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  1. Never happen till their religous leadership is taken out and let the good times roll. Iranian people want to live like us ,but the leadership will never allow it.
  2. Charet is in to total gun control. He is going nowhere.
  3. The buck a beer thingy is to give companies the right to sell at a buck. And what deal are you talking about?
  4. Watched a interview where trudeau says he work a couple shifts as a bartender and quit. It was to hard on him.
  5. more revenues coming in are growing. And his biggest success is he is not wynne. There is spending then there is boondoggles. That is what we got from wynne.
  6. Bringing in the elderly from other countries that goes straight into our hospitals on arrival needs to end.
  7. What you see around the world is canada's future.
  8. Smart move by ford. He seen what happened in ottawa and the mess they are in. And this thing I understand has to stop at intersections. Nice joke. The left is addicted to spending, even boondoggles. They love it.
  9. And brings in alot more revenue than wynne did . He is cutting rules and regulations to allow this province to get back to work. Ford is doing a good job with what he has to work with,but there is always people that are never happy or understand deficits.
  10. I dont think so.Look at the mess ottawa is in with its new over budget and not on time LRT. I think the one hamilton was buying was the same one. A proper bus service is alot better. There are now people that took a bus to work in ottawa that now need to take a bus, LRT and then another bus.
  11. He is dumb, that is all. He probably does not even know what a fascist is.
  12. I am a businessman in ONT and you have no fucking clue to what you are saying. It is your ilk that is killing a great country.
  13. I have read up on it and it is the wynnes cuts,not ford cuts. And who cares, the teachers are going on strike again. They will never be happy. And it seems it is more money holding things up.
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