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  1. It's not a false impression so much as it's a misnomer. I don't know if you noticed, but historically, the Germans may have gotten a few things wrong when it comes to racial relations.
  2. History still exists, whether you understand it or not.
  3. I don't understand the question. Is this among countries who previously have colonized other nations, or anyone at all?
  4. Yes, Israelites and Palestinians are the same people genetically -- their difference is religion, not race.
  5. The term is a little older than that. Been around since at least the 1700s. Arabs and Jews are both semites. It really means people who speak any of the semitic languages.
  6. You know that the Palestinians are Semites too, right?
  7. You still have to accept who is making that judgement. People in positions of authority authorize what benefits them.
  8. No I don't, but thanks for the irrelevant drive by.
  9. The real problem is, if one were to accurately describe what American black culture looked like, THAT would be considered incredibly racist.
  10. Like the Beastie Boys? Kid Rock? Vanilla Ice? Pitbull? House of Pain? Mackelmore? Eminem? Machine Gun Kelly? Mac Miller? Those black guys?
  11. It's not libel if it's true though. That's why you can't have such a thing as "officially authorized" truth.
  12. Do you not see a problem with the state dictating what is "fake" or not?
  13. Again, how many EDAs and national Conventions have you been to? How many of the people who actually will directly decide who the leader is do you know personally?
  14. I'd have to wonder how many Conservative party EDA meetings and/or national conventions you've been to.
  15. Populism can help him win a general election, but he'll still have to walk back some of his less conservative social policies if he wants to win the leadership. It's different system for electing leaders here, you actually do have to get the party base on your side.
  16. More money, and more help for the public system. Look at the two-for-one deal Saskatchewan has for private MRIs. Sell all the cash-only MRIs you want, but for each one you do, you have to provide a slot for the public system to use at no charge. More people get what they need, and it costs them less.
  17. Overall, twice as much money is being put in to healthcare as there was a decade ago, and the clinic I was specifically referring to has made a public show of regular announcements of all the money they are spending.
  18. Yeah. O'Leary is basically party agnostic. His constituents are tax payers, as he puts it he "speaks the language of jobs". A lot of CPC party core are not happy about the idea of being lead by O'Leary. I've heard many say they'd rather lose again than win with him. They just don't consider him a Conservative -- they think he's a closer fit to the Liberals on a lot of issues.
  19. They do more digging into the information and actually report the findings. Most other sources just repost press releases with no scrutiny.
  20. You're kidding right? It's huge problem. You can't get published unless you cow-tow to the AGW mantra.
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