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  1. [on the wall. It says "Stephen! Withdraw the motion! You've been weighed in the balance and found wanting!" This poll is Not good news for anyone except Federalists and Liberals. Note that Bloc support appears to have declined (from 13%-10.6 nationally) despite the disturbing finding that 50% thought Quebec separationwas likely in the next 5 years. By knocking the Bloc down to pre-2004 levels we could see that number reduced as well. If all Federalists line up together, and don't cast protest votes for (especially!) the Bloc Quebecois, as happened in '04, there is a good chance of taking b
  2. Harper is clearly an idiot. He just handed the Liberals a club to beat him with over and over again. It does not make a difference how reasonable, measured or accurate his comments about the sponsership fraud are from now on: the Liberals can now play the victim and claim that the opposition critics are exagerating the extent of the corruption. It is the 'child porn' gaff all over again.It is still early in the campaign so it may be long forgotten by the vote comes but the episode does show a disturbing lack of judgement on Harper's part. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Fleabag is right
  3. seems this is getting off topic... as far as who will win and why, I offer this. It will either be a Conservative minority, if the Tories can stay on message or a Liberal majority ifthey can take harper off message. I think the Libs are going to run two campaigns. One in Quebec, Where the Tories are not a factor, and one oin the ROC, where they will try the same tactics that have worked before. In Quebec, the Liberals will attack ferociously with a message that the Bloc is treating this as a dry run for the provincial election and that anyone considering casting a protest vote with the Bloc
  4. Klein be damned! How the Tories can win the election The above article pretty much sums it up. I will only add that While many Canadians have their suspicions about the Libs, pursuing this line about organized crime, and personal attacks on MPs without red-hot, irrefutable and tangible evidence is risky business for Harper. It sounds like the "Martin supports paedophilia" thingy that called into question whether or not he was ready for prime time. The first crack in what had hitherto been a flawless campaign. Harper needs to be positive, upbeat, and talking abot what he has to offer, no
  5. It is astonishing that the NDP doesn't mop up in Quebec. A party based on socialist trade unions, and radical social liberalism should win every time.... They have even affirmed Quebc's "Right to self-determination" yet people still don't flock to them, logically, Parti Quebecois members who would dabble in federal politics should be embracing them. It would even make more sense on startegic grounds too... Elect a bunch of wet noodles who are on the hook as having supported Quebec's right to "self determination, and you have a referendum cakewalk. The Federal government (If NDP) would not ha
  6. August, My absence from this forum has been rather prolonged, and I have not yet had the cjhance to become accustomed to your personality yet, so forgive me for misinterpreting your intent. I believe that while one might get a bloody nose for standing up to a bully, ONCE, more often than not the bully (and others like him) will leave him alone once they see he is willing to stand up for himself. That is my observation from the schoolyard to the world stage. On the other hand, whistling past the graveyard will yield even greater consequences down the road. I have said dozens of times, that
  7. Tony Campolo is a notorious liberal, who is on the wrong (left) side of just about everything, but I do know this, he does legitimately love Jesus, and shares the Gospel at every possible opporttunity. If you meet him, he'll have his new testament out, and give you the plan of salvation. Even though he is politically liberal, anti-Christian bigots will hate him anyway. HE has suggested that Christians take a page out of the Latter Day Saints playbook and require a mandatory two year service in the Mission field.
  8. (I posted this in another thread, but will add, in light of something august said, that marriage is not a contract between two people. That's acivil union. A mariage is a COVENANT between one man, one woman and God) Same sex marriage undermines the traditional nuclear family, which is the basic building block of western society. It undermines the extended family which is the building block of Asian society. It's bad enough that traditional families are being undemined at every turn by various forces in society that snicker, calling it archaic and irrelevant. The families that are strong and
  9. Sweal, I don't expect you to accept my answer about why gay marriage is detrimental, but here it is. Same sex marriage undermines the traditional nuclear family, which is the basic building block of western society. It undermines the extended family which is the building block of Asian society. It's bad enough that traditional families are being undemined at every turn by various forces in society that snicker, calling it archaic and irrelevant. The families that are strong and do stay together are a testament to the fact that it is the best system under which to produce shealthy balanced adu
  10. Now that Bush has been re-elected, the idea of going stateside is tempting. Vist New hampshire sometime. I challenge you to find anywhere else a place with better state parks. The only state taxes there are are value added taxes, and that is only on hotels & restaurants and other luxuries. yet they manage just fine. I will agree that some taxation is neccesary, but not the outrageous taxes we pay in Canada for 3d rate healthcare, non-existent so-security, 5th rate roads and infastructure and undefunded armed forces. What is being taken from us is in large part wasted, or mismanaged.
  11. Maplesyrup, Paul Martin may have been BORN in Windsor, he is truly a Quebecer in every way. That is a charade. Official bilingulaism is grossly unfair, and a huge waste of time and money. I grant you that knowledge of more than one language is an asset, but for someone in BC, for example, it would make more sense to speak English and Chinese, or English and Punjabi, and in Saskatchewan, Ukrainian would be more useful than French.
  12. Sweal, Canada needs to pull its weight in the world, and not leave all the heavy lifting to others. Australia is a country roughly the same size as canada, geographically and in terms of population, yet they show common sense, resolve and character. In addition to backing the USA in the war against Terrorism and islamofascism, domestically, they have had a sensible immigration policy. It is one of the most difficult countries to get into, and as a result it does not face the serious threat canada now faces because of Trudeau's multiculturalism at all costs policies, and allowance of a dual
  13. the governments in our excessively overtaxed jurisdictions should become more accountable for how they spend our money. As I said if New hampshire with no state income tax can build good roads, so can Canadian provinces.
  14. Typical post Trudeau canada: Hoping to find utopia in the mushy middle. Trudeau sissified the country, and few people are willing to publicly take a principled stand on anything. The only thing many canadians seem to believe in is that they must show the weasels of the world that they are agaisnt anything the americans do. The new canada would probably have stayed neutral in the second world war (a Quebec appeasement attitude) "After all, who are we to judge tha Nazis? It's up to the germans to decide on their own goverment" would have been the mantra. or "The Poles brought it on themselve
  15. Terrible Sweal, Pierre Trudeau destroyed the moral fabric of this country. This is NOT the country my father and gradfather fought for in the two world wars. Quebec is holding the rest of the country back. Canada should be showing the class and backbone of the UK and Australia & Poland not kowtowing to Islamofascistsand globalists in the spirit of France and Germany. We have had a Quebec agenda foisted on us for too long. The country is becoming sissified, and i think the only to turn things around is to get rid of Quebec. Jean Charest's government is bent on making sure Quebec becomes
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