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  1. Science is behind global warming .... does anthropologic co2 add to it , the science says yes . Will man made co2 turn into climate catastrophe ??? The science is not so clear on this . Is there any way todays climate science can be discussed rationally ??
  2. Just lurking but I just read an article from the Financial Post stating the planet has not warmed for the last 17 years, the ice caps are expanding and co2 emissions and levels have increased.... I'm just a layman on this subject but to me it seems the evidence against co2 as the driving force behind climate change is starting to wane.... the popular claim that " the science is settled " is starting to be challenged .... I would like to hear peoples opinions on the claims made in this article... here is the link... http://opinion.financialpost.com/2013/12/19/lawrence-solomon-for-global-warm
  3. We ship this stuff by train to china all the time.... don't think of those big piles of yellow dust as waste or environmentally toxic, because they are neither , they are just really big piles of money that smell like rotten eggs ...... its used to make medicine and matches, I think you can actually use the stuff to help grow food... its quite the remarkable substance.....
  4. I stumbled across an incident last tuesday morning in Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas, I pulled over into the sight seeing overlook just outside of town and there was a little red cavalier or simular with a sheriff's truck park behind it back about 30 yards of this car, I could clearly see both vehicles on the approach from the highway(they being the only two vehicles there), the sheriff was standing beside his drivers side door, I initailly thought nothing of it until I pulled even with the truck on the opposite side of the overlook loop and shaw the sheriff shielding himself behind hi
  5. Living next door to the rocky mountains in Calgary would be my vote, I'm lucky because my work takes me through the mountains about three times a week... over the years I've seen some amazing natural wilderness scenes... countless bears black and grizzly, wolves of all colours, cougers , bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule and white tail deer, a wolverine, elk... the emerald coloured CLEAN water of the Bow... as a native Calgarian I use to take it for granted but the older I get the more I appreciate it... living in a big city and being that close to nature is something that is rare in this co
  6. From what I have been told we are not getting world price for our oil, we only sell to the United States... if we open up our market to Asia we will get a better price is the way I understand it... maybe someone else could expand on the pricing structure of our oil....
  7. Playing the legal constitutional card ? You mean the laws that are suppose to govern our country ? Understanding BC ? Pushing BC around ? An NDP(or any other) government in BC is somehow above the canadian constitution ? The last time I checked BC was part of Canada and subject to our constitution... it looks to me like BC is trying to play by their own rules and push around Alberta .....
  8. Getting a higher price for our oil is a benefit..... the federal government increases its take in revenues.... the entire country benefits by the simple fact that our government becomes richer thus enabling it to better provide services for its people... maybe refining it here and then selling it might be an arguement but the market will dictate whether that is the best option will it not? BC trying to extort money from Alberta by denying it access to its market is the real issue here... we live in a country that exports our resources for a living and Alberta is being denied that right here IM
  9. I played soccer at school when I was in grade school, if there wasn't any other sport available I imagine I would have developed a passion for it...the truth is playing hockey and baseball was more enjoyable for me... as a spectator sport soccer lacks intensity for me... if soccer was played with the verve of a Vinnie Jones it would probably be a lot more popular in North America IMO.... maybe bring Vinnie over here as a consultant and adopt and adapt his style of play to the north american soccer game, loosen up the rules a bit over here to a more agressive style...
  10. Are you saying that if we all lowered our standard of living, thus lowering what we expect from our government in services like health care, building and maintaining roads, education... there would be no need to develope the oilsands?
  11. I'm just a lurker, and I probably lean more to the skeptical side of this debate, but lets say that man made global warming is a reality..... why couldn't we come up with something as simple as a 3 cent per litre alternate fuel research tax ? I don't think something as small as that would have the negative impact on our economy that a flat carbon tax would that would be funneled to other countries without any real benefit to Canada.... we could tackle the problem ourselves and reap the benefits here... we have a lot of smart people in this country so why can't we as a country come up with our
  12. Just a lurker, but as a native Calgarian and one who has always voted PC I think it's time we had a change of direction in this province.... I have an underlying feeling here that the PC party has lost direction and run its course... I voted for the Wild Rose in a recent by-election as really just a protest vote against the current government, but I'm starting to think they might be the right party to take over the helm of this province and get it back on course.... The NDP and Liberals will never be a real viable alterative here so that narrows it down to the PC's and Wild Rose... all we real
  13. It's just the first step, but a positive one none the less.... http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/story/2011/08/26/keystone-pipeline-us.html
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