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  1. Why is everyone trying to leave islamic countries to come here?????
  2. So in your world everyone can fight for thier rights and traditions but white people. You know why we are so great of a country, because of who we are and where we came from, and Islam has nothing to do with it. And once the white lose the power in this country, 3rd world status here we come. Now everyone on the planet can live in misery.
  3. Canadians have become so stupid. Just a bunch of sheep bending over for the enviro crowd. We are carrying the load and cutting our own throats so trudeau and his minions will look good to the UN. The only problem it is the american big oil that is running the enviros ,just to destroy our oil sector while growing thiers.
  4. Yet trudeau can travel the world with indian terrorists with blood on thier hands. There is a reason white nationalism is on the rise, and it has nothing to do with conservatives.
  5. He is a failure and if it was not for the trust fund he would be in big trouble. The boy is not smart. I could not run a country and neither can he. And he is not that good looking, the problem is people believe everything they read about the boy. And the fact he lied to every canadian and thinks he is fooling us all.
  6. It is hate filled people like you jacee that are actually the problem. The extreme left wing and all fringe parties need to be taken down a few notches. And it is happening as we speak ,no matter who you called a racist. Canadians are taking their country back. This is a revolution. Canadian style.
  7. Taxing people does not work michael. And being a net carbon country,why are we cutting our throats while the big boys get away with it. Why do you think loblaws got 12 m. Nothing to do with refrigerators. They are getting thier carbon rebate.
  8. Trudeau;'s way of giving his rich buddies thier carbon taxes back.
  9. Thing is, trudeau has lied many times to all canadians since the election.
  10. Not a friend of trumps, but trudeau wished he had his numbers. Trudeau might not even finish his term, where trump will probably win a the 2nd one.
  11. Open your eyes. They have been given billions and there still is many without clean water. Why do natives live in extreme poverty while right up the road the chief living in a mansion driving a caddy. Telling everyone who will listen how the white man is fucking them. Liberals are so goddamn blind when it comes to these votes. Well guess what, the natives will not be backing trudeau this time. He lied to them even more then other governments.
  12. At a huge cost, that we do not need. They should have followed the law and turned them away.
  13. And they have totally screwed up ottawa's LRT.
  14. Trudeau has lied about everything since he was elected. And I cant believe there is still 30% of people would vote for him. As he said a couple of weeks ago, he was elected to CHANGE the country, he was elected to lead, not change. And I wish the cons would come out and fight him on CC. We do not need to cut our own throats when we are not the problem. There is a lot we can do without taxing the shit out of people. Which has been proven that it does not work.
  15. Every country has them, but go to one of your peace loving muslim countries and tell them you are gay and see what happens. That is why gay muslims go to Israel, because they are protected. But then you probably hate Israel also. Young and dumb.
  16. Which chretien went to great lengths to get him here. What is it with liberals and thier love affair with islam?
  17. Harper would not have allowed the 1000's to walk across the border from america.
  18. Islam has been on the move for 900 yrs when they announced they will be back. Islam today is not compatible with any other religion. They still preach today about killing non believers. Islam is stuck in the 10th century, and the scariest part is young people especially women that seem to believe they are the peaceful nation. Canada has been called the best country to live for a very long time, thanks to the white christian people that built this country. Islam had nothing to do with the greatness of this country, but they will ruin it.
  19. These 2 are liberals and want to save the party. Trudeau got caught lying and his whole shtick is false. He is a fake feminist for sure and not a nice guy. Look at the way he allegedly treated the lady that is now a indy. Their end game is to go into the next election with a new leader. Trudeau is toast. And the admirals case has not even started yet.
  20. So I heard that the new boat by irving has bad welds. A reporter found out and called DND for a comment and 90 mins later this reporter gets a call from the pres of irving threatening a lawsuit. So someone in the DND gave the info on the reporter to irvings, that I think is illegal.
  21. If the arab savages were in charge of that land the same shit would still be going on. The people would be living like animals and getting a lot less then they get now. The arabs are the biggest problem this earth faces. It is time for them to get rid of thier 10th century thinking and join the rest of the world.
  22. How many yrs have the OPP been investigating all the scandals by the ONT liberal government? Makes me wonder why all the flak over fords pick for the head jib. Front line cops wanted that guy but the bigwigs did not, waht were they scared of?
  23. My job is to, but I don't feel I have the right to take advantage of people.
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