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  1. I check in every once in a while. On the contrary! I'm quite delighted to see the red-hat people so triggered over this. Like typical schoolyard bullies, they love to dish it out but they can't take it. F--- their feelings! The US Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, sex, and nation of origin, but doesn't prohibit discrimination against peoples' ideology. Communists, neo-Nazis, and Trumpists, for example, aren't protected groups. Suck it up, snowflakes! And of course SHS herself, and her dad, are well-known proponents of the idea that businesses should be free to discriminate against people they don't like, so her crying foul over this is hilarious hypocrisy. Perhaps this experience will give her some fresh perspective on that matter. The only one who broke the law here is SHS herself, who violated the Hatch Act by using government resources to pursue her grievance against a private citizen. An unpleasant woman being asked to leave a restaurant is a threat to democracy? Once again ... "womp womp" -k
  2. I thought Trump supporters favored the "Suck it up, Snowflake!" attitude to interacting with people they don't like. "F--k Your Feelings!" as the t-shirt says. They take great pride in hurting other peoples' feelings and "triggering the snowflakes". Why are they upset about this? I thought they applaud this kind of thing. Sarah's smarmy little Tweet about "respecting people, even when they disagree" is hilarious, considering the people she works with. For her to expect respect when the whole of the Trump regime insults and ridicules and attacks anybody and everybody they consider an enemy, is hilarious. Does she have no self-awareness at all? Sarah used to run a super-PAC whose core mission was fighting against rights for gay people. Which was also a main cause of her dad Mike's political career. For these two knuckleheads to cry "bigotry" about what happened to Sarah at the restaurant is richly ironic. And a while back there was the comedian who said mean things about Sarah at the correspondents dinner. How terrible! Trump supporters cheer on their hero as he insults and demeans everyone, yet someone says a few mean things about Sarah and they're crying about how mean and unfair it is. Boo-hoo! I find it impossible to feel sorry for Mrs Huckabee-Sanders. "F--- her feelings," as the saying goes. I think she should, as Trump supporters like to say, "suck it up, snowflake!" Or, as Melania's jacket said, "I don't really care, do U?" Or as Corey Lewandowski succinctly put it, "womp womp." -k
  3. Your article is a bunch of cherry-picking and correlation-causation fallacy intended to mislead the reader. Hype: Hysterical implication: 45% more kids are on drugs! 45% more kids are smoking pot at school!! Reality: It doesn't say that more kids are smoking pot, it says more kids are being caught with pot. Why would that be? Better enforcement. Research indicates that the rate of teenagers using marijuana in Colorado hasn't actually changed. Hype: Hysterical implication: twice as many people are driving around high! The roads are in chaos!! Fact: notice that he didn't make any comment about whether there are actually more fatal crashes in Colorado? That's because there aren't more fatal crashes in Colorado. The statistics show that the roads in Colorado are no more dangerous now than they were 5 years ago. Hype: Hysterical implication: People start smoking pot and they lose their homes and their jobs! Fact: as the guy himself points out, homeless potheads moved to Colorado for easier access to pot. What facts? The article he linked is awfully short on facts that support the conclusion Here's a report from the Cato Institute with links to lot of research and statistics-- Facts!! -- which pretty thoroughly refutes the notion that legalized marijuana is causing any sort of crisis in Colorado. https://www.cato.org/publications/policy-analysis/dose-reality-effect-state-marijuana-legalizations#full If you're interested in Facts!! then go read the Cato publication and let me know if you still believe Colorado is on the brink of some kind of Dope-fiend Apocalypse. -k
  4. What in the blue hell are you on about this time? What in the fizzityuck does Tesla have to do with Kevin Spacey or Leonardo or selfies? -k
  5. kimmy

