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  1. Mr. Sheer has demonstrated the strength and wisedom to put the Party first. His greatest achievement for the CPC was to save us from Bernier who would have driven the Party to an extinction which would have made the Kim Campbell disaster look like a landslide by comparison.
  2. I am all for healthy competition. You get a lot more enjoyment out of it if you participate. Boxing has rules and is regulated in the attempt to minimize injury. Most sports carry the risk of injury. Watching sports is not immoral, it is not as envigorating as paticipating. I confess to watching the Bluejays, the Lions and the Riders.. There is generally a better level of sportsmanship. No, I believe you should be able to excel in a sport without cheating. What kind of a sports philosophy says you should attack Bobby Orr's knees to put him out of the game. I believe you should strive to win but not by cheating.
  3. Sport is supposed to be fun. It is just a game. Attempting to hurt an opponant is cheating in its worst form. A coach's first responsiblity is to ensure his/her players are enjoying playing the game while teaching the skills neccessary to enhance the game. Fighting is assault and should result in jail time, on or off the ice. I find it disturbing that we would rather pay to watch a sport than actually go out and play. I live for skiing but I would never pay to watch it. Avery Brundage had many disgusting faults but time has proven him right on one thing, money ruins sport.
  4. Hockey is the antithesis of sportsmanship. I was brought up in the culture "it is not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." The fact that crimminal assault and battery is not just permitted but encouraged should be enough to question its existance.
  5. My disappointment in Trudeau includes his treatment of veterans and the scientific community.
  6. I agree with pretty much everything you say. My choice of the word 'squandered' was ill advised. It goes to show that governments of any party in power have that narrow range of options. Thank you.
  7. Sheer is now permanently damaged whether he deserves it or not. We need to move forward with some one like Ambrose or Raitt.
  8. A prime example of the disconnect in voters minds between service and revenue is found in Defence policiy. Many Conservatives, myself included, want a viable military. But many of those same Conservatives (Not including me) don't want to raise taxes to pay for it. Health care, infrastructure, education are all caught up in this contradiction in voters' minds. We all want a $16,000 IMac Pro, but we only want to pay for an Acer laptop (refurbished). It doesn't matter what the lable of the party is, governments of any stripe face the same issues with the same narrow options.
  9. The endless deficits are a continuationn from when Mr. Harper was Prime Minister. He inherited a large surplus and squandered it. Governments are restricted by what the voters demand. Voters demand lots of services but want someone else to pay for them.
  10. You still haven't said what is wrong with an adult suffering from gender dysphoria. If a person over the age of majority transitions from one gender to another, why is it any of your business? In my experience, it is rare for a parent to advocate it unless it is what the individual needs. You have not indicated your experience in these matters. That is because they did not want to be assaulted. Sexual reassignment surgery has only recently been available. Just because you didn't know they were gay or trans (not the same thing, by the way) doesn't mean they were not there. Back to the OP: My issue with the Liberal Party is a sense of righteousness within the PMO. However, they did manage to renew NAFTA and they are giving Albertans their pipeline so they are not all bad.
  11. Most trans people don't realize what the problem is until they nearly or past 20. It is not a choice. Would you choose to get a royal shit kicking everyday? Often the first remedy chosen by someone with gender dysphoria is suicide. Transition is a big step. Before re-assignment surgery, (in Canada) you need to be an adult and are required live a full year as the gender you will be transitioning to under the supervision of a psychiatrist. Finally, you go to Montreal to the Menard Clinic. I don't know what the cost is now but it was about $30,000 for basic male to female transition. Female to male was about $40,000. So, you arrive at the clinic where you spend a month for assessment where you are given time to ensure it is what you really want. Finally, the surguery is painful and you take a month to recover. Children do not undergo Sex reassignment surgery in Canada. Anyone going through that experience is doing so out of neccessity, not some whim. Menard is not the only clinic providing this care but it is the one I am familiar with. The others follow the same protocals. If you are a member of the Canadian Forces, the costs are covered by DND.
  12. Gender identity has nothing to do with politics. You need to learn more before you pass judgement on people. Why do you care if someone is trans? You seem to be basing your assumptions on crap you see on TV and the Internet. Get out and get to know people. Finally, you did not answer my question. How do you feel about cross dressing?
  13. Most parents of trans teenagers resist their kids, sometimes violently. You need to learn more about the issue. Get to know people in the LGBT community and then make your judgement.
  14. All of the people I know of who transitioned were in their 20's to 60's. We are talking about a Prof I know who spent $120,000 on her SRS, a cop in the Vancouver Police Department, a number of members of the Canadian Forces, a US Navy seal. The youngest personal acquaintance of mine was a 23 year old electrical engineering student. I have heard of a case in the United States that is before the courts where a mother is allegedly wanting to transition a pre-adolescent child and, at the risk of pre-judging the court, that could be child abuse. She needs professional help. That is a rare case. I was our Department's liason with the Pride Centre and sat on the Provost's Advisory Committee on LGBTQA Affairs. I got to know a lot of people in the rainbow community both on our campus and U-Vic, Calgary, Edmonton, and UBC. They cross all party lines. Your image of the transgender community is clearly based on a lack of knowledge. You need to get out more. I hope you find what you are looking for. If the LGBT community has difficulty with the CPC, it is because there is a segment of our party that would persecute them. If someone was threatening you just because of who you are, would you not push back?
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