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  1. I stole the second quote "Socialism is the opiate of the intellectual class." from a Malcolm McDowell movie called "O Lucky Man." It was scrawled on something in the background.
  2. This is a bit early, but to all our American friends, especially the delightful Ms. Bush-Cheney, have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.
  3. Isn't everybody? It is the nationalissts like Xi, Putin and President Trumpand that seem to be trying to acquire all the world's resourses. Money is the opiate of the liberal class. Socialism is the opiate of the intellectual class. All of the above except the mask bit. I only wear a mask when I lead the fight for law and order, thundering across the prairie on my great horse Silver, a firey horse, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi Yo Silver, Away. Well, tomorrow is the 4th of July so join me in wishing our wonderful American friends, especially the delightful Ms. Bush-Cheney, a Happy Independence Day.
  4. Happy Dominion day, Taxme. Sorry I'm late but I was busy celebrating. Why are you opposed to globalism?
  5. Better late than never. Betsy, I unreservedly and unequivocly apologize. You were right about masks and I was wrong. I dip in and out of DP from time to time.
  6. If you get married for sex, you are getting married for the wrong reasons. You obviously have more experience with the sex trade but I would be surprised if video taping congess would be allowed. Have you concidered celabacy and self abuse? It is cheaper.
  7. The Liberal Party of Saskatchewan ran with an election platform of higher taxes for needed infrastructure and to stop the ballooning deficits created by the Conservatives. The Tories and the NDP started a bidding war to see who could promise more spending and lower taxes. It was called the hot tub war for it's lavish promises of subsidized home renovations. The only seat the Liberals won was the leader's. The NDP defeated the Tory government. Just for the record, I worked on the Tory campaign but I learned nobody ever won an election promising higher taxes or a cut in services. Taxme will never see his vision of government nor will I ever see a restoration of the Canadian Armed Forces nor a powerful Monarch. But I do make a darned fine coffee mug.
  8. Governing a nation like Canada is complex in the sense that there are a lot of different competing interests but when it comes to resolving the issues a government is offered only a narrow range of solutions. The citizen initiated referendums have been tried in California where one intiative demanded spending more money and another demanded tax cuts. Both passed and the state went to the brink of bankruptcy. My career as a politician was very enlightening and very brief. I thought that since I was smarter than the voter, I could present a reasonable argument and convince them I was right and they were wrong, so they would vote for me. Governments listen to voters to determine what voters want. They then have to figure out if it is possible to do. Often it isn't practical. I heard a farmer in Saskatchewan say the problem with the government is taxes are too high and they don't fix the roads. He just did not see the diconnect. The worst feature in politics is ideology. The idea that a single idea has the answers to all our problems is nuts. When you take one action to help one group of people, you are going to antagonize others. You have to weigh the competing issues very carefully. If you want to get your way, form a special interest group. Maybe, you can generate enough votes to win over the government. If not, you have to consider your ideas were not that good. I came to terms that King Charles II is in the past and we will never be a world power. I finally followed my dad's advice and quit politics. Now I am a happy potter. Want to buy a coffee mug?
  9. It is how to be a democratic government. Do what your voters (bosses) want. Nobody cares what you think.
  10. A good preliminary step to engaging in sex is marriage. It is only a first step. You must also obtain clear willing consent before having sex with your spouse. That is clearly abuse. You need to do some research into the violence involved in the sex trade. If you are desparate, I suggest Manuala and her five sisters.
  11. Speaking only as a conservative, political parties primary job is to win elections. A politician doesn't usually spent tens of thousands of dollars in order to lose an election. A politicians purpose is to do what voters want. Some do it better than others but that is democracy. When I was preparing to become Prime Minister, I never made it a secret that I planned to massively increase Canada's military and I was going to restore the power of the Queen. Ask me how that worked. When you are running for Parliament, don't try to convince the voter (your prospective employer) what they should think. Listen to what they actually think.
  12. And yet, vaccines work. Remember when small pox wasn't extinct? Remember the kids in school wearing leg braces or died from polio? Vaccines work. One problem is they haven't come up with a vaccine against stupidity such as people who refuse to be vaccinated.
  13. Just for the record, Trudeau was a math teach, unlike Jason Kenney who flunked out of University as a philosophy major. What kind of pin head fails philosophy?
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