incite violence at your rallies against protestors, it's not a surprise when those protests get bigger and louder.

      Sheer stupidity.

      Great entertainment though!! Go Trump!!

    3. sharkman


      For the criminal record thing, the left will find out when Hilary gets busted.

    4. The_Squid
  3. Perhaps between the dolts who can't seem to appreciate the difference. I know someone who owns property in Badeck, and she would vote for Trump if she could. Think of the boost in property values if he gets in.
  4. What did you think faces on Canadian money was about in the first place, if not our culture?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to hear both of you boys are the type to have taty's of Mom with a heart thru it on your forearms.
  6. "Burn out folk singer"? Apparently you are a little slow when it comes to Canadian culture.
  7. And apparently your opinion is that someone who has artistic ability and success is not valuable enough to put on our money, but Kim Campbell is. My, my. Tell us what Campbell did, if you please, to warrant such notoriety.
  8. I'll pop some corn, open a beer and wait to see how you propose to back up that statement.
  9. Your arguments get weaker by the post. No thinking person could fail to distinguish Trump's bombast as not fomenting hatred. I'd give up were I you.
  10. That's right. Think what is has done, and would do, for property values in Cape Breton, etc.
  11. Too bad Joni didn't run for PM. She'd have won in a landslide, we could slap her on bill, and we could celebrate by drinking a case of Canada.
  12. I don't think one would have to set aside any bias to be able to detect the difference between Trump screaming at his hired thugs to "get 'em out of here" or "I'd like to punch 'em in the face" and agreeing to foot anyone's legal bills who may get arrested for following his orders/suggestions, and Trudeau suggesting we should look to new technologies as fossil fuels sink into the horizon. I suspect most would find that self evident.
  13. I'd still like to hear an answer, scripted or otherwise, as to why we can't have a look at the check Wright wrote to shut Duffy up.
  14. So I see. And we still await an "answer" as to what "they" did with the people and the plane that "didn't" fly into the Pentagon.
  15. That's good, so now you can help to convince the rest of the conspiracy theorists.
  16. If you just took Trudeau's quote and transposed the country names, you'd be onto something as well.
  17. I suspect Joni brought pleasure to a lot more people who have intellect that exceeds simple ogling.
  18. Hey wait...what if they built this wall on the Mexican/US border, and then somebody flew a plane into it, and while Trump was in the WH? I really wanrt to be a shareholder in Breitbart when that happens!
  19. Right, so then we understand we really don't need this silly wall thingy.
  20. Wait at least 5 years and you can possibly get back to the vacuous talking points Harper delivered ad nausea, and perhaps you will be happy. But don't hold your breath.
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