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  1. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    His lawful mandate is to obey orders or resign. Admiral Norman has professed his innocence and he is an officer and a gentleman so I believe him. This case has not been tested in Court.
  2. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    By "blowing the whistle," you mean he allegedly breeched cabinet secrets. This is the equivalent of what Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did in the US. They were not protected by the first amendment. They were executed. Cabinet Secrets are the most classified of all documents. It far outweighs what ever you think Mr. Brison may or may not have done. When I was in university, I was a Progressive Conservative activist. After graduation I joined the Reserves and never spoke of politics again until I left the Reserves. If an officer feels the need to become engaged in politics, they must first resign. Doug mention the oath to the Queen. HM is head of the Canadian Forces and she too refrains from politics. In 1944, the General Staff advised the government that they needed conscripts to be used in combat. If the government did not comply, they said they would all resign. They did not go public with it. They did not make it political. If Admiral Norman wanted to make a statement, that should have been his course of action. To draw this back to the OP, King's government survived that crisis and the Trudeau government will survive this. It will be something else that will bring them down...some day.
  3. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    If anyone breeches Cabinet secrecy, that is a crime. Active members of the military should never participate in politics. Their role is to obey the orders of the civil power. So, given that, how is Admiral Norman a political prisoner. If the rest of the chain of command do not understand the boundaries, they should resign. On the other hand, Admiral Norma is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.
  4. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    A bit off topic but they just cast the light on a civil servant who may have been the culprit and Norman is innocent. The same could be said for the Trudeau government pushing through the Trans mountain Pipeline over the strident objections of the BC Government. (Alberta jobs). Maybe she received bad advice.
  5. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    I just listened to Paul Wells on the Current. Trudeau could be making the case that he is standing up for Quebec jobs against the Ontario Conservatives. There seems to be an avoidance of the fact that SNCL's attempts to lobby for suppressing prosecution failed. The Trudeau Government did not interfere with the prosecution process. They may have wanted to, but they didn't. As for Wilson-Raybould's "demotion," Trudeau should had said the Vetrans Affairs was not getting the ministerial clout it deserved and so he was putting a high powered minister in charge to turn things around because veterans deserve the best. The Prime Minister's weakness lies in his lack of political instincts. Maybe that is a bad thing or, maybe that is a virtue. At present, he is inching towards a minority next fall. In another two years, after the 2022 election, he may have acquired those instincts he is lacking or, perhaps he will be able to spend more time with his family and get some skiing in. Given the choice, I would rather be skiing.
  6. Queenmandy85

    The Death of the Federal Liberal Party

    Only two scandals have had an electoral impact as far as I can remember (before I've had my coffee). The Pacific Scandal and the Customs Scandal. Both MacDonald and King came back from those. Right now, Jason Kenny is embroiled in the leadership race cheating affair and yet it is not having an effect on his electoral chances. Mike Pearson had the most scandal ridden government that I can remember, yet the Grits won a majority in the '68 election.
  7. Queenmandy85

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    As for how much impact this will have on the election, remember the Pearson government with 5 scandals going on at once. The Spencer affair, the furniture bribes, and the Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Pearson offering a bribe to the lawyer representing the U.S. DOJ to not oppose bail for mafia hitman (and liberal contributor) Lucien Rivard while he was awaiting extradition to the US. Mr. Rivard got tired of waiting and escaped under suspicious circumstances. After all this, the Liberals were re-elected.
  8. Queenmandy85

    Will Raybould cross the floor?

    It is Prime Minister Trudeau she is hanging. I speculate, based on no facts or evidence what so ever, she is holding out to pressure the PM to return her from the wilderness. Rumour has it, she was the source of the story in the first place. If that is true, why has nobody questioned if she lied to the Globe. As for crossing the floor, Mr. Sheer would have to be nuts to accept her. She has not displayed any tendency to b a good soldier. She should have kept her disappointment to herself and worked to make Veterans Affairs the highlight of the government.
  9. While you are correct in the practical political sense, the PM has no authority under the constitution. It comes down to convention vs constitution, power vs authority. It is basically the same as the German system where the political power rests with the Chancellor and the constitutional authority rests with the President. One cannot act without the other.
  10. I hate to say it, but Doug is correct on two points. (Even a broken clock is right twice a day. ) 1. The Queen does have the constitutional authority to appoint and dismiss GG's, PM's, judges, etc. She also has the authority to declare war. However, she does not have the authority to vote taxes. That resides with Parliament. Though the Queen has the authority (the right to make a decision, she does not have the power to carry it out. She retains the Royal Perogatives, to advise and receive advice, the right of clemency etc. but I haven't had my coffee yet. 2. All land in Canada is owned by the Crown. When you buy a piece of land in Canada, you are actually buying a freehold lease. Actual ownership is retained by the Crown. The Monarch is in effect a ceremonial post equivalent to the President of Germany, Israel, or most other republics. There are contingencies in which the Queen may act, but by convention, the GG would act on her behalf. When Clark lost the budget vote, he went to the GG and asked for an election and the GG agreed on condition that if the election did not resolve things, he would call on the Leader of the opposition.
  11. The only country capable of invading Canada is the USA. That is unlikely to happen in the near future. For this reason, the Canadian electorate is opposed to having a viable military. I have always advocating having a viable military, but I am realistic enough to know I am in a tiny minority. A viable military is one that is able to defend our borders and destroy the enemy without having to rely on an outside help. Hence, the CAF nee nuclear weapons. NATO's conventional forces exist as a trip-wire. If the Russians invade, NATO personnel will die and that will trigger an all out nuclear response. It really doesn't matter how many troops are stationed there or whether they are equipped with chieftain tanks or centurions. They are there as a warning sign. "Attack us and we all die." (Mutual Assured Destruction.) That is the most viable defence policy for Canada. Build enough strategic nuclear weapons that any potential invader will "read the sign." As for Dougie's apocalyptic view of national unity, Quebec separation will lead to internal violent instability which will lead to the government of Quebec to request assistance from the Canadian military. I refer you to the OAS insurgency in Algeria after its separation from France. But this is a topic for another thread.
  12. Queenmandy85

    Best Trek episodes

    Deep Space Nine: The Wire Little Green Men Trials and Tribble-ations In the Pale Moonlight
  13. I'm sure the Rohingya Muslims will be happy to hear that. There were only 24 Indians out of 329 people on board Air India and 268 of the victims were Canadians and 27 Brits. It is the worst terrorist attack against Canadians in history. My point is, the world, including Canada, has a few evil people, some of whom are Muslim, some are Christian, Jewish, Hindi Buddhist and Sikh. Remember the massacre at the Mosque in Montreal? Most people of all these religions are good people. It is wrong to single out one religion or the other based on the actions of a few wingnuts. It is the same as calling me a racist because I am a conservative. Anyway, Happy New Year.
  14. The same can be said of the current Buddihist terrorism against Muslims. My question is why do people single out Muslims? I just cited the murder of 268 Canadians on Air India and the attack on (later)Premier Dosanjh.
  15. 268 Canadians died in the Air India bombing, the attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, the assassination of Tara Singh Hayer, the attempted murder of an Indian diplomat in BC. to name the more prominent attacks. Yet, the Sikh community is a welcome part of the Canadian people. The same should be said of our Muslim brothers and sisters. I would be willing to bet most murders committed in Canada are committed by non-Muslims and non-Sikhs.