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  1. Im a habs fan, my #2 team was anaheim, i was really happy that they won, i mean i like their style, their philosophy. I don't hate the sens but their are alot of team that i prefer. Actually their is only one team that i truly hate unconditionally, its the leafs.
  2. You are right, alot of city have to choose to organize an event the 24 or the 1st and they choose the 24th because its more likly to be successfull and the 1st is kind of a bad date for canada day, many ppl are moving and take a break after last week party.
  3. I think you don't have to be atheist to criticize a religion. I consider myself an agnostic, but at the same time i disaprove the idea of fundamentalism and i have a hard time with religion that disaprove equality of men, womens right and the principle of democracy. I consider myself tolerant torwards religions, as long as they don't enter in conflict with democracy.
  4. I don't know about albertan, but vivian barbot, the BQ candidate was on a tv show ~ 2 month earlier. She said she got contribution from ontario. Honestly, Justin Trudeau is not popular amongst francophone, but he may have a strong support from quebec anglophone. It will be interesting to see what happen. Id really like to give him a chance to talk to convince me he's not a disaster, id like to hear about his vision of the world and what he want to accomplish, but somehow evrything always end up about him talking about his father... Id prefer to see ben murloney than him for sure...
  5. The liberal will never win with dion... It was a really bad choice, they should make a putch while they can and give the power to ignatieff.
  6. What is wrong with this guy, blackburn definatly have an ethic problem... Here it say he used 150 000$ for flights and he "forgot" to write those spendings under his name... Here he pays his speechs between 1750$ and 3000$ each... WTF ? 3000$ for a speech ? Does he think we are stupid or what !!! Its clear he his using our money prolly to pay old friends who contributed to his campain... http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20070528.../1025/FRONTPAGE
  7. I can give my thought about that, Quebec is a hard place to understand, but i feel like there are 2 worlds, 2 cultures. I wouldn't say its french canadian, id say its a french-quebec culture wich is the majority in quebec. You have the french music wich is quite strong combined with american music. Actually quebec is america for the french world, our singer invaded france, it is problably our strongest cultural acheivment. Then you have the french movies wich is growing really fast since the years 2000's but its not easy to sell those movie on the international market, therefore we need t
  8. The thing is they won a minority government, so they have 2 choice: 1)They govern like when they where a majority. 2)They govern like a minority government and accept to give some of their power to the opposition. IMO, in the best world they should apply the 2nd choice, but in reality, politics has nothing to do with morale, its a constant dirty fight to stay on the top, evrything is allowed and lying is one of the most effective weapon. Jean Charest tax cut is a lie ! even if he apply them, he will have to raise hidden taxes like the price of electricity or things like that because quebec
  9. Yes but how can we punish a single party when IMO they would be all guilty. The PLQ because they didn't cancel their tax cut. The ADQ because they were voting against the budget before they saw it. The PQ because they don't want to vote for it. if only one of those change their mind, their will be no election.
  10. There is no better way than this to raise money for a political faction in quebec. Fake election or unstable government will make it easyer to collect $$ from their supporter all summer.
  11. The polls are the polls, they can be surprising sometime, the opinion vary but when you look at the overall picture, im not sure its not representative. Their are 2 things i know, id be surprise is if it does not change until the next election and that nobody can predict how it will change. I 100% agree, and the fact that he changed so quickly is problably because they convinced him to go back to the bloc. A few days ago i would have agreed, im not a marois fan, ive never been but sometime perception we have can be wrong. Like i said before im a big fan of Joseph Facal, I was surprised h
  12. Sometime politics is hard to follow, According to the polls, The PQ was losing support day after day not being able to lead once since the election... and now what ? they takes the lead... 45% of quebeckers wants Pauline Marois, against 21% for Duceppe. a PQ with Pauline Marois: PQ: 40% ADQ: 30% PLQ: 21% a PQ with Gilles Duceppe: PQ: 34% ADQ: 32% PLQ: 23% I knew quebec politic was hard to follow and it was a likly scenario that yesterday's last are tomorow's first... But that soon, it seem surealist... its like a 20% gain in 1 week... And even more surrealist is that Mar
  13. Duceppe and Marois are now officially in the race. Curzi said he his still thinking and will announce his decision next friday.
  14. You know, its really hard to say because politics in quebec has never been a Left vs Right debate, its always been a Federalist vs Sovreignist debate. The funiest thing is Quebec politics is all about the liberals, the PQ and the ADQ where built by old liberals. Some natural alliance have been made tho, the unions and the left went to the PQ while the right, the anglophone went to the PLQ. But it does not mean that there are no Leftish with the liberal (Thomas Mulcair) and Rightish with the PQ (Bouchard, Facal, Brassard). IMO those politician that have to live with this contradiction make the
  15. Few could make a difference and change the destiny of this party for the next election, Pierre Curzy has "charisma" written all over him but no political experience, IMO its an advantage id like to see him, not for his idea, i don't think he's a talented intellectual but for once politics wouldn't be boring. If we can't have politician with good idea, why not have someone interesting and entertaining ? Duceppe is boring, i think he's an ok politician but id rather have Dumont has prime minister than him. Has for Facal, well he's my #2 favorite politician. I mean the guy is the most brillian
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