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  1. James Richard Cross is still alive and underment no physocal mistreateatment from the FLQ. What is your point anyway.
  2. « Settled---Quebec is a province. » and the Québécois form a nation which forms the vast majority of the population of said province. And the federal Dominion of Canada is a country, but it is not a nation.
  3. « the first nations had their own referendum » True. But that was 15 years ago. Had you been following the news, you should know that many things have changed since in the relations betwwen the Québec governement and the First Nations. Look up "La Paix des Braves".
  4. Duceppe is not at all putting any emphasis on a referendum, but on the failure of thé Meech Lake accord, a las chance to terminate Quebec's indépendance mouvement.
  5. According to this definition, there is no such thing as Jewish nation, nor a Kurd nation.
  6. Law 101 is much less racist that the one proposed for Ontorio on this page.
  7. In Québec, now general practitioners support euthanasia too. Link: Euthanasie Québec, omnipraticiens
  8. Not only is it time to discuss it seriously, but it is also time to legalize at least euthanesia and assisted suicide in certain, very clearly defined situations. And, of course, it must always be with the express desire and consent of the "victim". It is more dignified than seeing terminally ill people dying with a plastic bag over their head. When the time comes, I definitely want to have a choice.
  9. Sorry, but I could not find a way to delete the emoticon which has no business there or anywhere else in the rest of my posting;
  10. The information I have is that the designs of the stone wals of the fortification were made by Gaspard Chaussegros de Léry around 1745 and completed around 1752-5. After 13 sept. 1759, the Brits under Townshend did not fire a single canon shot at it because a) he had too few large canons (the two brought by Wolfe were field canon, which could do, using grapeshot. do human damage, but even with full balls (6 pounders) would barely affect a fortification, and the batteries intended to receive the canons were not finished when on 17 sept. 1759, Québec"s governor De Ramezay, made a surprise off
  11. I live in the province of Québec. And I have no idea as to how these federal millions are spent, as there are practically no celebration of Dominion Day to speak of. Anyone has an answer?
  12. Time to put to rest the myth that English is a universal language.
  13. Debate over; on the noon news on Radio-Canada, I saw an interview with the director of the National Battlefield Commission announce that the reconstitution was cancelled. Radio-Canada
  14. Update, at 9:41 PM PLQ: 63 PQ: 54 ADQ: 7
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