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  1. The winners of the next world war will be the cockroaches.
  2. The quick answer is the American citizens, including the military, have a deep respect for the constitution and the law. People may complain about their government but not enough to remove it by force. It is the same as most western democracies.
  3. Why would the work disappear? Instead of bitumen, we transition to extracting and refining western Canada's uranium and export nuclear power plants. Premier Moe is proposing this.
  4. Sorry, Doug, I just think you can be more effective in persuading people if you moderate your tone. I will try to do the same regarding Social Credit. Cheers.
  5. If you are confused, I prefer "prissy" to "refined."
  6. I need to have my head examined for even thinking of responding to this but here goes. Government has to reflect the nation. Since you are not part of the mainstream, you will continue to be barking at the moon. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt but believing you are sincere or just trolling is equally of no benefit to you. Your ranting impresses me as a pathetic cry for attention. How does profanity advance any argument?
  7. Doug, I'm sorry, but when someone substitutes name calling and hyperbole for rational argument, I lose interest. (Except where Social Credit is concerned.) As for the CBC, Prime Minister Trudeau will be surprised at the thought the CBC is supporting him. The press has been quite critical of him since the testimony of former Minister Wilson Raybould.
  8. As is living off the avails of prostitution, but prostitution its self is not.
  9. Doug, am I mistaken or are you actually anti-union? Al a union is is a corporation that sell the labour of its stock holders.
  10. FYI: Prostitution is not illegal. I don't think it ever has been.
  11. You must be joking. I never said I hated socialism. I said I hated National Socialism. Communism is responsible for the deaths of tens of million Russians and Chinese.
  12. They even wrote songs about it. Rolf Harris "There were two wild Kelowna boys and Bennett was their name..." Back to the topic, I get the sense that Trudeau is so convinced that anything he does is right and the ends justify the means. He also probably believes it is vital to the country that he remain Prime Minister as nobody else can do the job as well. Thus, ensuring the support of the SNC and Irving corporations is justified in the national (Prime Minister Trudeau's) interest. He's not a bad man. He is just arrogant and just not ready.
  13. What do you call it when the government expropriates profitable private corporations without adequate compensation? It is theft and socialism.
  14. No, Liberals are hypocrites and corrupt. Socilalist Credit( aka communist aka reform aka Canadian Alliance aka CPC) are scum. They ripped off BC for decades under the bolshevik WAC Bennett.
  15. I don't know if this has already mentioned, but Justin Trudeau is half Scottish, 1/4 Anglo-Irish, and 1/4 French. So, basically, he is a Scot.
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