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  1. I like him. He just wasn't prepared to run last time. He will the next time.
  2. Could have rebuilt the navy on what Trudeau wasted on teenagers ( future voters) during the pandemic.
  3. Well they did hire the outfit that got Boris elected. Lol . So they gloves maybe coming off. There is so much to work with. Just need the proper people putting it together. And forcing a election at this will not go over well. IMO.
  4. And Stephen Harper could not win without quebec. Lol This is going to be a strange one.
  5. Hard with covid. They must be strong once the election starts. This is where debates could really matter. A good debater will flatten trudeau.
  6. You forgot soldiers in the streets with guns. I think people are going to wake up.
  7. The Star of all papers ripped him a new one. That photo op over the grave with the teddy bear has stepped over the line. People, Especially natives are furious. And once the election starts, people start to pay attention, things will change. Many libs i bet will not vote this time.
  8. Made that decision today.
  9. NEVER AGAIN. Is what they live by. And really Marcus who gives a shit about the Palestinian but white liberals? Arabs want nothing to do with them, the world is tired of it. They are doomed. Israel holds all the cards. And the only way they will survive is to join Isreal. You want to know who is really to blame for this mess today, read "How yasser arafat destroyed Palestine" And with Iran running Hamas, they are even more doomed. Its sad that all they are is pawns in the fight to push the jew into the sea.
  10. I am 60 and that disappeared with my grandparents. Grew up with catholic kids and it was never a issue.
  11. Easy Argus, nothing wrong with that. Lol But is that even a problem?
  12. Both sides need to get along. This cancel culture and breaking down statues and such needs to end. We need to get to the truth, even with these sites. Both sides will need to compromise and alot of corruption on both sided needs to be ended. Its taken to long to get to this point, lets not tear the country apart and go backwards.
  13. I hope the Gov learned to quit trusting the chinese. This story about the lab out west and the firing of 2 Chinese scientists, could be real ugly.
  14. Not even close. Being some sense back to the table. And why release the plan before the election, very stupid move. Anybody but Trudeau should be the call , but i think we have some closet Trudeau supporters here.
  15. Why is Otoole so bad? Because he is not a cool guy with great hair and socks? So we just let Trudeau destroy everything? Canadians have because Fucking idiots.
  16. Trudeau does not deserve another chance. And to give him one would make us the laughing stock of the world.
  17. Otoole has to walk a fine line if he has a hope in hell in ending the keystone gov. He is going to have to lie ,cheat and steal to win. ( Like the liberals) He has to fight fire with fire. Win this election and then let common sense take back over.
  18. Part time. The kid really did nothing. Said he did some bouncing. Actually heard a interview where he said he worked at a bar for a couple of shifts. To tough he said.
  19. I will take the idiot who has worked, has put his life on the line, over our part time teacher, racist , misogynist PM.
  20. What your kids may have learned is irrelevant, we are losing our country. And maybe the children should be learning our own history and traditions instead of someone elses.
  21. It us up to the people to change, which we are seeing. Put a Gov in charge, especially this one and all we get is taxed when we all want to be vaxed.
  22. The public. Because the media jumps all over them on some of the dumbest things. Just go back to the Duffy BS. Front page news for 3 yrs. Getting away with the blackface incident and so many other things ,showed how Canada has changed. And not for the good. A O'toole Gov would at least get us back to the table with our traditional allies. And get a grip on the finances.
  23. I understand we blew 238B on 15- 17 yr Olds, so spend the money and buy the ships.
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