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  1. 1)The Liberals denied that they were offering choice positions to get Conservative MPs to join them. Now we have the evidence of yet another lie. 2) How pissed do you think some of the other Liberal MPs are that an outsider was given a cabinet post on the spot right after crossing the floor, while they showed their loyalty year after year without reward? There are probably a number of Liberal MPs who want to distance themselves from the corrupt Liberal party as it is, this can only reinforce that. I would not be surprised to see some Liberals cross over to the Conservatives. 3) How pissed
  2. The Canadian definitions of right vs left are certainly different from those in the U.S. When I talk politics, most people I know in Canada accuse me of being a right wing extremist, while exactly the same talking points get me labeled as being extremely left-wing by the Americans I know.
  3. The fault in this situation falls squarely on the UFCW. They have a proven track record of making promises that they simply cannot deliver to their members in order to get them to sign up. A place like Walmart has only one place in the market: price. Nobody shops at Walmart because they have quality mechandise, they go there because it's cheap. In order to do this, they have to keep all costs to a minimum, including wages. If costs go up, so do prices, and there goes their reason for even existing. People who apply to work at Walmart know that they don't pay well. Why are they surprised that
  4. Actually, as someone who is FAR from being wealthy, I'd really like to see that kind of system. Sure, he gats treatment faster, but so do I, because since he went over to the pay clinic, he's out of the line I'm wating in, and now I have to wait less too. He's doing me a favor. Not to mention, his tax dollars are still in the public system, even though he is choosing to pay extra NOT to utilize them. That means the public system has more resources per person that they are treating.
  5. I don't support the concept of animal rights. It's hypocritical. If a dog beater can get jail time, so should everyone who swats a mosquito.
  6. I agree. I definitely try to shop Cnadian whenever possible. Unfortunately, lately Canadian retailers are doing everything in their power to chase their customers away. Case in point: I do not support Home Depot. I shop the local hardware stores first, then McDiarmid, then Rona. That is until I was remodelling my bathroom. I had a lot of work to do, as there was a serious leak around the tub that had cause a lot of damage. I was replacing all the walls, fixtures, and the floor. Nobody had what I wanted in stock. 4-6 weeks to custom order at custom order prices. Home Depot has everything I
  7. The Bay has no-one to blame but themselves, as did Eatons before them. They simply refused to cater to the customer's wants, and did things the way they wanted to. Moderate quality items at exhorbitant prices. Even before Walmart came here, The Bay was way overpriced for what they carried. I haven't shopped at The Bay for years, not even when I worked there, because even with my staff discount, the items were always cheaper elsewhere. Zellers has the low price idea down, but their stores are always a mess, and the selection is poor. I go to Zellers over Walmart whenever I can, but I often end
  8. I do agree with this in principle, one national program should make for lower costs for all, BUT.... Since when has anything the Federal Goverment has ever done ended up doing anything other than cost MORE? The concept of a federal drug plan is great, but I do not trust the government, especially the Liberals, to carry such a program out without making it cost billions of dollars more than it has to.
  9. Actually, Al-Jazeera is a very responsible news organization. The go to much greater lengths than the US news outlets to get their facts straight, and to remain neutral. Besides that, when getting news on the a given region of the world, it's best to get it as close to the source as possible. Al-Jazeera is in a much better possition to know what's really going on in the middle east than Fox News is.
  10. After reading through all their policy statements, I must say I really like what the CHP stands for. It's about time someone stood up for morals and values in our society.
  11. http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2004/07/07/canad...deserters040707 __________________ 100% Liberal-Free since 1993.
  12. Our Charter is a Farce. People with Political Agendas hiding behind the Charter to force other people to take their position. It's sickening.
  13. Maybe we should ask the U.S. military for their opinion. I hear they have some experience with this
  14. Hawk, I listed some of the most respected news outlets in the world, whose integrity is without question. Who are YOU getting your facts from?
  15. Finally got to see it. What surprised me the most was how moderate the presentation was. After hearing the howling from Republicans, I was expecting something outrageous. Sure, Moore's humour and ascerbic commentary is unabashedly partisan, but the material covered was far from controversial. Practically everything Moore presented in the film I already knew about. Most of it would be common knowledge to anyone who used credible international sources for their news, or read any books on the subject. When I say credible news, I mean outlets like CBC, BBC, Reuters, and to a lesser degree PBS.
  16. Now that it's over a year into the occupation, there's not much we can say regarding anything we may find. People are coming into Iraq from all over the middle east to fight the Americans, bringing all kinds of things with them. Also, during the Iran/Iraq war thousands of such weapons were fired into the desert. It makes sense that someone would have been able to collect the undetonated ones at some point without anyone knowing about it.
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