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  1. Not to mention, they have been begging Russia to allow them back in for many years.
  2. He has said a couple of times in recent weeks that he does speak french, just not very well.
  3. Pay is absolutely higher. The real problem is, people's expectations of what they should be able to afford has gone up even more.
  4. Conservatives are worried about terrorism. Liberals are worried about nicer weather.

    1. BubberMiley


      The people already displaced by climate change think you're hilarious.

  5. Not preposterous at all. That's a pretty accurate way of describing it. Temperatures may or may not rise with increased CO2, and even when they are associated, either one could come before the other. Certainly the version of the "strong correlation" we are generally told (that CO2 rises, then we get warming) is particularly weak, bordering on simply false.
  6. Except that he absolutely did, and to say otherwise is completely dishonest.
  7. If you think that cold hard facts are "leaps of logic", that explains your positions on a lot of issues around here. He took ten vacations in one year, period.
  8. Third highest. Tucker Carlson is #1.
  9. This was already his tenth vacation in a year.
  10. Yeah, they don't seem to want to report that Trudeau is basically an absentee Prime Minister at this point. Better to misdirect people to the American leader instead.
  11. It's an open forum, anyone can make any comment they want on any thread. They don't have to accept anything.
  12. There are plenty of towns giving free (or next to free) land. Here's an article about a few of them: http://www.theloop.ca/9-canadian-towns-where-you-might-be-able-to-score-free-land/ Again, it's all about the conditions. You have a set time limit to build something taxable on it.
  13. It's what they all do. People forget that even Glenn Beck used to be one of the middle-of-the -road guys on CNN. Before that he was a morning radio shock-jock DJ. News-opinion personalities are mostly playing a character that their bosses ask them to play.
  14. If you have evidence, let's see it. No ultimatums, just let us see what you've got.
  15. It's totally normal, and Tim Hogan is not a terrorist sympathizer. Exposing terrorism is his main schtick. For sure, it's illegal though. People who do leak important information definitely risk getting fired if not charged.
  16. That is a really common occurrence. People on the inside who don't like what they are seeing forward things anonymously. There's nothing remotely suspicious about that.
  17. He has plenty of informants. Someone in the Turkish govt probably leaked it to him. If FETO exists, he might have contacts there too.
  18. I'm still trying to find evidence that FETO even exists. Most of what I'm seeing suggests it was made up by the Turkish govt. As for the "USA IP Social Media account" --Tim Hogan is an American who often blogs and reposts items regarding the fight against ISIS. That he retweeted a picture is evidence of nothing.
  19. As crass as August's questions were, I do see that they relate directly to his OP. That doesn't excuse it, it only makes the OP even weirder than it first seemed to be.
  20. How did you pay for a piece of land that was assigned almost 70 years ago? The idea of the free land is to get people contributing to society and the tax base (people who own that land today PAY tax). There are some current town in Canada with "free" land programs too, but the caveat is that you have finite time to develop the land into something that generates tax revenue.
  21. Intelligent people know that it's true. Liars with an agenda claim otherwise. It's not a coincidence that those are the very people whom he stopped talking to. Legitimate journalists got plenty of access, activists pretending to be journalists did not. Besides that, the article is talking about his two to three a day campaign stops, not his government.
  22. You said he was afraid, that is not the same thing. He didn't reward journalists who were unprofessional and unethical. He did plenty of long sit downs with ones who reported accurately. Also, his government was several orders of magnitude more transparent than the current one, and than most of the ones before him.
  23. Not in Quebec, but I've met Harper more than once, and I was certainly never "vetted". The stories about controlled crowds were complete fabrications -- ANYONE who wanted to could come.
  24. I have no problem helping people in need, I have a real problem with the idea of increasing taxes to do it. Taxes added for specific purposes never actually get earmarked for that use. They go into general revenues where how much if any is spent on that cause is at the discretion of the current govt. I support people in need by giving money directly to the people and agencies that are already doing the work to help them, and by helping out directly. I do not want my taxes raised so that government can work a social experiment to see IF it works.
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