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  1. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    ...and Deputy Ministers.
  2. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    Check the Canada Act 1982 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  3. Queenmandy85

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Nature has no agenda, and no empathy. As a means of slowing population growth, homosexuality doesn't do it. Homosexuals have been having children for as long as there have been people. Some gay people may have been childless, King Richard the Lion heart comes to mind, but then so do some straight people not have children. And Taxme, can we include Social Credit in that weeding process?
  4. I'm a potter, not an economist so I will defer to your expertise in economics. My real concern is over the idea of a referendum. A policy such as this, with all its complexity, should be decided by Parliament and the Crown. Looking at past referendums, (conscription, Quebec separation, BC's so-called electoral reform), have come close to taking the country on the path of disaster, particularly the separation question. Few people have the resources to assess the consequences of these questions. Parliament does.
  5. It is all about the jobs. Trade must be balanced to work. An economist is a person who tells you why he has a job and you don't. (source unknown)
  6. But we would end up importing everything and exporting nothing. That is a lot of unemployment. How would your government survive? What would your balance of trade look like? This is the reason we don't have referendums in this country. An MP is able to devote long hours studying these issues and she has acess to expert analysis. The average voter may have sufficient knowledge in one or two areas but not many, but believes they know more than they do.
  7. Forgive me if I wonder if you understand what "unilateral" means. It means that we open our borders to, say, Brazil and remove all tariffs and taxes on Brazilian goods coming in, but Brazil is free to subsidize those products and maintain high tariffs and taxes on the products we wish to export to them. How is this good for us?
  8. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    You nailed it. . The one little hiccup for Canada was we (the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments) could not agree on an amending formula for the constitution (the British North America Act of 1867). It took until 1982 to get agreement. Even then, Quebec refused to sign on and still does. Life is never dull. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas Yours, Sir Humphrey
  9. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    There is a commercial on Canadian TV regarding identity theft. It features an American dressed as a mountie, sitting on an "antler cow" (moose), holding a bottle of "tree sauce" (maple syrup), talking about a game of "skatey punchy" (hockey) and bragging how he had stolen a Canadian's identity. Now, he's Kyle, from Manitouba. Cheers.
  10. Queenmandy85

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    No. Traditional marriage is the union between a man and a woman's estate. A traditional marriage is an arrangement to improve the family's status. It is disheartening to see any move to return to a union in which women are nothing more than chattle. Modern marriage is an experiment in a union based on love. As for children, a loving home, regardless of gender, is a basis for them to thrive.
  11. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    Celebrating tonight with steak from an antler cow with tree sauce while watching a game of skatey punchy with Kyle, from Manitoueba. "I am Canadian" William Shatner
  12. Queenmandy85

    Happy Independence Day

    Dec. 11, 1931, Canada gained its independence. Happy Independence Day.
  13. Queenmandy85

    Lies We are Told About the Canadian Oil Industry

    The only safeguard is no oil spill. I am in favour of the TM pipeline but you can understand why so many people along the route are worried. Once that crude spills, the damage is there for a long long time. My support is due to the fact that there is already a pipeline there. My question has always been, what is the rush to sell off our oil. We cannot get what it is actually worth while the world is awash in oil and now Brazil has an enormous field off shore. We should keep our oil until the rest of the world's reserves are exhausted. Then we can name our own price. The world will always need coal, iron ore and petroleum products. When it runs out, so does our technology.
  14. Queenmandy85

    Lies We are Told About the Canadian Oil Industry

    I'm being the Devil's advocate here: With regard to the Trans Mountain pipeline, nobody seems to want to address the problem that it is the Governmnet of BC that is blocking it, not the Feds. So Alberta wants the pipeline and BC doesn't. Why should Alberta's desire be more important than BC's. Alberta gets all the money and none of the risk. BC takes all the risk and gets nothing out of it.. How do you resolve that?