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  1. I wrote that niave piece after having spent 3 weeks in a cabin in the Kootenays. I can't believe I was so out of touch. (Thousand of others can.) We did not go out for supper and I am now hunkered down at home wishing I was back in my cabin for the duration.
  2. Premier Ford seems to have grown into the job rather well. I am pleasantly shocked.
  3. Laying blame is a waste of time. Put that stuff behind us and go out and live large. New beginnings are coming down the track.
  4. I plead ignorance with regard to Singapore's leadership. I endorse neither right nor left. Ideology is impracticle. Some problems are solvable by conservative action and some by liberal. Some problems defy solution and sometimes luck makes all the difference. In the current situation, strong government action based on science, seems to have a positive outcome. Ronald Reagan was considered a great President. He was smart enough to know his limitations and surrounded himself with people who were smarter than he was and he listened to their advice.
  5. The left believes the public are not smart enough to make their own decisions and therefore require a strong leader. The right believes people do not require big government to act as a nanny state.
  6. Strong leadership is a left wing concept. It is incompatable with individual rights and freedom. If you want strong leadership, look to China, Russia or North Korea.
  7. Canada must be doing something right. The US has twice as many cases per capita as Canada. This is mainly due to Trudeau's government listening to people who actually know what they are talking about. Note to self: Never play poker with the officials standing behind President Trump at the press conference yesterday. When he said he had a feeling that the malaria treatment would be effective and that he was smart, not one of them cracked a smile or gave any perceptible facial reaction.
  8. The real good old days are about to start in a few months from now when we start the recovery. Good old days are what you are prepared to make them. When the all clear sounds, lets get out and rebuild and celebrate. Leave the negative garbage in the past.
  9. The Poles, Czechs, East Germans, Romanians, Bulgarians, Hungarians etc. will be so happy to hear that.
  10. Our grandparents also allied with a tyranny led by most terrible murdering tyrant in history, Stalin. It was Soviet blood and American taxpayers' dollars that beat Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. That is a great plan. I plan to do "something" about getting a million dollars.
  11. Hitler did not have nuclear weapons. If you want to halt Xi's foreign policy, would you be willing to go to war? What would be your alternative?
  12. The epidemic appears to follow a consistant pattern. It crests about 2 weeks after it takes hold in an area and declines for another 2 weeks as people recover. Italy has the most per capita cases at about 450 cases per million( Canada currently is 11.7). In other words, most people will not get it. Of those who do, most cases are mild and few people die from it. Canada has the advantage of seeing the experience of other countries and we can act accordingly. If we make the effort / sacrifice to stay home as much as possible, and wash our hands thoughly and fequently, we can minimize the impact and we will be in full recovery a month from now. The website below makes interesting reading. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  13. We have to keep a grip on perspective. This is more serious than the flu but it is not the Black Death. I am going out for supper with my son on Saturday. The question arises is it safe to go to a restaurant? In a city of 260,000, we have one case of covid-19 and possibly 3 we don't know about yet. The chances of coming in contact with the virus on Saturday night are almost nil. OTOH, even if you do catch it, either you don't get sick, you get sick for a couple of unpleasant weeks or, in rare cases, you need hospitalization. Almost nobody dies. Thank you Rue for your insight and Taxme for the comic relief.
  14. I love President Bush's comment after the 2016 election. " I guess I',m not looking so bad now."
  15. The only changes I would make to the Constitution is to replace the position of the Prime Minister with direct rule and the prohibit any further changes. Eliminating the PM is easy because it is hardly mentioned in the Constitution.
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