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  1. Making it 10x more important to try and influence consumers rather than corporations or governments.
  2. I would say it isn't the case when you see people making above average wages parking their BMW's in WalMart's parking lot. I just spent my holiday in a medium sized American town that doesn't have a single franchise. Every single commercial enterprise is mom & pop, and the community is flourishing. 20 miles up the road is franchise/multi-national city, and its a dump.
  3. In my experience this sort of attitude most often creates problems that cannot be solved within the scope of labor law and profitability. I work for such an employer & union, of which neither party looks out for the best interest of the employees and we are faced with many such problems that will ultimately end in failure. I believe the two parties have to work together jointly to find success.
  4. In fact as well as name? Is there any more proof that the election valid than there is that it isn't?
  5. I'm curious Benz, what exactly you find unacceptable about today's Quebec-Canada relationship. Could you post that in concise form?
  6. Some of these patents are on rounded rectangles, square icons in a grid and interactions like pinch/tap to zoom. Not withstanding the complete rubbish of the rounded rectangles. Square icons in a grid is like Ford patenting red cars and Chevrolet Blue. Square icons in a grid has been the standard for every consumer UI made in the last 15 years, every single one would infringe. Pinch to zoom is like using a steering wheel to steer, tap to zoom a gas pedal to go faster. It's retarded to be able to patent a way of interacting with something. If they patented a cheaper way of executing it, or a better way of measuring it using screen sensors (Like the new LG screen that Apple will take credit for), they might have a point. That's not even starting on the prior art, like Jeff Han demoing multi-touch in 2006, and calling the technology "not new" while Steve Jobs claims to have "invented it" a year later. Is Apple entitled to proper patents? Yes. Should any of these patents have ever been granted? No. Should they have ever have been validated by the court? No. Is the jury foreman a retard? (Jesus watch that interview). Yes. Will they stand up to appeal? In a pigs eye. Just like: Samsung confirmed it will sue Apple immediately if it releases an LTE device. This seems directed squarely at the new iPhone as currently the iPad does sell with LTE on board. Obviously, this legal case is just a start of a huge change, not the end of anything. They obviously have a patent on LTE devices that never should have been granted.
  7. Apple sort of, kind of has a monopoly on pinch to zoom & tap to zoom now which affect pretty much every handset & tablet maker, laptop touchpad gestures, all kinds of stuff. Sort of, kind of because this verdict is not technically enforceable against other manufacturers but sets a precedent should/when Apple decide(s) to go after other manufacturers. They'll have to think long before putting it/leaving it in firmwares. The sooner this garbage verdict gets tossed the better. They came to right answer for all the wrong reasons with the wrong results. Samsung deserves to be punished, but a utility patent should patent a specific method of pinch to zoom, not pinch to zoom as a technique.
  8. Then you probably have a problem app somewhere and want to try something like: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.latedroid.juicedefender&hl=en I'm not specifically familiar with any of them as I've never had to use one. Consensus is still task killer = bad. 1)Processes that want to run and get killed will automatically restart anyway using more juice. Lots of users kill processes that are sleeping and not consuming anything. 2)Makes the system run crappily for an average range of 10% loss VS 10% gain. Task-Killer Apps: Will They Help or Hurt Your Battery Life? Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them Regardless, YMMV and ultimately up to you. Be interesting to actually measure it one day against the next. They just haven't updated the website, phone's change too fast. Full Update Guide File Downloads Developers forum CM9 is Ice Cream Sandwich, CM10 unfortunately not stable release for you yet is Jelly Bean. You can find unstable, I'm running one on I9100. Just beware, it's like a red pill-blue pill type thing. The phone can be made carrier whole again but it's very unusual and takes work. 90% of root users never go back. On average the quadrant benchmark doubles over the stock Samsung firmware, includes extra features like embedded black list, custom launchers, you can select and modify notification drawer widgets and buttons, lockscreen widgets and buttons, custom boot animation like a droid peeing on an apple, long press volume up & down change tracks from in the pocket while on lock screen, long press soft keys can be assigned, you can put in a custom kernel and overclock or govern it to extend battery life, put in any launcher you like or multiple launchers, sideload apps and even steal them if you're not nice (I would never advocate that), install US only .apk's.... The list is endless, it's what Android is supposed to be. Samesung Touchwiz I hate. You should know exactly what you're getting into before hand and do plenty of reading. It's extremely difficult to break a Samsung phone beyond repair doing this but it's not difficult to get it in a state that you need advanced help with to get out of . Follow directions step by step and you're fine.
