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  1. Ford is doing a great job. Thank god we have him. If the liberals were still running the province we would be royally screwed. First they would formed a boondoggle and most of the money would have been funneled to liberal friends. I am so tired of the stupidity and downright greed of left wing people in this country. It has to end. We need to become a hard working and proud nation again ,instead of a nation of whiners, constantly looking for handouts.
  2. He is the leader argus and leaders lead, they don't hide. Why cant you get thar thru your skull. Just imagine if stephen Harper was hiding under his wife's dress. All he had to was get the test and he would know. But I guess he wanted a little lovin at night ,so he stayed put. Sorry argus but that is not right for a leader to do. But then He has been regulated to be the face only of the party only. Freeland was still out there doing her thing, with the help of doug ford.
  3. Actually canada is the only country that produces a certain paper for those masks. China and the US should be very careful.
  4. He is the fuvking leader of the country, he should not have been hiding under the wife's dress.
  5. People have become infected with cheap stuff. Most of the cheap stuff we don't need and people buy it, use it once, throw it in a drawer and a yr later into the dump. Yes we need to go after china big time. The people of china need to get rid of these old commies and get a new young progressive gov installed. And all dictators in the world need to be dealt with severely. We need to end this open migration and people need thier countries back. This is the time to get this planet back on track.
  6. The big difference in my understanding is a person with lung ailments can survive the flu, this not so much.
  7. Why did trudeau self isolate? His wife has the virus . He should have done a test and left the house if negative.. But he stayed home.
  8. Trudeau is a loser, he is all about power and himself. He has been slow and his love affair with china is a problem.
  9. Trudeau failed. He should have been a lot quicker on decisions and this not taking a test and staying with the wife is a joke. He needs to do what all people want and call this a national problem and put all resources to work. The child tax credit will do nothing.
  10. Thank god doug is at the helm now. Now if we only had Harper running the country.
  11. Wash your hands don't touch your face, stay home if you can and we will get thru this.Simple.
  12. The french ,english and natives better pull together before we all lose out.
  13. Meanwhile the left fixes everything that is not broken. lol
  14. But I would like to know where all the old panels are going to end up after their 20yr life expires.
  15. Diversity is our strength. And it is killing the country. Immigration needs to change who comes here.
  16. Do you know that the LCBO tells the suppliers what they are going to pay and they pay more than they should.
  17. Oil is not dying. I hope the kids realize that if oil does goes, their new phones will be 20 grand each. lol
  18. A few yrs ago it was reported that 25% of TO hosp beds were filled with elderly that just came to the country. One guy said he brought his elderly parents here to die with dignity. Nice , but die at home, not on my dime.
  19. My understanding is the law stated a minimum , ford changed it toi a dollar. It is up to the beer companies to do it.
  20. Well this latest move by ford is awesome. Now lets see if the teachers get back to work. If they still strike for the money ,then we know that it has nothing to do with the kids.
  21. Mean while china is pumping away. They produce 26.4% of the co2, and our NG would fix that. But for some reason the radical enviros don't want to help the earth, just keep the natives poor.
  22. At every event they go to. Should have seen the mess they left in chicago, during one of thier projects.
  23. PIK


    Sorry but if we keep going in this direction, we will no longer be the best place to live. We need the conservatives to save the country,because the liberals have lost control.
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