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  1. A former MLA and later a federal cabinet minister told me he found it more useful to be asking the voter questions.
  2. Good politicians want all eyes on them and relish the feedback. When you are working on behalf of tens of thousands of people, you need to know what they are thinking.
  3. A good politician knows everybody. Brian Mulroney is reported to have had the largest rolodex in Canada. (For you youngsters, a rolodex is a list of telephone numbers.) Before he won the leadership, he spent hours everyday on the phone, touching base with everyone he knew. John Diefenbaker was mainstreaming in a small Saskatchewan town when he shook hands with a man, called him by his first name and asked how his wife was doing, by name. I think he even knew their children's names. The Chief had only met the man once before about twenty years earlier. That is how you avoid disengagement. When I moved to Saskatoon, everybody I met knew the old Chief.
  4. The internet is an important tool but politics is a tactile enterprise. How can a voter make a choice without getting to know the candidates personally? As is clear on other forums, what you see on the screen is not always accurate. Some present a convincing false persona. Not on this one, of course.
  5. An MP has the time and resources to research issues that citizens do not. We elect MP's to make decisions on our behalf. Each MP represents all Canadians. There is no way the ordinary Canadian is going to have the time and resources to make an educated decision on many issues that come before Parliament. Our task, as citizens is to ensure we elect the most qualified person to Parliament. This begins at the nomination point. You find a person whom you know to be suitable, and support them in the nomination. Then, you have to work to get the candidate elected. This means talking to co-workers, family, neighbours, knocking on doors, phoning. When the writ is dropped, you canvas, door to door, identify the support, firm up the support and get out the vote. After the election, as a citizen, you maintain contact with your MP. Our system works best when we all participate. Your candidate may not win, but you have a right and a duty to do your best. A friend from Nigeria told me the greatest enemy to democracy is to take it too seriously. Politics is supposed to be fun. It doesn't matter which party comes out on top as long as the MP's are top notch people. That's our job. If we do that right, they will perform their task of running the country. If there are deficiencies in our government, the fault lies not with the "system" or the politicians, but with our selves. It is not enough to vote. If you don't campaign, you have no right to complain.
  6. All men are perceived to be threatening to women.
  7. I can't see a male to female trans as being threatening to men. I agree sports is an issue that needs more thought but it is not a major problem. The transgender people I know just want to live their lives like the rest of us. As for female to male, how do you know there are not many of them?
  8. Over the years, I've both lived in and worked in University residences and yes, there are always women using the men's washrooms. No one ever objected. As for male to female transition, a friend of mine reminded me of the saying, "Don't judge me until you've walked 1.6 kilometres in my heels." Is it just transgender people some have an issue with or is it heterosexual crossdressers, transvestites, gay crossdressers, or drag queens as well? Each of them occupy a select sub-section in the community.
  9. What about all the people who transition from female to male? You are focused on only half the equation. Why is a person's gender important to anyone else?
  10. If an ice age looms, rejoice and tune your skis. There could be no greater gift than ten months of skiing.
  11. Whoa, politics has always been for entertainment. It is our national sport. The Russians and Americans may be able to rival us at hockey, but nobody is better at politics than we are.
  12. It is telling that there has been no discussion regarding the leadership problems in the Green Party. It illustrates the problems the Greens have that nobody seems to care. While some point to disagreement over Israel, I wonder if there is a deeper issue.
  13. Perhaps I missed it, but where are they going to get sufficient quantities of hydrogen that doesn't require emitting carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases and is economically viable? The same goes for ammonia plus the safety concerns.
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