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  1. Could you not also ask, Do you want to live in Canada or America?
  2. Truth hurts. And as long as people like you deny what is going on, nothing will change. And hate to tell you this , but you cant blame whitey for everything.
  3. One step closer to that basic dictatorship Trudeau loves.
  4. Here is the truth. To take on smuggled guns, you have to take on the natives reserves that border canada. That will never happen, so go after the farmer instead.
  5. PIK

    Crown Land

    We are giving up to much land with no oversite. And the natives in my part of the country are the biggest poachers out there. They do as they please with no care if they ruin it, because they are native and it is thier land. Ever watch the natives at walleye spawning grounds, loading up 1/2 tons full of walleye full of spawn, and why, because they are natrine and they can do whatever they want. And that falls under ethnic political whatever you want to call it. If I had a card, showing me as native or metis, I can today ,right now shoot a deer in front of a game warden and they will look the other way. Natives were given a opportunity to show us evil white man how it is done, well they are worse than anybody.
  6. And 9 billion to buy the young vote again. And it will work. Canada is doomed and will be a failed state if we do not get rid of him.
  7. PIK

    Crown Land

    How much has been given to the natives in the last few yrs, and they are no longer the stewards of the land as they like to think.
  8. After the world reads Former Aussie leader Malcolm turnbull's book and what he says about trudeau, no one will be taking us seriously again. pretty sad when your socks are more important than the work he was supposed to be doing. They think he is weak. The guy is just a fool. He needs to go. And if people want to defends that , then go for it but you will just look as bad as he does.
  9. Reminds me a lot of the wynne governmnet, scandals and boondoggles every week.
  10. Ford is doing a great job. Thank god we have him. If the liberals were still running the province we would be royally screwed. First they would formed a boondoggle and most of the money would have been funneled to liberal friends. I am so tired of the stupidity and downright greed of left wing people in this country. It has to end. We need to become a hard working and proud nation again ,instead of a nation of whiners, constantly looking for handouts.
  11. He is the leader argus and leaders lead, they don't hide. Why cant you get thar thru your skull. Just imagine if stephen Harper was hiding under his wife's dress. All he had to was get the test and he would know. But I guess he wanted a little lovin at night ,so he stayed put. Sorry argus but that is not right for a leader to do. But then He has been regulated to be the face only of the party only. Freeland was still out there doing her thing, with the help of doug ford.
  12. Actually canada is the only country that produces a certain paper for those masks. China and the US should be very careful.
  13. He is the fuvking leader of the country, he should not have been hiding under the wife's dress.
  14. People have become infected with cheap stuff. Most of the cheap stuff we don't need and people buy it, use it once, throw it in a drawer and a yr later into the dump. Yes we need to go after china big time. The people of china need to get rid of these old commies and get a new young progressive gov installed. And all dictators in the world need to be dealt with severely. We need to end this open migration and people need thier countries back. This is the time to get this planet back on track.
  15. The big difference in my understanding is a person with lung ailments can survive the flu, this not so much.
  16. Why did trudeau self isolate? His wife has the virus . He should have done a test and left the house if negative.. But he stayed home.
  17. Trudeau is a loser, he is all about power and himself. He has been slow and his love affair with china is a problem.
  18. Trudeau failed. He should have been a lot quicker on decisions and this not taking a test and staying with the wife is a joke. He needs to do what all people want and call this a national problem and put all resources to work. The child tax credit will do nothing.
  19. Thank god doug is at the helm now. Now if we only had Harper running the country.
  20. Wash your hands don't touch your face, stay home if you can and we will get thru this.Simple.
  21. The french ,english and natives better pull together before we all lose out.
  22. Meanwhile the left fixes everything that is not broken. lol
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