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  1. With all due respect Bakunin, Josée Legault is hardly an objective observer in this area.
  2. I don't know Rovik. Besides 5 Wing, there is some dissatisfaction with the Liberals from the fishery (although Taylor is taking some of the heat off lately), to cuts in the Coast Guard, to marine and land based transportation (ferry service and the TLH). I'm not saying that Labrador isn't Liberal country, what I'm saying is more indicative of a government that has been in power a long time, which is bound to rub some people the wrong way eventually. In regards to Lab West and Randy Collins, we've seen time and again that provincal political reality doesn't always translate into federal poli
  3. It's hard to say. Both Letto and Russell are well known. From what I've heard in the local media and phone in shows, 5 Wing could be the deciding factor, and a lot of people feel that the Liberals have dropped the ball on the base (as they have with the military in general. I wouldn't be shocked to see the CPC pull it off.
  4. Well? Background: 2004 Election Results Soem explanation of candidates in this article
  5. I agree with the sentiment Argus, if not the numbers.
  6. One of the reporters on CTV Newsnet said Fletcher was representing the federal government at this convention. If that was the case, he was representing all Canadians and should have acted in a more appropriate matter. Even if it wasn't the case. Whether he is right or wrong, whether his family influenced his comments, whether or not Japanese soldiers in WWII were evil, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the place, the time or the audience to say what he said. End of speech.
  7. Lord's appeal, to me at least, is that he's young, appears intelligent (as evidenced by him not wanting the job last time) and he's from an area of the country that would help shed some of the Atlantic Canadian defeatism attitude that has dogged the CPC since Harper's remarks of a couple of years ago. They tried to get rid of that with Mckay as deputy leader, but it still lingers. Add to that he's had some experience at running a government. I would submit August, that someone like Lord, (Bernard not the Almighty), would be a step in the right direction. Ah August, you say that like polit
  8. I never claimed, here or anywhere to be an authourity on anything, but I do have opinions. I just gave my opinion. I may very well be wrong. After the last week, I wouldn't be surprised if I were. But history, voter apathy and the NDP socialist agenda hasn't resonated on the national level, especially in Quebec(0 out 75) and Ontario (7 out of 106). Even if all the Liberal seats in BC went NDP, they would only have 8 more seats. That's my opinion. If I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.
  9. Layton's NDP will never break the 60+ seats that will be necesary to beat even the Bloc to become the Official Opposition. As I've said elsewhere, the best they have ever done in an election was 30 seats.
  10. I don't think Harper's career wil be over unless/until he loses the next election, whenever that is. First of all, the budget bill has only passed second reading and goes to committee, where the BQ/CPC opposition has 6 members and the Liberal/NDP coalition has 6 members. It's still possible that they suggest ammendments to the budget and so forth: So while it is unlikely that anything will happen there, I doubt the opposition will give it a free ride. What he may have to do though, is look ahead to upcoming legislation, like SSM and the Pot bill, two very devisive issues. If he can't mak
  11. The cynic in me wondered what Martin and Dosanjh talked about when they met him last night, or whenever it was. Cadman stressed that there were no offers, but I can't believe they didn't dangle a carrot in front of him. Maybe though, that's an advantage of being outside party politics. I keep trying to fingd the right word for that picture. Pivotal? Suspenseful? Climactic? For me, the truly historic and meaningful picture is that of the Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken, doing something no other SotH did before: vote in a tie-breaking situation on a confidence mater. Historic. Whic
  12. I'm not too sure it will be remembered as one of the greatest moments, but it sure was interesting and exciting, if your into politics. I'm impressed by this Cadman guy. He listened to his constituents, and voted the way they wanted him too. Is that the value of having independant MP's?
  13. All I can do is wish you luck Bro. Then again, as we saw tonight, one person can make a difference.
  14. I've finally found Joe Blow's post August, and I see where I was confused. Another way was for the minister to refer it to committee before second reading, which is also permissible, so I've discovered.(I've also finally figured out the parliamentary website). That's the consensus down here.
  15. Socialist entitlement is one thing IMR, but the NDP is too socially out there for the national voter.
  16. With all due respect, nope. As I recall, the best the NDP ever did on the national level was 30 seats in the early 80's (1984?) under Ed Broadbent. Having lived through Broadbent, and seen Layton, I honestly don't think Layton can get the party to 30 seats, especially with the Bloq possibly influencing the vote in other parts of the country (just by their very existence), something Broadbent didn't have to deal with.
  17. There were reports that Cadman was going to vote with for the budget, and he did. The last I heard, about 2/3 of his constituents didn't want an election. I didn't think much of the comments from Martin in the House after the vote, saying there was confidence in the government. That was arrogant. I didn't think much of Harper's comments either, as there didn't seem to be any commitment to cooperate, which he promised to do if they lost the vote. In regards to the budget itself, the only thing I didn't like was the Defence spending. I thought there could have been more.
  18. After hearing a couple of things tonight, I believe that the presumption that the budget would have still passed if the second bill was defeated was incorrect, because the budget bill hadn't yet been to committee, which is usually done after the second reading, and that's why people were saying the budget, along with the Accord, would die.
  19. I'm not really sure. It may have been contrived to give the whole issue a more personal and softer look than was given by other members of the CPC. Some or part or maybe even most of it I assume was genuine. Then again, what is truly honest about politics and politicians?
  20. I don't see what the big deal is. It will pretty much be the status quo, with a small swing of seats one way or the other. Even if the Liberals do win, it will be another minority, which may be the pattern for a long time. Then we will do it all again a few months later, and the CPC may form a minority, assuming they don't win the next one. No matter what happens, Alberta will feel like it's being shafted no matter who wins, because unfortunately, the feds are the feds, no matter who's in. Same goes for Quebec, and every other province for that matter.
  21. I didn't see that IMR, but I did see a couple of MPs awkwardly try to fend off questions about their comments. I can see where the comments came from, sort of. It's just the language used was out there. In the last 24 hours, I've gone over some of the comments made by CPC MPs, but instead of using some of their words, I substituted offensive, graphic and offensive language with equally strong civil(?) language, and it was better. And it wouldn't have given the perception of intollerance and sexist attitudes.
  22. I may be nitpicking, but many sections of bill C-43 don't come into force unless a day is approved by the Governor in Council (the GG on the advice of the Cabinet). If the second bill is defeated and we're in an election, how can the cabinet, which is dissolved with Parliament, advise the GG on implementing the bill, or bring it into force? Just a thought.
  23. I think, and I haven't really thought too hard about it, is that perhaps Quebec didn't really want to be part of the British Crown in the first place, and it has been simmering in the minds of many for decades and decades.
  24. The only problem with this is both bills, C-43 (the Budget) and C-48 the NDP deal) have both been declared confidence votes. Even if C-43 passes, the government falls and the budget goes bye-bye if C-48 is defeated. In other words, from an Atlantic Canadian perspective in regards to the Accord, if either bill fails, the Accord is toast, or delayed.
  25. It all comes down to perception. Stronach defects, whether or not it was right, wrong, honourable, opportunistic, doesn't matter. What the CPC had to do was come out, voice their dissappointment, displeasure and anger in a "high road" type of way. They had to take the high road. It wouldn't be easy, but they had to do it. Instead, you've got Abbott, Moore and Runciman shooting off their faces in such a way to portray the CPC as the intolerant and sexist(?) party that some people may still perceive them to be.
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