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  1. Yes, but my point is that we are not Amercan. The American people are wonderful but we are not Americans. We can only have our own foreign and defence policy when we are not dependent on anyone else. However, I am a lone voice in the wilderness.
  2. Just 3 weeks ago, the MSM were saying that under Singh's leadership, the NDP were going to be wiped out.
  3. Once again, back to the original question, has Peter MacKay hurt himself by publicly stabbing Mr. Sheer in the back? Anybody?
  4. So we are wasting our money and serving as an arm of the US military. Our grandfathers and fathers who struggled to be separate from the British Army at Vimy would roll over in their graves to see the Canadian Armed Forces swallowed up by somebody else. Canadian voters do not wish to make the sacrifices required to have a defence policy. The voter is always right. It would be better to re-direct those billions into healthcare.
  5. You mean like Peter Kent, Ron Collister, Tashia Kheiriddin, John Ibbitson, Robert Fife, Craig Oliver?
  6. Regarding Argus' platform on the military, if you are only going to have a token military, the money is wasted. 100 F-35's are a token and therefore a joke. You can bet the computer systems in any US designed combat equipment for export, incorporates a remote kill switch incase we decide to use them on a mission the Pentagon does not approve of. If your defence policy is not prepared to take on all comers, it is a waste of money. Canadians are not in the mood for a viable military.
  7. I've racked my brain to remember when the CBC, Global, CTV or the Star Phoenix called Mr. Sheer the anti-Christ. Could you help me out with some references? I read a lot of accusations on this and other forums about how the MSM never critisizes Mr. Trudeau but they came down on him after the Idia trip and absolutely hammered him during the SNC Lav. affair. As for Mr. Sheer, they gave him a hard time over his reluctance to clarify his personal beliefs regarding choice and LBGT rights, but as soon as he did, they let it go. The MSM was pretty harsh on Mr. Singh until he began to show his abilities during the campaign. All in all, I think the MSM have been fairly even handed in holding the candidates to account.
  8. As H.L. Menken said, "Democracy is the philosophy that states people should get the government they want...good and hard."
  9. Back to the OP, is it wise for MacKay to be doing this before the ballots are even cast? This morning, Mr. Sheer is ahead in the seat count for the first time in months. If he would just be himself, he would do even better and then, if he wins, he could do us all a favour and fix MackKay.
  10. Why is a marketing board for the dairy industry such a big deal. It almost smacks of ideology. Never allow ideology to get in the way of governing. That is what has hurt the NDP for generations in federal politics.
  11. How many of those are Liberals who are in the right wing of the party who are disillussioned with JT? That's where the CPC needs to look for support.
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