  9. Task killing does not save battery and is not good for the OS. Android has a great memory manager by default and sleeping processes do not draw. The exception to this rule being poorly designed apps. IE: Say something designed to collect RSS feeds that has runaway syncing and is always using radio, there are apps that will look for these. Usual design for manual shutdown would be on whatever top level menu there may be, then menu button with close being on the list. I think one day of heavy use is pretty much the standard across manufacturers.
  10. Which just showcases the sillyness of it all. The patent system ought to be able to punish Samsung for it's copying of things like trade-dress as they successfully have with the galaxy tab, but at the same time recognizing that all products in the marketplace copy each other to some extent and purchasing patent portfolios does not constitute intellectual property. No they didn't, multi-touch gestures are way older than the iPhone. Like touchpad gestures on a laptop, here's a patent that was submitted in 2005 before the iPhone was ever even conceptualized. Apple invents very little, they take good ideas and make them successful. The iPhone was the first mobile device to successfully incorporate multi-touch and gestures but they certainly did not invent it.
  11. Apple's patents included -Trade Dress ('Packaging, appearance, basically marketing'). -Tap to zoom -Pinch to zoom -Single VS MultTouch -Bounceback on overscroll -Rounded Rectangle ('They failed on it') And a few others, none signifigant: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444358404577609810658082898.html#project%3DAPPLESAMSUNGVERDICT%26articleTabs%3Dinteractive All are nonsense at any rate, and this will most likely end up a mistrial. http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2012082510525390 Really outrageous stuff coming out of that jury, what a huge joke.
  12. Rooting is so easy it's shameful not to do it. Cyanogenmod, plain and simple. Heck he even works for Samsung now, something like 6 of the top 10 apps on Google play require root now? That's the extent it's in, ICS has been out for months and you don't really have it. You have ICS integrated with Samsung's Touchwiz which just ruins Android. Jellybean just flies. The iPhone was modeled after the LG Prada, the first real full front touchscreen phone that sold quite well. With the functionality of the Motorola Rokr E1, the first smartphone to incorporate iTunes. Apple simply took an idea and made it better, just like Samsung. Just like they didn't invent accelerometers in mobile devices, finger gestures, bounceback on overscroll and all the other nonsense. It's evolution, not innovation. Spend four bucks on swiftkey. You can mash the keyboard with your palm it's so smart at predicting. That's an authors opinion, the S3 mops the floor with the i4S hardware wise. 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Dual Core (Quad core Int version) vs 1 Ghz Apple A5 1-2 Gb RAM vs 512 Mb 1280x720 res SAMOLED vs 960x640 Retina 300 hours standby vs 200 hours standby Removable SD, removable battery VS Neither 3G/4G vs Plain old 3G It still doesn't make it a better phone, different strokes for different folks. Some people need the iPhone. But there is no comparison in hardware capability, the I4S isn't in the race. Android Voice to text has been out for years. Vlingo & Assistant offer the same type functionality as SIRI, they just didn't get picked up and developed the way SIRI did. SIRI started it's life much the same way Vlingo did, wasn't Apple's idea either. I think it's all a big gimmick anyway.
  13. If CBC commenter's are the issue being discussed, then how can the source be anything but the comments section?
  14. I don't really see 'constantly,' but at any rate, because I want people to go and seek their own answers. Not repeat the ones spoken by others. I enjoy my ideas being constantly challenged, I learn a lot that way.
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