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  1. Yes absolutely stopped. Why? Because it serves CANADIANS no purpose other than to drag our wages down. The only ones who benefit from that program are those who take the money and run, leaving Canadian taxpayers to fill the void. Ya, and open discussion means what? Another 5-10 yrs of this bs program while some rigged study panel looks into the 'merits' of it while they're being paid off by the corporate filth who already benefit from it? That type of open discussion?
  2. There's no maybe about it, that program should be stopped immediately.Our unemployment numbers are going up, more and more are under employed, more and more are struggling to make ends meet because wages haven't kept up with the cost of living.. The last thing this country needs is the filthy rich corporate scum bringing in TFW to steal jobs from Canadians so they can increase their profit margins.
  3. Something must be very wrong within the Conservatives when Mulroney comes out and endorses Justin Truedeau as someone who would make a great leader.

    1. The_Squid


      Look for paper bags filled with cash.....

    2. Rick


      In German Deutschmarks?

  4. Well at least Ralph Klein will have someone to hang out with in hell. Good riddens to her. As Elvis Costello once wrote: Tramp the dirt down. On a side note, I downloaded 'Ding Dong the witch is dead' on I-Tunes to help push it up to the top of the charts. We'll see if the BBC has the stones to play it in their weekly countdown or if they succumb to the pressure of the Thatcher elitests.
  5. The air smells cleaner in here...not sure why, but it does. Hey...where's Shady at??

  6. I was here when Shady admitted he's Mr. Canada, as well as Right Wing, QWERTY and several others which he said still post here. He said he 'loves' all the attention he gets and enjoys getting under people's skin. He quickly removed the status update. Do not feed the troll.

  7. I was here when Shady admitted he's Mr. Canada, as well as Right Wing, QWERTY and several others which he said still post here. He said he 'loves' all the attention he gets and enjoys getting under people's skin. He quickly removed the status update. Do not feed the troll.

    1. WWWTT



    2. sharkman


      I don't think you're allowed to plagiarize.

  8. I'm kind of liking this new nimiru character that's postinghere...

    1. Argus


      Anyone want to start a pool to when he gets suspended?

  9. So why did Laureen Harper liquidate her entire stock portfolio??? Is she finally preparing to reveal what is common knowledge in Ottawa but never talked about story that she doesn't live at 24 Sussex, but with her RCMP lover

  10. Wondering what name Mr Canada will 'magically' appear under next....

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    2. punked


      There is no way you can police that Squid.

    3. The_Squid


      It was blatantly obvious. They could have reacted waaaaay sooner.

    4. Manny


      Like the mods, I wasn't following the whole conversation. In fact I tended ignore his posts. Sorry I defended him. I thought he wasn't a jackass. I was wrong

  11. Unlike the racists who think that staging hunger strikes are akin to "terrorism", I support this country's First Nations protest methods

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    2. Merlin


      Does this mean "all" Muslims? Of course not! But it is Muslims who are doing these things in record numbers around the globe. This scares me and makes me wonder about honour killings as well. This is scary stuff.

    3. The_Squid


      Mr. Canada, you're shtick is getting old... pathetic and transparent.

    4. sharkman


      So if you don't support the hunger strike you're a racist? Really?

  12. Unlike Conserrv

  13. #IdleNoMore :thumbs up:

  14. Thinks it would be a great idea if the TTC would employ more union members that were Muslims to operate all of the wheel trans vehicles

    1. Merlin


      I use wheel trans and welcome anyone to drive for them as long as they could abide by the strict codes of conduct set out by the TTC. I am disabled.

    2. kimmy


      Why would it be a great idea to specifically recruit Muslim drivers?

    3. BC_chick


      I think a raise is also in order.

  15. If those 3 cops that were shot had guns...that shooting inside of the NJ police station would never have occurred according to the NRA

  16. If we were to call the NRA a union (which it is) Shady and the right wing would want it shut down

  17. Never knew that facebook was available to the dead. The shooter, Ryan Lanza must be posting from hell because he's been updating his status in the past hour.

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    2. Sleipnir


      Yeah Adam not Ryan.

    3. cybercoma


      CNN gave the FB page of the wrong person. They even included his picture. Even more stupid than that, angry idiots have been flooding the Mass Effect page (the video game), telling the developers they now have blood on their hands. Why? Because the WRONG Lanza liked the Mass Effect page. Even if it was the right one, how stupid are these people? If the shooter liked kittens, would we be blaming them for this too?

    4. WIP


      I guess I did the right thing when I closed my Facebook account three years ago.

  18. Wishing a great man the best in his latest battle against cancer and hopes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon President Chavez!!!

    1. Shady


      Hail to King Chavez!

    2. sharkman


      Is this his third time? doesn't look good...

    3. wyly


      he's urged support for his successor so it appears he expects the worst...I understand if he dies before his presidential inauguration there will another election within 30 days...

  19. Contrary to what some of those on the left think about guns, I'm not against guns. They're a perfect start to every revolution.

    1. DogOnPorch


      So you advocate violent revolution. Nice. Any other confessions, my son?

  20. Any truth to the rumour that the KC Chiefs will be opening the game tomorrow in shotgun formation?

  21. Conservatives are all for law, order and justice except when one of their own is found guilty. Then they turn into the lying hypocrites that they truly are. Poor poor Robbie. If we're lucky he'll have a massive coronary soon and spare the city even more embarrassment.

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    2. punked


      No Mr. Canada because he refused the rule of law to pay back 3000 dollars not once when told to do so but 26 times. He had his chance and he ignored the law. That is wrong.

    3. Shady


      Another great example of the intolerance of the left. See my thread in the Media and Broadcasting section.

    4. j44


      You know your comments are foolish when I agree w Shady's reply.

  22. So tell me again how Harper cares about the military?OTTAWA -- Canada's military ombudsman is reviewing whether he has the right to look at secret cabinet documents in light of stonewalling from the Harper government during a recent investigation into the care of reservists. Pierre Daigle's office ran into roadblocks when it asked for documents related to the inability of National Defence to deliver on a promise to increase dismemberment coverage for part-time soldiers. Both Defence a...

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    2. Rick



      Conservatives have failed to support the troops once they've been shot and of no further use to their fascist right wing, pro-war ideology. Harper's a two faced fascist liar.

    3. Merlin


      It seems like you don't know what fascism is.

    4. sharkman


      Okay, I get it, Fascism baby! As long as Tory Opponents so badly misread them, then the Tory reign will continue unopposed.

  23. It is imperative to take the initiative, to build firewalls around Alberta, to limit the extent to which an aggressive and hostile federal government can encroach upon legitimate provincial jurisdiction. National Post, January 24, 2001, “Open Letter to Ralph Klein” Atlantic Canada's culture of defeat will be hard to overcome as long as Atlantic Canada is actually physically trailing the rest of the country. New Brunswick Telegraph Journal, May 29, 2002 - Stephen Harper

    1. Shady
    2. wyly


      when is going to resign a la David McGuinty

  24. Over/Under on Harper debt during this term. $30-35 billion?

  25. I support the teachers. What I do not support are the parents acting like terrorists bashing them for standing up for their rights.

    1. cybercoma


      Especially the parents who otherwise have little involvement in their child's education and blame the teachers when the students aren't doing well. I remember a time when parents took at least equal if not more responsibility for their child's education than blaming the teachers for everything.

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