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  1. I confess, my minimal knowledge of healthcare is confined to Saskatchewan. In the last two years, my wife received world class surgery to remove a benign tumor from her spinal cord, saving her from life in a wheel chair and my son, who shattered his ankle into "bone mush," is fully recovered. This was all before the pandemic. All this with a shortage of healthcare workers who go to extraordinary lengths for their patients. But I agree we have an over abundance of MBA's in all fields of endeavour.
  2. Am I correct in thinking you and I are on common ground that the healthcare system needs more money? When all this is over, governments at all levels will have to raise taxes. Beware of the politician who tries to scam us by saying (s)he will not raise taxes. They have no choice.
  3. Hindsight is 20-20. What hospitals were closed? You have the advantage of me on that one. I agree, spousal abuse is a tragedy. I don't have an answer to that. The whole point is to get people to stay in their homes and only go outside for exercise. The governments should have prohibited travel totally, prohibited the consumption of beverage alcohol, and continued the CERB program. The difficulty is they did not know what they were dealing with until it was too late. Even closing the US border was thought to be impossible. Businesses are going to die. That is a terrible thing but i
  4. The successful policies with Covid-19 in a few other countries are, early, frequent, almost universal testing, contact tracing, strict restrictions on travel, and a greater ICU capacity. These are nations with populations acclimatized to compliance with authority.
  5. I apologize. While I never click on links, you did provide the info, but I missed it. I agree, we need to put a lot more money into elder care. The response to the post-war baby boom has been late for the last 70 years. Not enough schools in the 1950's and 60's, not enough jobs in the 60's and 70's and no real planning for boomers in anticipation of the present. We have come to a point, thanks to Preston Manning, that no one can win an election without promising to lower taxes. Manning convinced the voters you could have everything without paying for it. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but n
  6. It is not the governments that have screwed things up in this crisis. It is us, the pea-brains, who won't do what we are told because we are entitled.
  7. That is a pretty cavalier view of other people's lives. This old lady in a care home was a physicist who contributed to the enhancement of your life style and that other woman parachuted into occupied France in the Second World War so that I could post stupid things on the internet. But they're old so who gives a damn if they get sick and die as long as I don't have to pay taxes to support the healthcare system and I can go get hammered in a crowded bar and spread covid-19 to others who will pass it on to someone who actually has contributed to the betterment of our society. I'm 73 and I
  8. Rather than quote Oop's lengthy post, I would just ask what would you suggest to fight covid 19? We should have done more but when you have a non-compliant segment in the population, you do your best. Taiwan and New Zealand did better but the Kiwi's have resisted all my suggestions that we trade Prime Ministers.
  9. Thanks, but the person in the avatar is the late Right Honourable Colonel George Francis Gilman Stanley, former Lt. Gov. of New Brunswick, one of the people credited with creating the Canadian flag, the longest serving officer in the Canadian Forces (or so I've been told) and one of Canada'd formost historians.
  10. I don't know which day I am looking forward to more, the day when I can listen to an entire news broadcast that doesn't mention covid-19 or doesn't mention "former" President Donald Trump.
  11. If President Trump decides to run in 2024, he could use the support of those thugs, so pardons could re-build his political capital. I doubt he will actually end up in jail and impeachment is doubtful. Four years is a long time for people to remember how bad a President he has been. I bet he wins a second term in 2024. (I bet he would have won this time around because I have never won a bet since I got 10 - 1 odds that Cassius Clay would defeat Sonny Liston.) I depend on that super-power to keep President Trump out of the WH.
  12. Antifa and the MAGA insurrectionist thugs are the same as their predecessors, the Red Guard, the Brownshits and the Sons of Liberty. They are criminal bullies.
  13. I also have room for the First Lady...😈
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