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  1. Never enter anything into a computer you don't want to see on the front page of the Globe and Mail or the Washington Post.
  2. Such a conflict as that would be an unimaginable catastrophe. I believe the Americans are way smarter than that. Most of the wild talk is just that.
  3. The Democrats seem to be falling into the trap that happens to politicians of all stripes. There is a tendency to tell the voter what they should think rather than listen to what they do think. President Trump's constituancy supports him because they believe he is listening to their message. I believe he will win in 2020 barring the unforseen. His other qualities aside, he really knows how to campaign. Democrats should pay attention. Listen to what the voters are saying.
  4. 12 other airliners had taken off just before the Ukrainian plane.
  5. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
  6. The reason is many voters believe it is important to help the less fortunate. I agree for different reasons. Canada is losing the very essence of our character, our wilderness.For me it is a question of numbers. However, many voters are concerned with the significant negative impact halting immigration would have on the economy. Ministries in themselves are not major expenditures. Part of the reason for some of these ministers is the requirement for regional representation in the cabinet. Canada has a rich blended heritage. Many voters like that. I would like to see the source for this figure. Governments are a reflection of the electorate. Some one complains a politician lies. So do almost all voters. It is human nature to lie. Some one complains a politician is corrupt. I respond by pointing out that you hired him / her. Voters are a hiring committee and they always get the government they deserve. The voter is alway right in a democracy.That is why I am a Militant Monarchist.
  7. Sounds like China who we and the US are desparate to build solid trading relations with.
  8. Every time the US gains an enemy, Russia and China gain a friend.Rather than building bridges to Iran, the current US administration is burning the bridges. It is playing into Russia's and China's hands. The US always seems to back the losers...in Viet Nam, China, Cuba, Iran, etc.
  9. All it has to do is get you through the next election. That is why I don't have absolute faith in democracy.
  10. Sometimes a deficit is required, such as when the economy requires stimulation. Raising taxes and / or reducing spending can make a recession worse. It is the voters who are in the driver's seat. If they want low taxes and big spending, the government is obliged to comply. "Democracy is the philosophy the people should get the government they want...good and hard." H.L. Menken.
  11. Sorry. You are right. The simple answer is God was put into the preamble in order to get the Constitution passed. The feeling at the time was without the inclusion of God, the effort would not have the support from sectors of the religious community. Since it passed, it is clear that the non-religious community did not have the power to block it.
  12. Just to clarify, Scott, is it religion you hate or do you actually hate God?
  13. To quote the Right Honourable John Crosbie, " If we told you what we were going to do, you wouldn't have voted for us."
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