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  1. Bernier is right., But it will be to late when the left wing figure it out. There is a reason this country was so great, because islam had nothing to do with it. And in 10 yrs when they have the numbers watch this place turn into a 3rd world dump.
  2. PIK

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    It is self serving and then going to a memorial, it is all about him now..
  3. PIK

    Should trudeau resign?

    After how trudeau treated some men in is party over whispers, wait till he has to punish the next one. He needs to step down in shame.
  4. PIK

    Should trudeau resign?

    The TO start is running interference for him. Time to call a election or he steps down. And that is using his own rules.
  5. PIK

    Islamification of Toronto?

    It is happening to the country not just toronto. The left wing have some weird obsession with Islam and feel a need to hand the country over to them or the sikhs. In 20 yrs if this is not stopped ,we will not recognize this country at all. Islam needs to be on its own, not forcing its beliefs on other countries.
  6. PIK

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    Who cares, this government is a breath of fresh air and every day is more good news. Yes there are some tough decisions coming, but they will be about getting this province back on track. Not sucking up to the unions and hiring people for the sake of hiring people. I love it.
  7. Conservatives are very experienced in cleaning up liberal messes.
  8. It will be fun to see trudeau and the climate barbie telling people to vote for us ,so we can save the world at your expense.
  9. After everything he said about sexual assault and how he has treated members of his own government over whispers, he at least needs to own up to this groping allegation. Now personally I don't want him to resign, I prefer him to go down hard in 2019.
  10. PIK

    none of the above on the ballot

    It was the pot and vigina vote that helped him big time. And very few even know what critical thinking is. But this time it might not be enough. He has pissed off so many with his identity politics and the constant gender equality and CC in everything he does.
  11. PIK

    Justin Trudeau wrecking Federalism

    I am sure they received 3/4 of all equalization money last yr.
  12. PIK

    none of the above on the ballot

    WTF are you talking about. He was talking about low voter turnout and lazy is one reason. That is why libs would love to have it set up ,so all the lazy kids can vote liberal from thier parents basement and thier phones. And of course wanting to lower it to 16. My solution ,raise the age to 21. That way they may have some experience paying taxes and buying homse and not just voting because you want legal weed.
  13. PIK

    none of the above on the ballot

    Basically they are to lazy to vote.
  14. The unions will put of a fight over ford ,but the people are behind him. Anybody with a brain in ONT knows we have to change and change can hurt, and personally alot of us have been hurt because of the last 15 yrs and it is time for the unions to back the fuck off .
  15. PIK

    ISIS interview.

    Not near the torture army guy would have received if he was a guest of the taliban.