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  1. It absolutely is an increase. They are getting more money than before, no matter how you count it. That is an increase. After 2004, yes, but only for ten years. Then they stopped. Prior to 2004, the Liberals made substantial cuts to transfers. actual cuts where the provinces got much less. Neither Harper, nor Trudeau made any cuts at all to health transfers, only increases.
  2. What Chretien did prior to Martin's deal, now THAT was a cut. The provinces actually got less than they were previously getting.
  3. It's not a cut by any definition. It's an increase.
  4. He definitely did not propose to cut health transfers -- not ever. Slowing the rate of increase is still an increase. If I give you $1000 today, another $1060 next week, and then $1091.80 the following week, at no point did the amount you received do anything other than go up.
  5. The Conservatives increased health transfers. They did not cut them. Contrary to what the provinces are trying to claim, Trudeau is not cutting them now either. His proposal is a 3% increase, which is exactly what the Conservative plan for 2017 was.
  6. The celebrities all trying to tell the electoral college that they have the right to change their vote probably should have been more specific.
  7. Lots of people did want it, and were happy for the change. The only thing we did wrong was to not enforce the change more widely.
  8. I'm not trying to suggest a motive for anything. I have no opinion whatsoever about where Obama was born. I have no idea why a fake document was released. I have no idea why it was so badly done either.
  9. The one I saw was on CNN. Are you saying they doctored it?
  10. Anyone who can't see them is pretty stupid. They're blatantly obvious.
  11. I'm quite aware of how flatbed scanners work, and what a scanned document looks like -- people pay us a lot of money to scan things for them. We have a couple very big Creo ones. I often have to piece together scans where the artboard is too large for the bed, and you need to do it in several pieces, often having to rotate them to get them on the bed. Now you're dealing not only with images that were stitched together to begin with, but having to join them together when the scan lines ran in opposing directions.
  12. No. Artifacts exactly like those from a really badly done cut and paste Photoshop job.
  13. Based on the evidence that the digital document that I saw posted had blatantly obvious signs of a really badly done cut and paste job. There were edge artifacts, and things were not properly aligned.
  14. The fact that I haven't seen the actual documents is the point. The digital image that was officially released was poorly photoshopped. I have no idea why. Perhaps the actual documents have the same pertinent information. Perhaps there's a different reason why the official image was manipulated.
  15. You sound like you don't have a clue what I actually wrote. There was no mention nor any implication of anybody killing anyone.
  16. I have no knowledge or opinion about where Obama was born. But I do have a lot of knowledge with respect to forged documents, as that is basically what I do for a living. Without question, the "official" birth certificate that was released was doctored. It was a really poorly done job too.
  17. We'll see if Justin still feels so strongly about segregated seating the next time he visits a mosque.
  18. Sure if by "true form" you mean an intelligent reaction to a pretty shallow selection. It's an insult women to tell them that the best they could find for a woman worthy of being on the Canadian money, was a lady that once got uppity in a theatre. It sends the message loud and clear that the Liberals don't believe that women actually have contributed anything of value to the country.
  19. The pages Winnipeggers check for news are predominantly based in Winnipeg.
  20. But yes, if you want to claim fake news as being an American phenomenon, I'll give you that one.
  21. The news content being consumed on any of those platforms is still predominantly from local sources. People are still checking their local news station's page. not the one for USA Today.
  22. You said News channels, then you said American TV networks, then you said print media. Now this. Why don't you stop moving the goal posts? Local news IS the news. The local newspapers, the local news radio station, the local network affiliate's news department. Here in Winnipeg, if you want to know what's happening, you look for the Sun, The Free Press, CJOB, CBC, Global, etc. You don't go searching out the New York Times, USA Today, or CNN or NPR. CJOB (news talk radio) in particular is the top of the ratings charts and the highest earning station on the prairies. There are several similar
  23. They exist in the marketplace, but local media is what dominates.
  24. Different ads, different PSAs, different NEWS, and it's a mix of Canadian and American content. There are no Canadian channels that only show US content.
  25. Yup. We aren't the ones posting on a US politics site.
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