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  1. So I heard that the new boat by irving has bad welds. A reporter found out and called DND for a comment and 90 mins later this reporter gets a call from the pres of irving threatening a lawsuit. So someone in the DND gave the info on the reporter to irvings, that I think is illegal.
  2. If the arab savages were in charge of that land the same shit would still be going on. The people would be living like animals and getting a lot less then they get now. The arabs are the biggest problem this earth faces. It is time for them to get rid of thier 10th century thinking and join the rest of the world.
  3. How many yrs have the OPP been investigating all the scandals by the ONT liberal government? Makes me wonder why all the flak over fords pick for the head jib. Front line cops wanted that guy but the bigwigs did not, waht were they scared of?
  4. My job is to, but I don't feel I have the right to take advantage of people.
  5. Well he is crying in florida on a Island. Seems to have rented 2 places for all his friends. In a couple of months we will find out how much this one cost the taxpayer for him and his friends.
  6. The next liberal government will apologize for this liberal government.
  7. Just a public lynching will do.
  8. I know many people that are having a harder time now with job loss or hrs lost due to the minimum wage hike. That was one of the dumbest moves ever.
  9. They were not one nation back then, it was many and they were all trying to kill each other off. It was pretty well genocide that was happening when the white man showed up. Nations are built by the victors. They lost we won and we have been very good to the losers ,compared to other parts of the world. The biggest problem with natives is their own leadership. Just as corrupt as any liberal government. Now I do want to have every problem fixed, people should not have to suffer living in this country. Talk to well drillers and make a deal and bring in the chinooks to move drillers and equipt around to where they are needed. And when making a deal, it is fair prices not gouging like every government project. Where they bring in their buddies and all get rich and nothing gets done. IMO a lot of these problems can be fixed, if people the government leaderships and native are all for it.
  10. Listening to Butts, they just don't get it. He basically called jody a liar.
  11. If I remember correctly the bride from britain, says she has no regrets and it was actually fun. But she has been thru some tough times and expects everyone to feel sorry for her. Time to come down hard and I mean real hard on these people as a example to future generations.
  12. Ottawa just found out the new LRT will not work properly in ottawa winters. Another few bil wasted. And phase 2 will be 3 yrs behind and another 1.5b added to the bill. Corruption is so wide spread thru the construction industry, nothing can get done in this country.
  13. Time for the GG to step in and end it.
  14. He did a lot. He saved soldiers lives by buying equiptmnent sole sourced so it would not take 30 yrs for delivery. He took us thru a worldwide recession that if the3 idiots took over we would have been screwed. He was a steady hand and he never embarrassed us on the world stage .He was actually respected on the world stage. Now we are heading for another big recession and guess what, because of trudeaus wild spending we will have no wiggle room.
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