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  1. You make her sound like the way people describe President Trump. As it is, I believe I have a better chance of becoming POTUS than she does, and I was born in Canada.
  2. I favour making sure there is oil and gas in western Canada for future generations. Transition to western Canadian nuclear fuel.
  3. Considering he is going to be out of office in 90 days, that's a safe bet.
  4. You mis-read what I said. I said that terrorist actions by a few idiots could cause the government of an independent Quebec or Alberts to request aid from the Canadian Forces to defend the right of Quebec or Alberta to secede peacefully. The campaign by the OAS in Algeria or the FLQ demonstrates how easy it is for a few people to disrupt the peace.
  5. I do not see how we could avoid a civil war or at least a terrorist campaign in any province were to separate. A possible scenario is a terrorist campaign forcing the government of an independent Quebec or Alberta to request aid to the civil power from the Canadian Forces. Two dozen people could damage the strategic infrastructure in Alberta or Quebec.
  6. If we reduce the population, housing becomes more affordable.
  7. Do you have a problem with science? The anthropological definition is the definition based on science.
  8. It is all silly anyway. Where a person comes from is irrelevant. My problem with immigration is there are too many people in Canada. Wilderness is what has always defined us and we are losing it. We have to find a way to gradually reduce our population. However, as the planet heats up, we are going to be bringing in hundreds of millions of people. None of us on this forum can change anything, so our best course of action is to embrace change. Life is too short to worry about things we cannot change.
  9. So a billion plus Caucasians living on the Indian sub-continent are not the predominant race? I would advise you to contact your geography teacher and request a refund on your tuition. The people of India and Pakistan, most of the middle east, and Europe are Caucasian.
  10. Those individuals must take responsibility for their choices. No one put a gun to their head and said you must borrow money.
  11. I'm sure that is great comfort for the tigers.
  12. Philippines - 41785 Mongoloid India - 39790 Caucasian Syria - 34925 Caucasian China - 26850 Mongoloid Pakistan - 11340 Caucasian USA - 8410 Caucasian Iran - 6485 Caucasian France - 6350 Caucasian UK - 5810 Caucasian Eritrea - 4630 Negroid As you can see, according to IRCC, of the top ten source countries, 7 are predominantly Caucasian. As to what a western country is, where do you draw the line?
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