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  1. We still need to focus on conserving our petroleum and coal resources for future generations of Canadians. When oil, coal and iron ore resources are exhausted, we will be plunged back into the dark ages. You cannot make steel without coal. You cannot make electricity without steel. You cannot operate machinery without lubricating oil. We have to transition to nuclear sooner, rather than later. Not only is it profitable for western Canada, but it is profitable for the east in the manufacture of reactors. Exporting it around the world will revolutionize the developing world. It is a licence
  2. I agreed with the first part up to your statement about "we pay too much attention to the west." I agree we need to stop wasting our petroleum and coal resouces by selling them off when future generations will rely on them for survival. Western Canada is the Saudi Arabia of uranium. Eastern Canada has the infrastructure to convert that uranium into an incredible amount of energy and it will last long enough to act as a bridge until we can use thorium and fusion. The west and the east need each other. That being said, we could all do with a little less whining from all of us...but that wou
  3. Okay, I guess I can't get all high and mighty about hate because I despise socialist credit / reform and the Mannings, Bennetts and Aberhart. Preston Manning in particular was the kind of political SOB that he professed to despise. He was anti-Canadian and had no moral conviction. I lived under those corrupt, thieving, anti-semetic communists from 1952 until slick Willie Bennett and Vander Zalm were done. So, if you hate JT, who am I to say you are wrong.
  4. So,...does that mean you don't like our Prime Minister? Does that mean we can count on your support for Mr. O'Toole?
  5. I must have missed something. Which Canadian city did they burn to the ground?
  6. Again, what evidence do you have the the Prime Minister is a close friend of Clare Bronfman? The Bronfmans are a prominent family known for their philanthropy and important contributions to Canada. While the Prime Minister took a vacation hosted by the Aga Khan, and has had close ties to the We foundation, he also successfully over saw the salvaging of NAFTA and the efforts to control the covid 19 pandemic. I am a supporter of Mr. O'Toole but I will call out this kind of smear campaign. You are free to disagree with a politician but not to slander and liable them. If you think
  7. In what way are Bombardier or Seagrams crimminal organizations?
  8. What evidence is there that Ms. Bronfman is a friend of the Prime Minister? I met the man who was eventually convicted of the murder David Milgard served 23 years for. Does that mean this rapist and murderer was my friend? The Bronfmans are a large extended family tied to many prominent families around the world. Are they all complicit in Clare Bronfman's crimes? The Mulroneys come to mind. Smearing anyone through guilt by association is something you should discuss with your lawyer before you carry on.
  9. Someone said the VP debate was boring because it was, for the most part, civil. That says something disturbing about that kind of viewer.
  10. These are not debates. A proper political debate is formated with a set time allotment where each side is given, say 10 minutes, to state their plan for government should they be elected, without interuption. They are then given a set time for rebuttal, again, uninterupted. The attack, the gotcha moments, may be entertaining for some, but does nothing to inform the viewer about policy. It is no different than the morons who watch auto racing to see the accidents or hockey to watch the fights. Government is run by a team, not an individual. Those individuals who try to govern without
  11. That is a vile accusation. I hope you can back it up with documentation of a verdict in a crimminal trail, otherwise, it is nothing but a baseless contemptable lie. Regardless of how we feel about a politician, there are boundaries of civility that never should be crossed. Vice President Biden deserves the same respect we show President Trump.
  12. The whole idea of this kind of debate is useless. A POTUS makes decisions after getting advice from advisors. President Reagan was successful because he knew his limitations and surrounded himself with people who were smarter than he was and he listened to their advice. If a President fails to listen to professionals who know more than she / he does, he / she is doomed in the long run. Debates do not demonstrate anything valuable about the real world.
  13. A few Canadians do hate Americans, mostly pseudo-intellectual third year Arts students, too under=educated to appreciate that Americans are the greatest super-power in history. By greatest, I mean the most generous. Most of the things that the whiney minority of anti-American Canadians blame Americans for are things Canadians are "guilty" of. Some Canadian tourists use the Canadian flag to get better service in Europe, to emphasize we are not Americans. It gives us the illusion that we are "superior" to Americans. A year ago, I was in Washington State and I have never been treated so warm
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