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  1. I happen to think he is doing all right ,I don't base my opinion on personality. And are you telling me that iggy is not a ideological drone,with him wanting to takes kid and put them into school at a very early age, the same as what mcguinty would like to do, talk about wanting to make kids little liberals right from the start. Let kids be kids for a while before they have to enter the world. What has harper done that is so evil that people on this board seem to foam at the mouth at the mention of his name, compared to what chretien did,especially when it comes to china.
  2. Reading a story about him, they said he spent time at our secret base in the middle east, I guess it is not a secret now ,but any idea where that would be,we did stay at qatar during the gulf war.
  3. Funny thing ,when people accuse Harper of being a bush lite where his goverment is closer to the dem party then the repubs, but hey don't let facts get in the way.LOL
  4. So in the ottawa buy election where alot of nortel workers live ,all of a sudden the libs come out with a plan to help pay thier pensions, something he could have done or said no to 9 months ago, go figure and then in one in TO I think it was, he just found 15 million for that area's hospital. go figure.
  5. Not at all, you asked and I told you my opinion on who I think is supreme, legal or not, and you insult me. Why does the left has to be so insulting,or at least on this board.
  6. Do you actually believe the stuff you write? Do you think he put this on his application? And he started this only after the liberals left office? No goverment or PM is responsible for this and trying to tie the 2 together, is stupid.
  7. I am new to this board and have never seen so much hate before.
  8. LOL Now that is funny, go back and read what his wife said and again have you ever been with someone dying and on alot of drugs and sat there and listen to what they say on thier last days on earth, have you???? And why does the left hate so much, and I am not joking ,this site is the worse so far for name calling and pure hate, so uncanadian.
  9. No it is not and has not been for along time, I don't care what the law says but the PMO is supreme and it has been for along time.
  10. But that is what we have in ottawa right now honest men doing their job and not demanding thier entitlements. What did chretien do for 13 years ,with all the problems that harper has to fix, it sure makes you wonder.
  11. Blame harper, this should be the end of his goverment ,just like when herr chretien personal brown shirts killed innocent africans.
  12. Funny thing roads and bridges is exactly what is happening in eastern ontario.
  13. Arafat ruined it for the palastines, while he stole them blind. That last deal he turned down was(IMO) was good start to getting what they wanted ,but we want it all or nothing and they got nothing. So palastine is still going nowhere,while I think arafats widow is out spending the millions or billions he stole. To blame the Isreali's for everything is wroing, well it is anti- isreal if anything. Was Isreal in the right to defend it self,yes, do I agree with the building of settlements at this time, no.So I must ask, the people here that blame isreal for everything, do you really believe that or do you just hate them?
  14. So we have iggy telling canadians they are to stupid to raise their own kids that the goverment has to do it and harper is the bad guy. LOL And do you want to talk polls ,how about the one that said mulroney was to be luckky to get 20% and won the biggest majority at the time. When people do go to the polls when it counts, iggy will not be PM,, canadians are not as dumb as the liberal think they are.
  15. And obama said america had 57 states, who cares.
  16. Imagine if the liberals were in power with all this stimuli money floating around, thank god for a honest man like harper to be at the helm. Just imagine trying to put together a national babysitting program right now with the way the economy is. And yes iggy said it ,at any cost, he is going to take your kids away after birth and raise them ,why because the left believes it can raise your children better then you. LOL
  17. We can't forget about Chretien loyalists, such as CEO of Canada Post André Ouillet and head of Via Rail Jean Pelletier. Two more institutions tarnished over the scandals. And now people are all up in arms because harper has a personality of a rock, at leat he is a honest rock. We will never know the real extent of the sponsership scandal and how far it really went.
  18. Don't worry about the poor boy,when this is all over ,he will be living in toronto as a very rich man. Our great country is doomed!
  19. Why do we still have 3rd world countries ,because of countries like ours that rape these poor nations of their brightest and best and bring them here and make cabbies out of them or other jobs that lazy ass canadian won't do.I am sick and tired of the ''R''being thrown out when you question the immigration policies in this country.
  20. You better do some research before you laugh it off, chretien and the banker,is well known,over the golf course and some low level libs have been charged over all the scandals,a very little of the money has been recovered. Why did chretien shut down the inquiry on somalia.
  21. Yes they have ,and I forgot about the globe,it is not bad and trying be equal, even the sun has been getting a little better ,if you can find a story mixed in with all the ads, but the toronto star is a true liberal rag.
  22. He ran the place into the ground ,is killing our health care, made bob rae look like a genius, his HST is going to cause great harm to alot of people and he could easily adjust it to help people but won't and the great people of toronto keeps voting for him. Now wonder the rest of the country has no respect for toronto.
  23. A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven. Jean Chretien Funny how short the memory is of a liberal, better check the time line on this so called torture. The libs knew all about it long before harper took over,so I would like to know how much and exactly when the libs knew about and why the did not do nothing about it.
  24. Because that is a dumb question? The PM does what he wants ,ever since trudeau took over and change the whole landscape of the country and the rules.Why the fake anger?
  25. My mistake, I forgot about posting full articles.
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