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  1. Nobody can justify killing innocents. Israel's responses often kill civilians not because the deliberately target them, but because they are in the way. That or their intelligence was faulty. And, if there weren't terrorist attacks, there wouldnt be israeli response, would there?
  2. From 2007 about $2 billion a year in foreign aid to the PA. Last year $1.2 and this year less than a $1 billion with a view to eliminating aid by 2013. Budget for 2011 in the PA, 3.7 Billion. UNWRA budget $568 million. Hamas 2010 budget was $540 million of which $60 million was from internal revenues and the balance from "foreign donors. Interesting that Gazans certainly have less government than the wb. http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2011%5C02%5C05%5Cstory_5-2-2011_pg4_4 The WB experienced 9% growth last year. Seems a strategy of co-operation and compromise while still
  3. Rather poor science. we don't share 98 or 99 % of our DNA with chimps. And certainly no where close to 93% with monkeys. " show that 24% of the chimpanzee genome does not align with the human genome. There are 3% further alignment gaps, 1.23% SNP differences, and 2.7% copy number variations totaling at least 30% differences between chimpanzee and Homo sapiens genomes" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimpanzee_genome_project
  4. The un general assembly is a feel good kaffeklatch of absolutely no authority. Its resolutions are totally politicized by voting blocs and always anti-Israeli when on that subject which seems to be with abnormal frequency. It is nothing more than a venue for countries to behave hyocritically self righteously about other countries. its a shame really, but when you can have a country like Bahamas have the same power (vote) as China its obvious why the GA has no teeth and can't be taken seriously.
  5. Well, It would appear as though I don't know as much as I thought I did. I shall do some further research in this area before opening my mouth about it again. As for jew baiting...... a tad hypersensitive aren't you? a not uncommon condition but I only "bait" people based on my opinion of them or their comments as individuals with the exception of Islamists, white power pinheads and neo nazis. I don't think you fall into any of those categories.
  6. Okay, it doesn't constitute evidence. However Goldstone himself uses the same translation. I am unaware that there was an alternative translation that differs from what it says in his report and obviously neither was he. Point taken. So, he didn't investigate the claim, that doesn't mean it wasn't true. However, one would reasonably conclude that if it was true there would be some evidence that Israel would be anxious to disclose. I shall concede that it is unsubstantiated. Para 467 either is contradicting the last sentence of 466 or is refering to other claims. I'm not sure what a
  7. Apparently my first response to you suggesting you indulge in self gratification and then my second response to please demonstrate affection for my buttocks is a blatant insult according Hardner and my posts disappeared. I consider your post to be a deliberate personal insult.
  8. How you could arrive at such a conclusion given what I posted is beyond me. I suppose you think you are clever. Apparently I am not allowed by forum rules to respond as this deliberate BLATANT INSULT deserves. So I'll just sweetly say, please kiss my ass.
  9. I am aware goldstone did not conclude that hamas used civilians as human shields. He concluded that there was no evidence available to him. considering his methodology one would have been shocked as shit if he did come up with such evidence. Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human http://blog.camera.org/archives/HumanShields.jpg I agree with you that it shouldnt be misrepresented. Like Hamas uses civilians as human shields. You are aware that during Cast Lead, Hamas headquartered in the basement of a hospital aren't you? True, but even in Cast Lead
  10. Russia and America were allies in WW2. Did that make America communist?
  11. the IDF does not indiscriminantly kill civilians. If it did, how do you explain that "only" 1400 civilians were killed in Cast Lead? And a significant number of those civilian deaths were a direct result of Hamas' strategy of human shields. Hamas deliberately and indiscriminantly targets Israeli civilians as proven by their constant firing of unguided rockets and mortars into civilian areas. The IDF, otoh, takes great pains to minimize civilian casualities. Hell they even spent two days warning the citizens of Jenin to get out of dodge before they entered. Some 11,000 took the hint befor
  12. The Mufti was NOT a Nazi. Yes, he certainly wanted to exterminate the jews. Now, if you think for one second he had any influence on the final solution you are just dumb. the Mufti represented the "sand people", higher than jews in their warped racist scale, but far far below the german ideal. The nazis and the mufti were allies of convenience. But first and foremost as a Muslim, he wanted to get rid of the British occupiers of muslim land. the ummah is an important islamic concept. they are still whining about losing andalusia 600 years ago. For you not to understand this concept indica
  13. So if you were in charge what kind a settlement would you negotiate? would you withdraw from the minor settlements and the jordan valley? would you pay compensation in lieu of right of return to Israel proper? would you "share" jerusalem? would you allow free passage between WB to Gaza? would you allow sovereign rights to the nation of Palestine? In your world, what would a peaceful, meaningful, and sustainable agreement look like?
