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  1. I could refer you to some Republicans in the US who say democracy IS the tyranny of the masses. They say the US is Not a democracy. It is a Republic. the status of Ontario and Quebec is dictated by geography. No constitutional alterations can overcome geography. So you are suggesting direct rule by the Queen. While that would be a benifit to Canadians, it would put a dreadful load on the Monarch. She would be in a position of having to micro-manage. Her job is to over-see affairs. That is why she appoints ministers to run her government and that has been the way i
  2. Wow, I know it is Friday but, God, I'm long winded. Sorry everyone. Happy Friday.
  3. To be fair, it was the NDP that killed voting reform. Their insistance on the stupid PR deadlocked the process. The Grit proposal was too complcated anyway. It is better to make FPTP work by voting only for Tories or Grits and let the others wither away.
  4. Conservaives are loyal to our traditions, the most important of which is loyalty to the Crown.
  5. I confess to having grown up in an anti-American household. It really came home to me when a couple of NDP waffelers wrote a nationalistic article and I went through it and changed the name 'Canadian' for 'German' and 'American' for 'Jew' and suddenly it was like reading Mein Kampf. I love my country, but after studying the history of post war US, I realised that unlike any world power or empire in the past, the United States and her people are the most generous nation in 200,000 years of human history. They may not always get it right, but not for lack of effort. Two great Americans sta
  6. Harper screwed Saskatchewan out of $2 billion.
  7. It is not my beliefs. Conservatism is a movement that is over three hundred years old. It grew out of the succession crisis and the basic credo is loyalty to our traditions. While Tories may be a minority in Canada, our Conservative values are baked into the Constitution. Republican, Liberals and NDP may not like it but after the Meech disaster, no sane government will ever change it. Now that is slander. I worked on every Conservative campaign from 1962 (Jim MacFarlane' campaign) until the reform / Socialist Credit republican Bolsheviks and their running dog lackey MacKay destroyed th
  8. In the 2006 campaign, Harper promised Saskatchewan he would change the equalization formula by exempting our oil and gas. It was a balf-faced lie. He then went on to promise not to change income trust. taxation. Another lie. Then he lied by saying Ralph Goodale was under investigation by the RCMP. The Reform / Socialist Credit are the biggest liars we've had in generations.
  9. With regard to the actual topic, ie., the Progressive Conservatives, I blame the educational system. We no longer have many Conservatives in Canada because most Canadians don't know anything about the origins of Conservaism. Diefenbaker was probably the last true Conservative leader, though his performance as a PM was not that great. Canadaians know very little about this country. I was on duty for the celebration of Prime Minister Diefenbaker's 100th birthday celebration at the University of Saskatchewan. I was approached by a student who asked what was going on. When I told him, he asked "Wh
  10. Fixed that for you. No,...I'm pretty sure I meant Red Tory. I am now, and always have been a Progressive Conservative. It is the party of MacDonald, Borden, Meighen, Diefenbaker, Stanfield Crombie, and Clark. Cheers. But, thanks for trying to fix what you strangely thought was a mistake. The Liberals are only tolerable because they are not as terrible as the NDP and the Reform / Socialist Credit. But that's off topic. Sorry, just had to correct a mistake of a non-mistake.
  11. Ignoring the measures recommended to prevent the spread of the virus is not that much different than drunk driving. You might not kill or injure anyone, but then again, you might. I take all the precautions I can, first, because Betsy told me to (She is wise beyond her years) and second, I don't want to be that guy who got it just before the vaccine was available. We've waited this long, we can hunker down a while longer. Stay home, keep your distance from others, wash your hands and wear a mask. (all except Taxme who is Superman)
  12. I am losing patience with snowflakes who are afraid of wearing a mask. Do you obey the law that takes away your freedom to drive on the wrong side of the road? Think of yourselt as the end link in a chain that has multiple branches. You get infected and then infect two other people who infect two others each...1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 etc. somewhere down the line, some of these people will end up in ICU and some will die, because you failed to take a few easy steps, ie. wash hands, keep 2 metres distant and wear a mask. Manslaughter?
  13. I recall we were told (Up until Pfizer's press release a few days ago) not to expect a vaccine for at least a year and a half, which would put it into Sept. 2021. Thanks to President Trump's expediting the process, we may get it a bit sooner. However, it is important to remember the government cannot predict a roll out of a vaccine that has not even been peer reviewed. Since the American taxpayers are paying for the R&D that is developing these vaccines, I would be shocked if they didn't get to be first in line. Canada might have been in a position to manufacture if taxpayers were no
  14. Perhaps the way to overcome anti-vaxers is to tell them they can't have it.
  15. Regardless of why, the fact that we will have a chance to evaluate it with 100 million test subjects will mean when we do get it, we will have a better idea of it's safety and efficacy. (spelling is not my strong point this time of morning.) In the mean time, we need to assume we already carry the virus and so does everyone we come in contact with and keep 2-3 metres distance. It is ironic that many of the people whining the loudest are the idiots who are scared of needles and are refusniks. Maybe the Tories shouldn't have sold off Conaught. Patience.
  16. I'll take "not" for $200.00, Taxme. The best way to enjoy "1984" is to join the Thought Police.
  17. Taxpayers will pay it back over time, like we did with our war debt. I don't know what you would have preferred. Would you let people be homeless and starving? When the pandemic is over, do you want people to be so penniless that the economy can not recover in our lifetime? What is your alternative?
  18. Anything that strengthens ties to the Mother Country is good for Canada.
  19. My problem is getting there. I just got back from the Kootenays and the BC government officials want to close off travel across Provincial boundaries. I understand the reasoning but I would have a hard time convincing a Mountie that skiing is essential. Last spring, my brother was driving up from Vancouver to our cabin and the RCMP almost turned him back at Princeton. Fortunately, his trip was essential. Ahhh, well, there is always next year. Maybe I could say I'm going to Alaska... Sorry Taxme.
  20. Thank you. I'm waxing my skis. Red Mountain beckons...as long as I can get back into the Kootenays. Skiing is essential. Skiing is life. ⛷️😁 Edit: Even before my coffee, I see the hypocracy there. Thanks to Covid, no skiing for me this year. No fun for me. 😭 Taxme, I am afraid you and I are more alike than you would want.
  21. I heard a nurse who was recovering from Covid say "if you don't like wearing a mask, try being hooked up to a ventilator. " I'll bet that's not fun.
  22. A republic cannot be better than anything we have now. We have been a Monarchy for four centuries. Republics give us Heads of State who are political and governments embroiled in instability. France has had nothing but chaos since they chose to become a republic rather than a constitutional monarchy. Israel and Germany are constantly in unstable coalition governments. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, the UK, etc. have stability. ( I do wish we could trade Trudeau with PM Ardern of New Zealand.) A Head of State must be above politics, with, if possible, years of pre-job training. That
  23. Of course the Queen is our own. She is a Canadian citizen. How would you designate someone else to be the Monarch? Do you install Prince Andrew and on who's authority?
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