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  1. [quote The really amazing thing there is the pages of posts debating the correct answer. Clearly many of the posters are NOT "smarter than a fifth grader"
  2. Boring. Nothing new from either of them. Both are "principled", which means they never have to think about a position, just repeat all the same old same old.
  3. Anyone read her two books? The Second Life of Samuel Tyne and Half Blood Blues The first one is a kind of novel I seldom get past half a dozen pages into: Little plot and it's very dark and it takes place inside the head of one man. In this case, however, she is so good with language that I found it fascinating. I find it incredible that a 30 year old woman is able to write so convincingly from the point of view of a 60 year old man. Half Blood Bluesis more conventional in that there is actually a plot, but, again, she brings the characters to life in a way that makes me actually care about them. I'm not surprised this book won the Giller. It's great! I can hardly wait until this young woman publishes another novel.
  4. The fact is, in Regina at the equinox the sun rises at 7:00 A.M. and sets at 7:00 P.M.not 6:00 and 6:00, as would be expected on standard time.
  5. Why change at all? Just stay on DST all year long, like Saskatchewan
  6. Is this because the NDP's newfound apparent relevance was really just Jack Layton being lovable, and whoever replaces him will not be him, so the party's relevance is gone?
  7. The title of yhe thread wasn't "sharing pleasuring, drugs, rock and roll".
  8. I agree, although I have no personal stake in this, as I don't own, or want to own, any firearms. It is silly to think a registration system will have any effect on the crazies out there. It's just a pointless waste of money.
  9. "The freedom to believe or not to believe is also a protected right."What we really need is something to protect us from religion. Concept a
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