    Bernie Sanders - Hero to Fools

    I don't think the people who run Dollar General are fools. It's clearly a very successful company. Their Canadian counterparts are also very successful. If you're suggesting that sometime soon the Rust Belt cities are going to be so full of well-off manufacturing jobs that dollar stores are going to go out of business, it looks like the Dollar General people are willing to bet that you're wrong. Of course Trump gave them a talking-to. Trump does a lot of talking. You think the trade deficit will disappear and the manufacturing jobs are going to come back because Trump went to Asia and shook his fist about the trade deficit? Here's a secret: manufacturing jobs have been returning to the US, for several years. But they're not the same jobs, and they're not in the same places. Many of them are in electronics assembly. The Rust Belt ironworks aren't going to return to what they used to be, ever. And the manufacturing jobs returning to the US aren't the high-paying manufacturing jobs of yesteryear either. These aren't well-paying full-time jobs with benefits where a guy can support his whole family with his wife staying home to raise the kids, the way people reminisce about. The new manufacturing jobs are low paying, low skill, often shift-work, often not full-time, usually with not much in the way of benefits. Most of them aren't earning much more than the people stocking the shelves at the Dollar General. The people landing these new manufacturing jobs are going to keep shopping at the Dollar General because it's the only way they can afford to keep off-brand Spork on the table. If these jobs can't be done cheaply in America, then they'll be done elsewhere. The era of paying low-skill employees middle-class wages is gone forever. That Rust Belt guy living on medical disability until his high-paying job operating the rivet machine at the factory waiting for his job to return is going to have to keep waiting, regardless of what President Trump said on the campaign trail or on his Asian tour. -k
  6. kimmy

    The Crosby Issue

    Why is it divisive? If nobody supports police brutality, why is anybody mad that players protest against police brutality? Yeah, but Trump said what Trump said. Maybe when they say "keep politics out of sports" people should direct that at him. -k
  7. kimmy

    Edmonton Western-made terror attack

    But eating shawarma and watching da'wah videos won't educate him to feel more comfortable in his new surroundings. I think obviously we've just failed to welcome him to our culture, and eating delicious Alberta meat and watching a movie about ranchers will help him appreciate the wonders of western Canada. -k
  8. kimmy

    The Crosby Issue

    Oh. That's an issue of bi-partisan agreement? Ok, then. So why do people keep saying that protesting police brutality during the anthem is political and divisive? -k
  9. kimmy

    Edmonton Western-made terror attack

    After reflecting on this, I now realize that this poor man probably just felt isolated and alienated from Alberta's cowboy culture. During his incarceration I think he should be fed delicious Alberta bacon and made to watch Brokeback Mountain over and over, so that he will learn to feel more at home. -k
  10. kimmy

    The Crosby Issue

    Which political side supports police brutality? -k
  11. Hailstorm!!  Will be live-blogging this. Stay tuned for updates.

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      Never mind. It's over. Move along.

  12. kimmy

    Edmonton Western-made terror attack

    If this is the best the Islamic State can come up with, I don't know why anybody is scared of them. Some sad loser who decided he would go on a terrorist spree because he couldn't do anything else right, and he couldn't even do this right either. He couldn't even kill pedestrians with a truck. What a failure. ISIS are a bunch of losers. -k
  13. kimmy

    The Crosby Issue

    Does that include the big military ceremonies the armed forces paid the NFL to host? -k
  14. kimmy

    The Crosby Issue

    Yes. When Tim Thomas refused the White House invitation in 2011, many conservatives applauded him for taking a stand for his personal beliefs. And many liberals were miffed that he was disrespecting the President or creating disunity or whatever. Here in 2017, liberals are applauding people like Steph Curry for declining the White House invitation, and conservatives are miffed at people like him for disrespecting the President or creating disunity or whatever. Same old, same old. When the our side does it, it's courageous and great! When the other side does it, it's offensive and terrible. In regard to Sidney Crosby, I share the view expressed by William Shatner and echoed recently by PK Subban regarding the anthem controversy. The Shat's view is: "I'm a guest in this country." Subban said basically the same. Sidney Crosby knows this as well. -k
  15. kimmy

    game of thrones

    It looks like Viserion leveled up... So Jaime is heading North with no army and no Cersei, to keep a promise? Maybe he's finally done with Cersei. You know those cartoons of a guy with a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other shoulder, both trying to influence him? For Jaime, Brienne and Cersei are the little angel and devil on his shoulders. Ever since they first met, Brienne has helped him rediscover his conscience and put him in touch with the man he could have been instead of the man he turned out to be. Littlefinger made Sansa into sort of a protege... like Roose Bolton, he got ended by his own creation. From the things Sansa said during the "trial", it seems evident that Bran has been sharing some of his knowledge with his sisters. Perhaps he is the one who sorted out the rift between Sansa and Arya. Littlefinger should have hightailed it out of Winterfell right after Bran said "chaos is a ladder" during their little chat. And Samwell and Bran put together the pieces of Jon's past. Auntie Danaerys. You've fallen in love with your auntie, Jon. When Jaime reaches Winterfell, he and Jon can commiserate. -k