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  1. Peefect, no. One of the best we've ever had, definitely.
  2. Finance Department has the numbers, and DID verify them.
  3. Like just about everything that Chretien and Martin did, said that they would do it multiple times over the course of many years before actually doing it. It took them five years to actually do it.
  4. Ottawa's finances were in an actual, real $7.5 Billion surplus before Morneau started his spending spree. Finance Canada confirmed, more than once, that he and Trudeau were lying when they claimed they were left a deficit.
  5. An actual surplus confirmed by the finance department.
  6. The CPC had a minority. The majority of parliament demanded more spending. The "Harper" deficit is a Liberal party of Canada deficit. How do we know? The moment Harper had a majority, he did exactly what he said he would do and erased it in record time.
  7. What's crazy is, people look at me with concern when I tell them I visit Cuba regularly. I routinely get told they didn't think it was safe to go there. Yet a lot of those same people have no issue vacationing in Turkey. Boggles the mind.
  8. Only because Morneau retroactively applied almost $9 Billion in new spending to the previous budget. The Conservatives left a $7.5 billion surplus, period. The previous government can't be held accountable for what the next one spends.
  9. The books have been looked at, and have been confirmed several times over: there was a $7.5 Billion surplus, even while Trudeau and Morneau were claiming they were already in deficit. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ottawa-had-75-billion-surplus-heading-into-final-month-of-fiscal-year/article29797547/
  10. There was a $7.5 Billion surplus when Trudeau took office. The revisionism took place when Trudeau retroactively added new spending to a previous budget.
  11. I'd add to that this crazy acceptance of people who give no indication of disagreement at the time, but who years later decide to object at the precise moment where the revelation is politically convenient.
  12. Nothing happens when people here say things like that, other than society ostracizing them.
  13. Yes, Turkey is not the only country that censors the internet. That is not the same thing as saying they don't censor. What about this page, can you read it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_freedom_in_Turkey Or this one? http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/turkey-censorship-real-life/
  14. Paestinians and Jews are literally the same people genetically. They have been there -- together -- the whole time..
  15. Present day Israel and Palestine were part of pre-islamic Arabia. Those people have been there for thousands of years.
  16. Yes, as I've already said multiple times in this thread, they predate Islam by many centuries.
  17. As usual, you guess wrong. The Crusades were largely defensive wars. What I'm talking about predates that by many centuries.
  18. Palestinians have lived in that region since at least the 10th century BC.
  19. Not what it "used to" mean. What it absolutely does actually mean. People conflating the term are still wrong no matter how many think it. Lots of people use all kinds of words and phrases incorrectly.
  20. I could definitely make a list if that were the actual question
  21. Yes, the average person on the street is quite ignorant.
  22. I didn't screw up, I said what I meant, and it was accurate. Palestinians and israelites have existed for thousands of years.
  23. No I didn't. I was quite specifically referring to genetic lineage.
  24. I always knew it. Now all you need is to learn some linguistics and history, and we'll be on equal footing on this subject.
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