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  1. Well he is crying in florida on a Island. Seems to have rented 2 places for all his friends. In a couple of months we will find out how much this one cost the taxpayer for him and his friends.
  2. The next liberal government will apologize for this liberal government.
  3. Just a public lynching will do.
  4. I know many people that are having a harder time now with job loss or hrs lost due to the minimum wage hike. That was one of the dumbest moves ever.
  5. They were not one nation back then, it was many and they were all trying to kill each other off. It was pretty well genocide that was happening when the white man showed up. Nations are built by the victors. They lost we won and we have been very good to the losers ,compared to other parts of the world. The biggest problem with natives is their own leadership. Just as corrupt as any liberal government. Now I do want to have every problem fixed, people should not have to suffer living in this country. Talk to well drillers and make a deal and bring in the chinooks to move drillers and equipt around to where they are needed. And when making a deal, it is fair prices not gouging like every government project. Where they bring in their buddies and all get rich and nothing gets done. IMO a lot of these problems can be fixed, if people the government leaderships and native are all for it.
  6. Listening to Butts, they just don't get it. He basically called jody a liar.
  7. If I remember correctly the bride from britain, says she has no regrets and it was actually fun. But she has been thru some tough times and expects everyone to feel sorry for her. Time to come down hard and I mean real hard on these people as a example to future generations.
  8. Ottawa just found out the new LRT will not work properly in ottawa winters. Another few bil wasted. And phase 2 will be 3 yrs behind and another 1.5b added to the bill. Corruption is so wide spread thru the construction industry, nothing can get done in this country.
  9. Time for the GG to step in and end it.
  10. He did a lot. He saved soldiers lives by buying equiptmnent sole sourced so it would not take 30 yrs for delivery. He took us thru a worldwide recession that if the3 idiots took over we would have been screwed. He was a steady hand and he never embarrassed us on the world stage .He was actually respected on the world stage. Now we are heading for another big recession and guess what, because of trudeaus wild spending we will have no wiggle room.
  11. And let's remember the Admiral's case is coming up and I think political interference will be popping up again.
  12. But oil workers means nothing to this group. Let the 9000 learn what it is like to have a government against you.
  13. The leader of the toronto 18 ,whose citizenship was taken away by harper, now has it back, by trudeau.
  14. Look south and you will see a president that does not have the power like a PM here does. If Mueller was up here, a PM could have shut him down. But look at Venezuela, under trudeau we are starting to look like them.
  15. This could, plus we have the admirals cases coming up next and that could very well be another political interference case. That one goes right into the election. And this affects the east coast. Plus the pot heads have legal weed, they will not be showing up. And women are very upset ,now that they know they were used by the great feminist PM. And once all the dumb trudeau quotes start coming out ,to remind people he hates all canadians.
  16. Then as PM why did he not stand up for the 160,000 oil workers in alberta that lost everything. ? The left wing seems to have forgotten about them.
  17. This had nothing to do with flaws. This is banana republic corruption.
  18. Dudley george did have a gun,that was the biggest scam ever. Should have sent in the bulldozers.
  19. If this was Harper the media would be hounding him wherever he goes. Let see if they go after trudeau.
  20. No, you just need to explain answer the question.
  21. She can't talk about why she resigned ,that is the big question. And the libs will not let her talk till QP is over,so trudeau can run. He won't be back in the house till middle of march.If she comes out saying nothing happened her reputation will be destroyed. PM ,I don't think so. Supreme court judge.....
  22. Maybe I misunderstood, set me straight.
  23. And harper was never treated badly by the masses? He was never threatened? And the privy guy stepped over the line big time and just made matters worse. He pretty well said the cons at are fault with the hate and division going on in the country that started 3 yrs ago. And the media , do they not have any shame, going on that the duffy affair is just as bad as this. Really? Time for the GG to call a election. She can do that ?
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