  14. So a nut burns a Koran and people thousands of miles away die. Seems President Karzai uses for his own political gain and incites the radicals with calls to arrest the nutjob in America. Radical imans incite their congragations and lookie there. A few hundred whack jobs decide to protest. The Taliban view this as an outstanding opportunity. Hiding within the demonstrations they launch a heinous terrorist attack on a UN compound. The only "religious" aspect of this is that the "faith" of some really gullible and ignorant afghanis is exploited by politicians and terrorists. The taliban
  15. Like I said before. I don't give a shit about all that nazi garbage. It provides an excellent history lesson, but is relevant in today's world only as a warning of the evil that man can achieve - "Never Again". I am well aware that in those days I would have been a candidate for transportation.
  16. Really? what would you say are the other components of being Jewish?
  17. In the end, the fact that they knew they were going to kill innocent children didn't deter them in the slightest. So I'll revise my statement. They may or may not have given a shit, but they killed those kids. The intent was to kill everyone in the building, to ensure that they killed the target. A 1 ton bomb is indiscriminant. One doesn't have regrets if they intended an action? NONSENSE. Talk to soldiers returning from combat. They intended to kill the enemy and some have regrets and nightmares for the rest of their lives. I have never once said that Israel deliberately targets c
  18. Well, you can continue to claim that Gaza isn't occupied. However, according to the hague and Geneva conventions and the case law surrounding them, Gaza remains occupied. You know Israel is a signatory of those conventions and that teh Israeli Supreme court has stated that the precepts of international law are intrinsic in the laws of Israel. Hmmmm. A "soft" occupation. Like the palestinians should consider themselves lucky Israel is such a magnanimous occupier. I'm mean really why on earth would these ungrateful wretches want liberty and freedom and the right to self determination. Granted
  19. Nobody argues about being placed in an us or them position. this wasn't one of those instances. don't you get that? Nobody is suggesting that Israel allows terrorists to operate with impunity. don't you get that? And it says a lot about you that you'd make the decision a hundred times over to deliberately bomb innocent children to kill one bad guy, especially when there are so many other proven ways of efficiently eliminating said bad guy. (I particularly liked the exploding cell phone myself).
  20. They are not stupid and neither are you. Tell me, what do you think the outcome of dropping a 1 ton bomb on a 4 story concrete structure that houses three or four families will be? Now, consider dropping the bomb at 2 in the morning? Now tell me what immediate conclusions you come to wrt the results? the didn't give a shit because they did it. They knew they were going to kill families, but their desire to kill a bad guy was greater than any moral repugnance to kill babies. Tell me how you can kill only the target with a 1 ton bomb when the target is sleeping in an apartment building
  21. Ahhhhh, so when applied to you its infintile, but when you do it, its okay? Lesson 1. It wasn't unfair. You definitely implied I was anti-semitic twice. that crack about how we both know why I said "european jews".
  22. read the Geneva conventions wrt to resistance fighters in occupied territory.
  23. \ Don't play stupid. No they didn't intend to kill everyone in the four or five unit apartment building by dropping a 1 ton bomb on it in the early morning hours. Who in their right mind could possibly think that normal people and small children would be in their beds at that time? Who could have known what a 1 ton bomb would have done to a 4 story concrete building? You claim you know all about these attacks, but from your responses it appears as though you either don't know anything about them, or you are being disingenuous hoping to some how defend the indefensible.
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