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  1. Make your mind up Young Liberal Harper is either a neo conservative or a neo fascist. Your going to have to go back to Liberal smear school to brush up on your smearing tactics if you keep doing this kinda of job tripping over yourself ever mintue you get the chance.
  2. My god they are trouting this out now. Guilt by association eh? If thats the new creedo then Martin needs to look out. "Bilderberg" if I wasn't smart I would say there is some anti semetism in this. Notice two of the three highlighted are Jewish. Things must really be bad in the Liberal campaign. Desparate even to dig this one up. The Young Liberals have there work cut out for them this time.
  3. My guess that its some Chretienites in the campaign and in the various departments of government. I think its become clear that there are people within the Liberal Party that are actively working to defeat Paul Martin with the blessing of Chretien himself.
  4. The difference between this new scandal and the many many others is that this scandal hits right into the heart of Liberal political power in Canada the GTA area. We all know that if the Liberals go down in the GTA the are finished. Lets see if the media picks up on this new scandal next week, the second to last week of the campaign. Things are getting very very desparate for Martin and the gang and like we have seen already on the Blog they are going to try to sling mud in any direction they can. Like rats running up and down a sinking ship trying to stop it from taking on water, there w
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20051223/ca...HE0BHNlYwN0bWE- This would be the same waterfront that the Liberals promised to fixup in 1972, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1993, 1997. 2000 and 2004. I knew all that money had to be going somewhere. It sure as heck never made it to the Toronto Waterfront.
  6. Actually to be honest the BQ would perfer a Liberal Majority for are own future purposes. But if Harper some how manages to get a minority the BQ would support him issue by issue, especially when it comes to digging up more Liberal corruption and crimes we can use during an election and referendum and keep his government in office until elections in Quebec in 2007.
  7. Harper knows he's not going to win and this will be his final campaign so he is given it all he's got. Its not his fault that Onatrio is to silly to understand that it is the Liberal Party that is the risk to national unity. But they will be in for a rude awaken when the do realize it and its too late. Once Quebec is free the CPC will be able to be much more competitve with the Liberals.
  8. What the man could barely work with his lackys in the NDP. Martin can not work with the Bloc and the Bloc will NEVER work with Martin or any Liberal government that is against the interest of Quebec. If Martin finals in this election and gets a very weak minority then he's gone. Lets not kid ourselves. You can hear the knives beginning to sharpen inside Liberal HQ. The Chretienites are ready to pounce.
  9. Well when you do 70% of your polling on the West side of Montreal, the GTA area and the lower mainland of British Columbia you have to set yourself for any error. Also lets not forget that the owner of this polling firm is Allan Gregg former Liberal party organizer and party member.
  10. If they had any sense this poll should concern the liberals. The fact that they are tanking every else in the country especially in Quebec and that 26% is not doing to be the lowest the go before this election with the silly and stupid campaign they are running. Lapierre just called BQ supporters Nazi's today. In the west the CPC is strong. Leaving the liberals with Ontario and to be honest the GTA area because we all know that were their numbers are increasing as NDP voters flock to them. So the Liberals increase there vote in the GTA area while they lose everywhere else. What fools.
  11. I do wish that there was just a little bit of honesty that could be included on this website. Instead of the childish and immature behavior of many of the Liberals. Is that to much to ask for? What scarascar fails to mention is that national results are close and that there is a huge number of undecided.. Liberals-34% CPC-30% BQ-14% NDP-16% These childish liberals really are a pain in the ass.
  12. Its pure bigotry and nonsense normanchateau brings to this website. Soon he will be advocating hate crimes against "religious zealots". If he said those things in a real public forum one would have cause to report it to the Human Rights commission.
  13. normanchateau we are still waiting for that Ipsos poll link over in the topic you started.
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