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  1. I have read up on it and it is the wynnes cuts,not ford cuts. And who cares, the teachers are going on strike again. They will never be happy. And it seems it is more money holding things up.
  2. Quebec is nothing without canada, they would not survive a yr on thier own, but yet we pandering to them constantly. Alberta could make a go on its own, so we better be careful. To bad trudeau has divided this country, we lose it ,it is all on his shoulders.
  3. This is what pisses me of, we got it good and people want to change what made this country great. Why do people want to be more like america is beyond me.
  4. Right guy at the right time. And he also took the high road with trudeau after all the crap trudeau said about doug during the election.
  5. Not even close that is all hogwash. Even the people saying ford cut education,when it is the liberals that cut it and ford has added to it.
  6. Every con leader is hated. They are the ones that have to make the tough decisions to clean up left wing messes. I guess jacee was not around for mike harris and ralph klein, those were real cuts,unlike what ford is doing. You know jacee, eventually the bills have to be paid, something you seem not to understand.
  7. I am sick of hearing about it. A little snow in NOV and people are freaking out about CC.
  8. If we were not using that system, this country woyuld be in deep s-hit right now.
  9. Our country is great because of our history. I would die for that women. I dont know why everybody wants to be a american. Long Live the Queen.
  10. Trudeau wins a majority, this country is doomed. We are doomed already just after 4 yrs. We need the cons to clean up the mess again.
  11. Butts coming back is a slap in the face for all canadians. And todays polls tell you the opposite. Trudeau will be wiped out in Oct. A Lot of women feel totally insulted by this man. And so do the natives and military. And the young potheads have thier legal weed and will not be leaving the b basement this time.
  12. I know weed is legal, but you need to slow down.
  13. Take a look at the EU elections, elites are getting tossed. Left or right, but mainly left wing.
  14. This is what happens when progressives get involved. This has put relations back a hundred yrs. This has to be the stupidest thing the left wing has done now. Who does she thinks she is using that word. The problem is with thier own family members and anti women policies on thier land. She needs to apologize to every canadian. And what ever they were paid needs to be returned. I miss harper.
  15. If Harper was running in this election, the liberals would be wiped off the map. With scheer ,they will keep a few seats.
  16. Of course he is having fun, Travelling the world while spending others people's money.
  17. The liberals own the RCMP the OPP. Just look at the keystone investigation in to the crime and corruption of Wynne"s government and how the RCMP handled the Admirals case. It was the liberals that made unions way to powerful.
  18. If the NDP went with someone else, the greens would not even be noticed. How they could pick a guy with a turban. Nothing against him, he seems like a good lad. It was the wrong time for him to be picked.
  19. Really islam is not compatible with any other religion and they preach it every day. So no I am not making this up. People need to read up on islam and what it is all about and how evil and hateful it is right now. Christianity was full of crap like that and we now have the 2nd testament, and Isal;m needs to do the same or stay home. When we have Inman preaching hate in canada, that should be enough for people to realize what is going on. They dont give a shit about our traditions or history. Islam comes 1st over everything, family included. Time to join the 21st century and get out of the 10th.
  20. I was ready where all Inman had sermons saying you must vote if you want to complain, and also there is a populist party that could win,(cons) and we must not let them win. In other words vote for trudeau because he will give us everything. This is the most important election ever in this country. If canadians want to save thier country , you must vote scheer if you like him or not. Because give trudeau one more term and our country is gone forever.
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