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  1. “I’m not looking for a Soviet-style hardware display. That’s not who we are,” Mr. Graham told CNN. “It’s kind of cheesy. I think it shows weakness, quite frankly.”

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Actually, that is who they are!  Like it or not, good or bad, the USA is the world's police.  People can bitch and complain all they want, the fact is, we need the Americans and we want the Americans to be that force. 

    2. The_Squid


      You clearly can’t read...   no one said they don’t have the military power...   The Republican, Lindsay Graham, says it’s cheesy to show it off like they’re the USSR.  And it’s not a sign of strength...  it’s a sign of petty insecurities.  

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      So, who cares what Graham said.  All this is, is someone slagging Trump and for that you will like the comment.  You wont think it through on your own.  How do you or Mr. Graham know the reason or effects of such a show?  

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