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  1. Since the end of January, US politics has become Borinnnggg, after 4 years of drama and excitement. The value of boring should never be underestimated.
  2. Just to ensure I was not misunderstood, religion has always been a vital part of the human experience. My concern is that too many people are leaving school without a clear understanding of what we are faceing in the coming climate crisis. Math, geography chemistry and physics are the subjects that are most vital to study and develop.
  3. By the Christian religion, I mean the Protestant religion. By the Protestant Religion I, of course, mean the Church of England, (My favourite line in Tom Jones.) The One True Faith. If other religions are called pagan, then what is wrong with invoking the One True Faith. All religions have a place in Canada and deserve respect, including atheism. Our official narrative is that in the Coronation, the Queen is annointed by God through the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are very fortunate to live in a time when the mainstream religions are coming together in community. When a Synagogue was defaced
  4. There are only 1,631,000 Christians in Canada ( Traditionally referred to as The One True Faith.) If you add in the members of the United Church of Canada which is unofficially related to the Christian Church, it still only adds up to about two million, out of a population of 38 million. On the other hand, while Christians may be a minority, the Head of the Christian Church is also the Head of State. We do not have an American style separation of Church and State since they are one and the same. Most Canadians who follow a religious faith are Disenters, Roman Catholics Jews Muslims, Hindu's, S
  5. I am not doing well on this topic. Nuclear weapons are a deterrence, but they cannot be used. The US deterrent in the 1970s was weakened when the Soviets started to believe the US would never dare use them. President Reagan set about convincing the Soviets that he was very serious about using them. In the early 1970's, I was writing a paper exploring a Warsaw Pact invasion ove wesstern Europe. I attended a seminar with a Canadian Forces senior officer who had recently been the senior Canadian Officer in Norad. I asked him how well NATO would do in a War with the Warsaw Pact including the
  6. Enhanced Radiation Device. It is a neutron "bomb." In 1975, Livermore Labs detonated a "hydrogen" bomb with the explosive force equivalent to one firecracker, according to media reports at the time. In the late '70s, there was a lot of talk about the "neutron bomb." They talked about a bomb that killed people and left buildings intact. The ERD is highly versitile in that the is no limit to how small the yield is. The Soviets were considering using the technology in tank shells. A single round could destroy one enemy tank and kill the crews in the tanks near by. Disclaimer: I do not
  7. This is my point. The primary purpose of the military is to defend the realm. If it cannot do that, then it is a waste of people and money. For the Russians to send an invasion force over the Arctic Ocean would be logistically difficult. If we had a viable military, they would be deterred. A viable military means having a real navy, carriers, cruisers destroyers etc. It means having sufficient air forces to attain and maintain air superiority. It means having an independent nuclear capability to turn any enemy into a glass plate. That capability should include ERD's for both strati
  8. There is a big difference between Turkey and China. China is far more powerful. One of the reasons for China's power is it's long range planning. Another is the willingness to support regimes that no country in the west would touch with a plastic pole. Xi doesn't back down easily. Pressure from a united front of the rest of the G20 nations refusing to do business might work but getting that unity is a difficult exercise. Look at how porous the sanctions against Rhodesia were. People do not want to pay five months salary to buy an Apple computer made in Canada.
  9. 1945. We had a million men and women in the Canadian Forces, but we are a tiny country and no longer interested in war. The only country logistically capable of invading Canada is the USA. That war would last about 20 minutes, but the occupation would be interesting. 😉 China faces a hard time even crossing the straits to get to Taiwan. Carrying an invasion force across the pacific, while not impossible, would be daunting.
  10. The real decline began with the end of World War Two but was made worse with the Viet Nam war and the anti war movement. Canadians do not want a viable military. We don't want to serve and we don't want to pay for it. A viable military in Canada would require a massive boost in taxes, and conscription. We would need to rebuild the navy and RCAF and most importantly, develope our own nuclear weapons program. Anyone here care to lead an election campaign with that platform. Defence policy is an all or token proposition. As has been said, China respects strength and resolve. Canadians aband
  11. Blackbird said: "It doesn't really matter who opened relations with China first. The problem as I've stated was Pierre Trudeau and following governments in Canada as well as other western countries cozied up to Communist China ever since. It is dealing with a diabiolical system which from the start murdered millions of their own people and always have denied their people human rights. What is the west think they're doing dealing with China? Obviously money and international trade always was all that mattered." Would you be willing to pay $10,000 for an iPhone or an iMac? There are lot
  12. So it is just coincidence that President Nixon suddenly opened relations with China after Canada did the groundwork. Nixon went to China and broke bread with Chou and Mao. You mean Nixon was a communist?
  13. Prime Minister Trudeau's move to open relations with China was in partnership with the Republican government of the US. It was a move that was seen as a great achievement resulting in the President of the US going on a state visit to China. Mr. Trudeau was basically doing the recce for Kissinger and Nixon.
  14. We have to approach this in partnership with the international community. Canada is a tiny country. Diplomatic pressure will achieve more than bluster and symbolic empty bravado. But it is someone else's pain you are willing to involve. We did not put Xi in power and Canada did not charge Ms Weng. Canada opened up relations with China on behalf of the US Republican government and it was viewed as a great diplomatic achievement. In an age where war between the Great Powers is no longer thinkable, the best solution to avoid war is closer trade ties. It has resulted
  15. So, I presume you have contacted the Chinese consulate and purchased your airfare to go and replace one of the hostages place in a tiny cell. You'll love the torture sessions. Nothing would happen to help the Uighurs if Canada made a clear strong statement against their persecution. There are at least two Canadians awaiting execution in China and two Michaels being held as hostages. There are thousands of Canadians who are potential hostages in China. China is in a position where they hold all the power. You are proposing the Keyser Soze solution. Soze's family were being held hostage so
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