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  1. don't you mean infinite government funds available kimmy
  2. Ceasar I thought you liked monopolies. Air canada, attempts to nationalize the oil industry with petrocanada, the CBC if there was enough money left over
  3. That is a loaded question Hawk.... caesar can't resist to put his lefty spin on it
  4. I prefer the word pre trudeau; before the counrty went amuck
  5. Hey if your not right, your wrong. But to be hoenst CBC is biased like any other news station out there, what Kimmy and others may be looking for is a balance in that Bias, and the question would be in a publicly funded channel and program is there a balance and if there is not a balance shoudl a program that is publicly funded be allowed to have a blatant and consistent bias in oen direction with out fair measures taken and alloted for a rebuttal to be provided? The CBC is not biased they proved that when a couple of days after 9/11 80% of their picked 'experts' said the US deserved to be
  6. If mulroney was given a starting point of a 11 billion debt and the low interest rates of the 70s he could not compete with trudeau when it comes to raising is 10 fold.
  7. The left is fragmented.... the liberals just keep trying to win support back from the bloc and as a result making Quebec issues a higher priority.... have you heard of policies like asymmetrical health care because of Quebec’s private clinics instead of saying no we don't like the word private and you better do things the way we want because we don't care if you won't elect any liberals. The liberals didn't go around calling Quebecois un Canadian for supporting a party that wants to breakup Canada. The instead of using the word un Canadian it is more like pre Trudeau before the county went a
  8. That sums it up. Harper gets called everything under the sun and also other right leaning politicians.... but how dare you have the gull to say something bad about a liberal leader. Left leaning bias favoritism.... Nah it couldn't be. The editor wouldn't be on your case if it were Harper you were attaching a label to.
  9. It is the liberals and their spin-doctors that labeled the right wing voters as 'un Canadian' last election. Which country were they referring to? ... The Soviet Union They wouldn’t call Quebecois un Canadian and guarantee the bloc would win more votes. You can't have it both ways say the liberals are not anti-American and at the same time say those right wing voters are 'un Canadian'
  10. caeser we know you are more interested in protecting the liberal name ... disguised as Chretien just exercising his rights. If Gomery was saying I think the liberals are innocent but will go through the process to please the public would Chretien be pushing to have Gomery removed. Not unless Chretien thought Gomery would come to a different conclusion.
  11. Don forget the very real threat of a lightning strike I thought the tornadoes were more of a threat ... or is that only if you live in a trailer park. I heard this joke why do tornadoes always go through trailer parks... because GOD doesn’t like trailer parks
  12. Nope. Born'n'bred as they say round these parts. so one of those life long liberals that used the logic no one is perfect in governnment... there will be a resolution to the NEP sooner or later. sort of like the longs in the stockmarket saying maybe it will rebound one of these days
  13. BD must be one of those post 1980 Albertans that or redmonton
  14. I have a friend from quebec that told me a story about how this construction company would bring lumber to the site in the day and remove it at night so they could bring more lumber to get the job done.
  15. I can see your point about Alberta being split into two southern Alberta and northern Alberta with redmonton
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