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  1. Anti-Semite Christian dirtbag Billy Graham is dead. 

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    2. The_Squid


      Good riddance.  

    3. OftenWrong


      Billy was a very good singer. Give it a listen, you might like it-


    4. The_Squid


      He sang the Devil’s music. 

  2. The mods here are so disinterested that they can’t even delete duplicate posts. 

    1. ?Impact


      Mods? I thought we were down to one.

    2. OftenWrong


      Let's fret over it.

    3. The_Squid


      Personal insults from Mods will be deleted.  Go away Greg, if all you have are insults.  

  3. A billion dollars worth of business for Canada from the Trudeau India trip. Conservatives everywhere must be ecstatic! Oh wait.... Trudeau... must hate.
  4. Florida teenagers should use their 2nd Amendment remedies to get their point across....   

  5. a and b set out the punishments if you're fund guilty. It clearly says an attempt at theft is illegal. Come on ?Impact... you also need to quit while you're behind. If you don't understand the Criminal Code, then maybe this will help:
  6. Here is one of them on the witness standing telling the court he was a thief. So.... you still don't think they were thieves? What point did you counter? You said they could be charged with manslaughter... I gave you actual citations to show that this was not the case. Clearly, you didn't know what you were talking about. And now you come back with some other assertion with nothing to back it up. Criminal negligence is also covered under Homicide in the Criminal Code, so this also wouldn't be an option due to the same section of the Constitution. You are simply talking out your ass.
  7. You've shown that you already don't know anything about what he can and can't be charged with after this verdict. Quit while you're behind.
  8. what if one of them admitted under oath at the trial to stealing ? Would you call them thieves then?
  9. So breaking into a vehicle on the other property was what....? Starting an ATV that isn't yours on their property is .... what?
  10. No, you're very wrong. He can't be retried for the same case, even if it's a lesser charge. Manslaughter is implicit in the murder charge.
  11. Details are ambiguous all over this case... Why do you think they were there?
  12. Committing crimes while armed are definitely more serious than not. Theft can be an indictable offence. Doing so with a firearm carries a minimum sentence of an additional year, if memory serves... On the subject of whether they intended on stealing, it seems very clear that they were in the act of stealing and had already tried to steal a vehicle elsewhere. I'm not sure where you guys are getting your facts.... are you just making them up?
  13. No, he can't. http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/csj-sjc/charter-charte/check/art11h.html
  14. I didn’t say anything about being toppled by the wind, although it doesn’t meet current standards for wind or earthquake resistance. It is past due for replacement, so why not replace it? are you an engineer? How much do you know about bridges? What does a DC3 have to do wth this bridge?
  15. They were committing armed robbery. Stanley doesn’t need help with his case.... he was found not guilty. Apparently, there are gun charges that they will bring against him now. Clearly, he had an illegal gun that was improperly stored. He’ll likely be taken to task on that.
  16. Committing crimes while armed is illegal for anyone. I’m surprised you didn’t know this.
  17. The Patullo bridge was constructed to last 50 years by its builder. It certainly needs replacing. http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/pattullo-bridge-history-built-in-1937-the-span-was-expected-to-last-50-years Tell us again how it is supposed to last a few hundred more years.... I wish people would at least do a Google search before posting so they have a modicum of knowledge about what they’re posting....
  18. America never classifies people by the colour of their skin or ethnicity.
  19. More children dead in mass shooting.  


  20. Ummm... that’s what non competitive means... there are only 2 countries that can compete. The rest are awful. Makes for boring competitions.
  21. Umm... yeah. Probably the least important issue I’ve ever heard of. Grow up.
  22. Women’s hockey is uncompetitive. Men’s hockey won’t have the best in the world... not even close. I’ll save my excitement for the biathalon.
  23. Crazy right wingers think Trudeau is an embarrassment. Meanwhile, they carry on denying climate change and think women’s rights are akin to murder... I know which ones I think are more embarrassing.... Your post is fluff Betsy. It’s nothing of substance. It’s about personality... which is meaningless.
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