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  1. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/huawei-cfo-meng-s-family-granted-federal-travel-exemption-to-visit-canada-1.5265236?cache=kcfnyoei What I would do, is tell them to stay home. Trudeau is selling us out to china, or they have some major dirt on him. He wont say no to thier 5g, wants Chinese troops training in Canada, and does not give a shit about the 2 Michaels. Go ahead and defend mike.
  2. Now I don't know if I had said this already or said by someone else, but what I would do? I would make a private call to the Chinese president or the lady jailed in her mansions father. And I would say politely, you have 10 days to get them back here or the lady goes to a regular prison and put into general population.
  3. Its Harpers fault. But of course trudeau bet on a chinese company, which nothing happened. Wait till next yr and the Americans ,Mexicans, Egyptians and the Spaniards are getting shots and we are still waiting. lol Or as trudeau promised ,ours will be going to 3rd worlds countries, before we get it.
  4. I have been working in business with people since day one. I live in a very conservative riding and 99.9% of the people dont have a problem with this, that is why we have no cases where I live. And if trump wore one....
  5. You are so funny at times. He has done a great job. Perfect , of course not, and he does care, you can see it in his face, unlike our PM who has no problem going on vacation and shutting down parliament just to save his hide.
  6. I have driven with a mask on, because i forgot i wearing one.
  7. Of course not. And he will say sorry but because of covid...
  8. But government people can show up in english communities with a measuring tape and wreak havoc on small business if the find a english word on a sign that's to big. Lol
  9. All justin has to do is throw singh crumbs to keep him in line. The NDP have no money to go to a election. I see a coup in the near future for the NDP.
  10. We are in a recession, but yet we are not. But the Gov is spending like we are in a full blown one. We will probably find out billions were wasted and stolen. Hopefully we have learnt from the last shutdown. Do it by region. Wearing the mask and the other protocols should help a lot with the oncoming flu season.
  11. Now not being as educated or worldly as some if you sound. But I think the left and the right need to meet in the middle and have a party. Then get back to work. Just saying...
  12. This election is a tipping point. Trudeau wins again, its over. Greatest country ever, destroyed by a punk that thinks he is going to save the world and we are going to pay for it.
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